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10 Tips on Youtube Marketing Successfully

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Second place is the first loser, but this saying doesn’t apply to the second most searched website: Youtube.

While Google has the first place for being a multi-use search engine, Youtube offers most of the audiovisual content on its platform, being the first and most used website for watching and creating video content.

YouTubers all over the world like PiewDiePie or channels like WatchMojo are huge nowadays and keep gaining massive incomes for making content to this site.

Tv´s almost a prehistoric thing today, and now your marketing should move to Youtube because there is a greater chance your brand will grow more on sales.

And we are not the only ones saying it, and facts are on our side. Hubspot's research study shows that 72% of people prefer video over written marketing information and 88% of marketers said that they had had success in Youtube Marketing.

Youtube has over 2 billion users. That’s a lot of possible customers for your business. So how can you do to make a successful Youtube marketing strategy?

Keep reading this article because you will find ten tips to be successful on Youtube.

Show your best!

First of all, you have to know what you got to show and how you can show creatively to make your product more appealing to your audience. And that´s another point we always repeat: Find your target audience.

You can do this by answering, “What group of people could benefit or like my services, entertainment or brand?”.

Once you have found what it is all going to be about, the next step is to make it “sexy” for the audience. We are not saying you should dance provocatively on your videos, no. Make something sexy is adding that attractiveness that only your brand can offer, and that is what makes your audience like the things you are doing.

Once you engage with your target audience, they will keep coming back for more of your own and unique talent, and they could also be the fount of new ideas for your future videos. You have to interact with them. Also, it is advised to do a competitive analysis to remain a step ahead of the competition.

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Quick Tips:

  • Create eye-catching visuals
  • Write good thumbnails that call the attention of your audience
  • Add call to action at the end of the video to subscribe to your channel

Be constant

While you could get viral with just one video on TikTok or Instagram, on Youtube, things are different.

You can do good research and have a good SEO strategy, but if your content is not constantly engaging with your users, Youtube won´t even care about your videos.

Youtube considers a lot the Watch time, which is how many minutes or hours your consumers spend checking your videos. If you are successful at catching Youtube viewers' eyes, you will get more visibility on the website.

Strategies of how often you should upload really depend on the type of content you are offering because you don´t want users to see your videos as spam.

In 2020 at least 3 videos per week with a forty-eight hours space between them is a good amount of uploads, but if your marketing plan allows you to upload daily content, it would be much better.

If you upload just 3 videos per week, you are using a “Quality Strategy,” which gives your audience interesting videos. If you upload more than 1 video per day, you will use a “Quantity Strategy.”

These strategies can be useful for your brand; you have to know which adapts more to your business.

In this video of Video Influencers, you can get more information about these uploading strategies.

Source: Youtube.

Create a monthly marketing plan

Before starting any big project on social media marketing, you must build your own plan to conquer the Youtube world.

Your content must go hand to hand with what is the news in the world, or at least keep renewing each month, so your viewers don’t get bored with the same marketing tactics over and over.

One tip is to plan offers or special videos for holidays such as Christmas or Halloween; with this in mind, you can create cool videos for your brand on these dates.

Having a plan can help you save much time of work and help you save content for other time. You could also use Tiktok marketing to promote your videos in a short span.

If your brand is about Sport Shoes and a new sports trend is hot on the charts, you can add a new video for this trend and still have other videos saved for other days.

Your brand must be one step ahead of the trends.

Source: Youtube.

Use SEO strategies

Youtube is the second most used search engine on the web, and the same strategies you use for Google can work out well on this video platform.

SEO is all about making the platform notice you by doing good research of keywords, getting more and more Watchtime and using the right techniques to shine over your competitors.

When you research keywords, make sure that you are not just putting a lot of them. Choose quality over quantity, and in this way, Youtube will know more about your channel.

Engage with your viewers through comments and offering them special treatment for constantly engaging with all your videos. You could make a giveaway or a special offer.

In this video, Brian Dean will give you some awesome tips to engage and increase your videos' number of views. 

Social Media could help you flourish your business.

Source: Youtube.

Give your Channel a unique Personality

Looks are very important for every marketing campaign. So, if you want to add more value to your brand, your looks and layout should have your unique style with the one all of your customers can associate with your content.

It also helps if you add the links to your company site and all the social media pages in your banner to offer easier access to your customers.

Organize your videos in the different playlists where everybody can see videos about a specific topic your brand talks about and create an introduction video. All these things build the personality of your brand.

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Use Old Content to Create New Videos

You don’t have to overthink too much to add new ideas for your videos. Sometimes using what worked with an old one and reimagined it can get you a lot of views.

This doesn’t only apply to old videos, webinars, blogs, and even PowerPoint presentations could be a good source of new content that your customers will love.

If you host a successful webinar and many customers attend it, you could grab some of that juicy info and put it in a format video so new clients get interested in your content.

If you have a blog that is a step-by-step guide, or even a top ten tips for Youtube marketing, you could make it into the audiovisual format and add some new info to spice things up. Also, don't forget to check these ten chrome plugins.

Recycle and renew all your content!

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Use Social Media and ADS 

We are talking about YouTube Marketing, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use all the other social networks to promote your videos. You can grow your business by promoting your new publications on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Give some tease of your video, which creates the necessity to watch the complete video on youtube. In this way, you draw them to your channel to get more views.

Businesses can also make use of YouTube ads to promote their channel. This tool allows you to take your brand to a specific audience that can invest in your products.

When you create an ad video, remember that is the first time your users will see you, so try to tell the story and main goal of your channel to make them subscribe instantly.

Videos help you grow everywhere. You could also promote your Facebook Marketplace business using Youtube videos.

Here is a video to manage YouTube ads in 2021.

Source: Youtube.

Partnership with Micro-Influencers

Big alliances generate greater goals!

Micro-Influencers are more reliable nowadays with some niche audiences, even more than some celebrities like Killie Jenner, whose fame is so huge that some fans can look at them like “normal people.”

Making alliances with many micro-influencers can generate more new potential clients to your brand than contacting just one big YouTuber or Celebrity.

Reaching to other channels that make similar content as yours can be beneficial for both of you as you can debate on interesting topics about your brands and find more customers.

Source: Youtube.

Use YouTube Voice Search

Adding voice search is one of the best ways to do successful YouTube marketing. Recently people are using more the YouTube voice search than typing.

To make good use of this tool, your thumbnails must have the right keywords to match with the topics your target audience is looking for.

Find short keywords with a conversational voice; you can optimize your YouTube SEO to a greater extent and get more likes, comments and views.

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Get a Team

If you are new on YouTube, you are probably doing everything from recording to editing and publishing.

It is a lot of work for just one human being, so your business keeps growing. You must add more people to your marketing team so they can take care of each specific task.

You would need a community manager, copywriter, graphic designer and marketing director to take care of all the aspects that your channel needs.

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Visual content is the most effective when we are talking about marketing; more and more users leave the written and tv marketing for YouTube and other social media.

If you want to make your brand succeed on this platform, the challenge is demanding and will be really rewarding.

As we always said, content is key for all social networks, so create content that you like, and in this way, more and more people will buy or watch your videos. Also, as a search engine, you have to take care of your SEO.

Be constant, and you will do great things!

You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

See you on YouTube!!!!

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