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Amazon Listing Optimization(5 steps to get more sales and revenue in 2021)

Amazon Listing Optimization(5 steps to get more sales and revenue in 2021 Codedesign)

Amazon Listing Optimization is the process of taking deliberate actions to improve the ranking of your product for specific search queries and rank higher in the organic search results. You could take all the actions like improving the keyword research, optimizing product description, using proper images, and improving the seller reputation on Amazon.

Amazon listing optimization is crucial for your strategy as the Amazon marketplace is very competitive. And, you need strategies to get more Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate, and finally, get more revenue with more sales. Amazon's ranking algorithm is named A9, and it prefers a product with a better chance of conversion or more click-through rates.

Step 1: Keyword research (Amazon Listing Optimization)

 Keyword research- Amazon listing optimization


Always begin your keyword research with short-term or direct keywords that defines your product. For example, you could take the product's common name or something very much related to it. Later, you could check on Amazon, the bestsellers, and use the reverse ASIN lookup method to find out which keywords they rank for, using Sonar, Helium 10, or Keyword Inspector.

Once you know the short-tail or seed keywords, it is time to take a step ahead and generate a list of Amazon keywords using Amazon's suggested searches or other keyword research tools.

When you search for a particular product on Amazon, you would see many suggested keywords as well. These are the terms that are generally searched for in your niche. To get a step ahead and have complete data on traffic versus competition of these keywords, you could use Amazon keyword research tools.

Tools like Sonar, Helium 10, Scientific Seller, and Keywordtool.io could generate a good list of keywords relevant to your seed keywords. Then you could also get an idea of how difficult it would be to rank on some keywords based on search traffic and keyword volume. So unless you are a pro in your niche, try to target and track keywords with moderate difficulty and sound volume.

As an Amazon seller, it becomes crucial for you to have a complete look at the backend keywords and try to find keywords that your targeted audience could easily find. You should also be continuously tracking for new keywords.

Title of the product: 

You have the opportunity to put around 200 characters in the Amazon product title. Try to keep the name human-friendly and see whether or not people could remember the name. You could then incorporate five keywords in the title. Aim for a descriptive and readable title.

Backend Keywords: 

Backend Keywords are not viewed by the users but are obviously indexed by Amazon. You could add up to 249 bytes of generic keywords in the search terms. Backend keywords have a direct impact on the search results. Thus it becomes crucial for you to focus on those keywords, even when they are out of sight.

Product description optimization: 

Adding keywords to your product description in the form of bullet points is sublime. Bullet points are easier to read, and incorporated keywords help the algorithm know the relevancy of your product. Your potential customers would read the description before finalizing the purchase of the product. Thus, you should add all the specifications, benefits, and how it could come in help. Make sure that you perfectly balance the incorporation of keywords and specifications to satisfy your consumers.

Filter terms: 

For many products, Amazon provides the option of filtering out whether the product is meant for men or women, size is more or less than a particular mark. Thus, you should be vigilant in checking out all these boxes and information to get visibility in front of people who use filters to get the right product.

Step 2: Optimize the content(Amazon Listing Optimization)

Optimize the content(Amazon Listing Optimization)

Content Optimization is necessary to increase the relevancy of your product in the eyes of both, algorithm and the buyer. Your potential customer would decide based on how well your content and images are, as they can't physically see or touch the product. The three essential areas you need to cover while improving your content are product texts, product information, and images.

Price, attributes, customer's question and answer section, and review are other vital areas that could increase your click-through rate, sales, and overall revenue.

  • Add relevant information related to your product.
  • Highlight how the product could solve customer's problems.
  • Present the content in a desired and readable format so that customers don't feel overwhelmed with data.

Other content options include Enhanced Brand Content(EBC) for sellers with Amazon Brand Registry or A+ Content for vendors. These are yet other areas that could improve your overall ranking drastically.

Step 3: Optimizing Product Images(Amazon Listing Optimization)

Amazon Listing Optimization image optimization

Amazon's A9 algorithm would prefer your product over others if you have a better click-through rate and conversion rate. This analysis clearly suggests that your click-through rate(CTR), which is generally influenced by the images, directly impacts your ranking.

According to Amazon's product image requirement,

  • Make sure that the background of the image is white(RGB 255,255,255).
  • You could use cropped or close-up pictures of the product.
  • The product and props should fill 85% or more of the image frame.
  • Additional texts, graphics, or unnecessary images are not allowed.
  • In the frame, you should cover the full image of the product.

You are allowed to add up to eight additional images of the product. You should use this opportunity to cover all the visual aspects of the product. Also, you must be aware of the zoom function by Amazon. Thus, you should only add high-quality and high-resolution images to bridge the gap between the consumer and the product.

Try to add pictures of the product from different angles so that the prospective customer could know what they really should expect. Also, it increases the trust factor in the customers.

For establishing a better connection with your prospects, you could also show how your product could be used in the images. For example, if you have a microwave oven as your product, try to add pictures of actual food inside the oven. This way, the prospective customer could resonate with the feeling, and the click-through rate would increase. Programmatic advertising could also come in handy.

Step 4: Optimize Amazon Review Strategy(Amazon Listing Optimization)

Amazon Listing Optimization : review optimization

The secret formula to succeed in the online e-commerce venture is authority+social proof. Amazon is a credible platform where 44% of people begin their search for products. Amazon has always put its customers at the core of every strategy. Similarly, you need to prove yourself as a credible vendor with good positive reviews to let your potential customers trust you and choose you over the competitor.

According to a report by Amazon, only 1% of buyers leave any review. Thus, it is a task for you to persuade your customers to write legitimate and positive things about you.

  • First and foremost, give the best user experience to your customers. Be ready to respond to the queries of your customers in the earliest hour possible. Respond to the negative comments and put your opinion for why the customer is not satisfied or how you could help them. A positive and prompt response could calm your unsatisfied customer to either remove the negative review or give you a chance by exchanging the product(if they received a defect mode) instead of a refund.
  • As only 1% of people leave reviews, you could add a well-crafted card in the product box to remind your customers to leave a review about their experience.
  • With the help of an Amazon seller account, you could send follow-up emails to your existing customers and ask them how much they liked the product and would they like to leave a review? Keep the tone of the email friendly and personalized to get a better response.

Step 5: Customer Question & Answer Section Optimization(Amazon Listing Optimization).

Amazon Listing Optimization- Customer question and answer optimization

Customers Question & Answer section should be yet another vital area of your optimization strategy to increase click-through rate and appease the algorithm. You can't put every single answer to the possible queries in the description section. Thus it is essential to answer quick and concise answers to your prospective customer's question to earn conversion and trust from your audience.

You build yourself a good reputation as a seller if you are prompt in answering your customers' questions. There is also an increased chance of conversion and product exposure.

  • Keep your answer direct and concise. Avoid jargon, and answer with the objective of helping and not selling.
  • Answer as fast as you could. With the new standard of the market, customers want to get immediate solutions to their problems.
  • Be professional and friendly with your tone.

If you follow these steps, then there is a high chance that you build yourself a reputation as an authority in the market and build solid and meaningful relationships with your potential customers.


Amazon marketplace is the best platform in the world to sell products online and connect with a global community of online buyers. As an Amazon seller, you should be keen to take all the steps to optimize your product listing on Amazon. The marketplace is competitive, but if you take the right steps like proper keyword research and content optimization, then you could see better results with time.

Product image is the primary way how customers get to feel connected with the product. Thus, use high-quality images to let the customers feel confident with what they are purchasing. Reviews are yet another deciding factor. Therefore, take proactive steps to ask your customers for your review.

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