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About Codedesign

Real people delivering real results

Let's start with what we are not:

+ We are a multinational team with offices in Lisbon, Boston and Singapore.
+ We are not a huge team - just enough to have a fast turnaround.
+ We understand local, but we are a global agency (we work in 12 different time zones)
+ We are goal-oriented and fully transparent, working in real time and reporting on all tasks.

We are Codedesign – a team of Dedicated Industry Experts With Proven Track Records

We can be defined as a result-led, innovative digital marketing agency specializing in Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Online Sales, and Amazon Sales with a team of experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Strategy and Campaigns, Social Media, Content Marketing, Data Analytics, Ecommerce development, Software development, CRM integrations. 

We are trusted with growing companies' online presence on a local, national, and international scale. We work very closely with our client's team to understand how best to meet their needs, utilizing the diverse talent within our team to create highly innovative marketing campaigns.

We're here to help you take your brand into international markets. We build bridges across language, cultural, and technical barriers so you can excel in the online global marketplace. 

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what we aim for

Our Values

We think businesses globally. 

We only hire curious people
Our primary hiring criteria are vivid curiosity and understanding each other. Two of the most critical skills in marketing are creative thinking and understanding the people you're solving problems for. We only hire people who have it already built in.

We make decisions based on data
"In God we Trust. Everyone else bring Data". No hunches. Only data. We start with extensive research, testing, validation, and measurements. Then, we make decisions and act.

Embrace a World where the Internet in merging cultures
Behind data, there are always people. Diversity and multicultural consumers are a new reality. Every day from Japan to Hawaii, we are all traveling more than ever and consuming media from the same sources.

Shoot for the stars
"Bigger than life is the goal". We love to dream big and aim high. From small businesses to large corporations, we follow dreams and let passion lead the way.

 Our methodologies incorporate the new consumer. We target personas along their journey.

Digital Marketing Awards

Codedesign is #1 Top Digital Strategy Agency for Clutch!

Digital marketing has become a valuable resource in today’s modern business structure. It can help establish your company’s digital presence, extend your reach to potential customers on a global scale, and set the foundations for long-term success. Digital marketing does more than traditional marketing can ever do, and It does so in a practical and cost-efficient way!

This is what Codedesign does best.

We are a team of radical creative problem solvers to help you achieve the best digital solutions. We’ve created digital success stories for our clients around the world as we continue to redefine what digital marketing is all about — and that is amplifying your brand’s success.

This brings us to our announcement. Thanks to our esteemed clients and their never-ending support, we have been named as one of the best digital strategy firms in Portugal. This list found on Clutch is made up of amazing companies who work hard to ensure the success of your organization. It’s an amazing feeling to be leading this list.

Our efforts to build and develop a website for one of our awesome clients earned us a five-star rating! This is what they said:

We want to thank our clients once again for helping us achieve this prestigious recognition. Your kind words encourage us to strive for excellence so you only get the best digital marketing experience.

Are you ready to establish an authoritative presence in the digital landscape? Contact us now! You can also make your way over to our Clutch profile to see our past works and other client reviews!

Our Experts Have Won Top Industry Awards & Are Recognized Industry Experts


The Codedesign project launch methodology framework.  

We chase continuous optimization as a source of incremental improvement. 

Meet the Main Team

The digital world has seen extraordinary changes since we were founded, but one thing has stayed the same: our passion for digital. Everyone who works here and everything we do, is with one goal in mind – to leverage a greater return on investment for our clients.

We are a multinational and multidisciplinary group of marketers. Made up of individuals from different backgrounds, each member offers a unique expertise and perspective to the team.

But Codedesign is more than just the sum of its parts. We believe in working together to create holistic and practical digital solutions for our clients.


Bruno Gavino

CEO & Founder


André Ferrão

CFO & Partner


Anatólio Nobre



João Carlos Oliveira

Chief Experience Officer


Richard Owen

Marketing Director


Nicolette Holmes

Strategic Partnerships


Filipe Ribeiro

Head of SEO


Margarida Abreu

Digital Project Manager


Hudson Thiago

SEO Specialist


Francisco Antunes

Analytics Specialist


Bernardo Ferreira

UX / UI Designer


Diogo Vieira

Performance Expert


Luiza Silvestre

Performance Expert


Diego Aguiar

Senior Business Developer


Cristhyan Rubio

Content Expert


Denise Matias

Performance Manager


Jessica Afonso



Ana Magalhães

Social Media Expert


Pedro Silva

SEO Expert


Harsh Verma

SEO and Content Development Expert


Nathan Cruz

Ui/Ux | Motion Designer


Felipe Ganassini

Digital Performance Specialist


Sabrina Princigalli

Zurich Office Manager


Rita Barros

Team Motivation and support


Floriana Maiato

HR and Finance


Silvia Kováčová


Kristina Radovic

Content developer

Where are we?

Codedesign has a physical presence in Lisbon, Portugal and Manchester, UK, but we consider anywhere there's WiFi to be our digital office space.  
This global reach has allowed us to work with clients ranging from the Americas to the Middle East. After all, the sun never sets online.

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