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Will AI replace Digital Marketers? How is technology changing the future of this industry?

Will AI replace digital marketers?

In digital marketing agencies, much of the manual and repetitive work is automated, which makes the entire process flow more efficiently within the workplace. Artificial intelligence is of great help to all marketing teams, from those who analyze data to community managers who can schedule all posts on platforms like Hootsuite.

It's all great up to a point, but then flashbacks pop into our heads from robot movies we've already seen, and they all end the same: Robots outperform and dominate humans.

A study by the University of Oxford observed that Americans fear machines will become "too smart." When they surveyed 2,000 adults on the impact of AI on society, 34% of these responded that it would be "harmful." In contrast, another 12% said it would be "very bad," even stating that it could be the beginning of the "human extinction."

You may not even believe us, but a report by Socially Infused shows that Americans fear a future dominated by Artificial Intelligence more than the possible havoc climate change could wreak.

On the other hand, 27% of those surveyed said that the results would be positive, an additional 21% said there would be no significant changes, and 18% do not know what impact this technology could have in the future.

As an extra fact, we can see that the trust of personal data in companies like Facebook is deficient, with only 22% of users trusting it, according to Digital Information World. In comparison, companies like Amazon have 49% trust and Google 40%.

Robots already do jobs like serving coffee in coffee shops in South Korea, and although we can see these facts as something funny or even curious, a chill can disturb us and make us wonder if we will be the next to be supplanted by robots.

Will this be possible? What does the future of technology bring to our work niche? Well, today at Codedesign, as passionate about technological advances and digital marketing, we will share all the information about these topics and discover if our jobs are still insured or not. 

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Let's investigate more about it.

What is the future of AI in Digital Marketing?

While we can know what AI means, it is always more helpful to understand how it works. This technology consists of two components: algorithms and data. These machines can perform complex calculations for many numbers, but their difference relies on their ability to understand more complex data and teach themselves how to improve. Artificial Intelligence can study multiple datasets quickly and effectively to help humans make better decisions about their businesses. Mixing machine learning and extensive data analysis can make clear insights into your customer's behaviour. 

Salesforce informs that 3,500 marketers use this technology and expects to increase in number thanks to the good results.

But what are Artificial intelligence's new and actual advances in digital marketing? 

Well, let's check it out.

Improves customer service with Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the artificial intelligence tools that have become more popular within web pages or other platforms. These robots are programmed to talk to customers and answer the most frequently asked questions, thus allowing your digital platform to provide customer service 24 hours a day.

Although these are pretty useful, we are sure that it has happened to you that they aren't capable of answering all the questions. So at some point, they'll forward you to a human so that they finish clarifying your doubts; this could be considered a point in favour of humanity! 

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Artificial Intelligence/Digital Marketing

Personalize your Advertising Campaigns

As marketing experts, we know how important learning and studying our audience is. However, not all our customers behave the same.

For example, if we sell insurance, we can have an audience interested in funeral insurance (people aged 65+) and at the same time have people who are interested in getting health services like dentistry. Can't we do the same campaign for both, right? Because although they are looking for the same service, their interests in our product differ.

With Artificial Intelligence, you can save yourself the tiresome manual work of identifying who each of your audience groups is since this technology will analyze them all for you and then regroup them into groups of 10 to 100 people to send a campaign customized to your preferences. Platforms like Facebook or Google will enable you to achieve this through their programmed ads, segmenting your audience according to their personal information such as age, gender or source of income.

Voice Search is a huge trend.

Voice search is a feature that, although it has been around for a while, is still impressing and generating great popularity among our users. Now, by asking "Alexa" for information on a specific topic, the AI will search for all the information about it and answer our questions. Wow, almost two decades ago, you had to read it or even look for it in a bookstore.

Its popularity has been so great that today 58% of consumers use this function to search for business information. Because of this, Google takes voice search as a ranking factor on the platform.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The arrival of COVID forced many businesses to evolve their businesses, and the best tool to achieve this was virtual reality. In this way, even real estate companies now offer virtual tours to their clients, and e-commerce provides another experience of buying online.

Now, one of the most interesting cases of how much AI has advanced is that it has conquered terrain that we thought was only possible for humans, and this is the area of Influencers.

Influencers are big social media celebrities that are all the rage on these platforms, but would you believe us if we told you that virtual reality had created influencers? Well, meet the internet sensation, AI influencer Lil Miquela.


Source: YouTube.

AI can suggest Marketing Content and even create it.

Artificial Intelligence can help your content creators to have a safe route in which types of content they should promote since it will teach you what kind of posts they interact with the most.

Even better, for copywriters, programs like Grammarly are great for helping you correct writing errors automatically, and the software even can correct the tone or mood in which you're writing.

But perhaps, copywriters could panic a bit because there is already an AI capable of writing Subject Lines for emails or even news articles on its own, which can scare us at first sight. This is the case of Patch.com, a local news website that has used artificial intelligence to write new data-based articles. The creator wanted to free his work team from having to write repetitive daily posts, and now the technology can produce up to 3,000 stories per week.

Despite this ability, some experts argue that human writers still have skills that machines don't, like empathy or the ability to have their voice when writing, so content creators' jobs still seem secure. But we'll talk more about that later.

Predictive Analytics

Machines can predict the future, but they aren't basing their guesses on the stars or the horoscope. Instead, they study tones of data and offer you accurate information to help you make the next step in your company, all of this with the help of evidence, machine learning and algorithms.

Predictive marketing is viral among advertisers; 71% are interested in using AI for personalization, and 68% think this technique will be helpful to the industry.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence reports that used to take two weeks to get done, now we'll be ready in a fraction of this time. Of course, companies need humans or data analysts to traduce and better understand the results.

With the help of this technology, you'll be able to make conscious and efficient decisions for your business; besides, you can predict aspects like:

  • How will customers buy?
  • When they'll buy it?
  • How much could they spend?

Predictive analytics will allow you to have better customer engagement, effectively use your budget, increase your revenue, better segment your data and improve your lead scoring.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing is a tactic in which your products or services change their value depending on how customers use them. Companies like uber have used this strategy, and in a few years, they disrupted the transport industry. Basically, the price is based on:

  • Peak user times
  • The demographic and type of customer you are reaching
  • The development of marketing conditions
  • Increase in demand

This pricing strategy is one of the most innovative ways to use Artificial Intelligence. It has excellent uses for e-commerce, for example, where they can use it to influence Pricing and obtain great benefits from it—because of this, giants like Amazon started to use it.

In the same way that happens with the previous examples, in the case of Dynamic Pricing, the machines study your clients in-depth and place the best price for them based on their characteristics.

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Source: YouTube.

Will AI replace digital marketers?

Okay, should we be worried?

Well, let's analyze it for a moment.

You see, contrary to what those who believe in the "AI apocalypse" may think, the fact is that the effect may be quite the opposite. And how would you believe it?

Let's think about it this way the machines are not cells or bacteria that grow naturally, and we are the ones who create these machines. So, on the one hand, the growing adoption of AI creates a lot more work for all the specialists who write code to make it work or who are in charge of fixing it if it breaks.

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Okay, we can breathe a little. But what about marketers? The content creators?

Well, keep calm, and read on.

Yes, we could see that there are already technically capable of writing content, even a "robot" that is influential, but beyond taking your job away, what these will do is make your life easier.

Source: YouTube.

It is a Deja Vu, we can go back to the time of the industrial revolution when workers saw machines as the end of their jobs, but almost a century after that, we see that technology managed to make us move towards the future.

Yes, machines can write, but at the moment, they are good at writing for engines. Meanwhile, the human factor, storytelling, and feelings make us connect with our audience.

Instead, what artificial intelligence will do is correct our human aspects, so to speak, that is, eliminate errors. The machines in digital marketing are helping us to speed up our work, taking care of those tedious tasks that require many repetitions, and the best thing about it is that the machines do not get tired, while we can depend on our state of mind to have good job performance.

The machines also help business owners to make the most of their investments, as spending on this technology will ensure that your brand moves forward and is more efficient.

But this is good for the agencies; our clients will also benefit.

Making decisions is hard, right? Whenever we go to Netflix, we can spend more time looking for what to watch than we use it watching a series or movie. Thanks to algorithms - which seem to know our tastes better than we do ourselves - the audience has at their mercy an easier way to choose products customized to their particular taste.

With the studies carried out by this technology, we can improve and deliver more specialized products adapted to your demands.

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Top reasons why AI can't replace humans

We are creative and flexible thinkers.

Machines think by pure logic, while we have more flexibility when thinking.

A great example is what can happen to you with algorithm suggestions. In a hypothetical case, you may have searched for "magnifying glasses" to help a friend, even though you have 20/20 vision.

As a human with a flexible mind, you know this was something extraordinarily occasional and that you no longer want to know more about it. Still, the algorithm has detected you as a potential customer for magnifying glasses, so you will not stop seeing ads for glasses for a while. 

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As humans, we are still the only ones who possess moldable and adaptable creativity, for the time being perhaps, but we can be proud of it.

Artificial Intelligence

Humans make the final decision.

The machines will help us shed light on which path we should choose, but after having analyzed all the data, the decision makers will be the only ones who can make the final verdict.

As we can see, this can also be beneficial since we have a greater chance of measuring the different scenarios and even contradicting the machines if we see another opportunity they may have missed.

Human connection

Machines can be logical, cold, calculating and precise. And that's fine, but as humans, we know that most of the time, our decisions are more driven by emotions than logic - as you can imagine, this can be both beneficial and harmful.

Even so, our ability to feel and connect makes our clients fall in love with our brand, preferring us over the competition, so this is our best weapon when creating campaigns and selling to the masses.

Humans created and programmed AI (K.O)

Yes, this is perhaps the coup de grâce against the machines in this debate. The fact is that we are the creators, so inevitably, AI will always need humans to function better or even evolve.

Final Thoughts

Instead of looking for a competition against technology - which is a big mistake for us - our best option is to adapt it to our work and experience how its use makes our time at work more efficient and less burdensome.

Technology won't stop for us, but instead of being afraid that someday the Terminator or Robocop will come to destroy us, we can be very sure that all this is part of sci-fi movies and that our jobs continue to be safe.

In addition, investing in AI is an excellent option since its growing popularity has made its prices more adaptable to your budget. If it is of good quality, you'll have a long-term investment that will help you for a long time. Another excellent investment is to hire an agency with all the advances in AI and digital marketing knowledge to make your online business exceed your expectations and go straight to success. At Codedesign, we have successfully adapted our services to all types of clients for years. If you want to reach the next professional frontier, contact us and let's talk business.

Until a new article, see you!

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