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The top events for senior living owners in 2024

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Senior Living events are ideal for making relationships within your work area. When you attend to this, you gain many benefits for your business, like updating the practices or activities you use in your facility to provide a better experience to your guests, introducing yourself to important people in your business, or even making alliances with other professionals.

Looking forward to helping you in your professional development, today, Codedesign shares these senior care events that you cannot miss this year 2024. So grab your calendar and write down these important dates.

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5 Things you should do before a Senior Living Event

Before even thinking about going to a senior care event, it is good to follow some guidelines or tips that allow will you to get the most out of these conferences. Therefore, before mentioning the top events in your industry, take notes with these five tips.

Define what you want to gain.

What do you want to achieve by going to these events? This is the first question you must answer, and may it be crystal clear for you. Typically, senior care professionals attend these events to achieve goals such as:

  • Networking
  • Meeting new prospects for your house
  • Learn about trends in your niche
  • Solving a problem, you could have

If you want another personal outcome, like learning from an important vendor, write it down specifically, so you know what you'll have to do when you arrive.

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Connect with people.

Social media lets us connect more quickly with people within our niche. Before attending any event, it would be great for your relationships to stay in contact with the attendees since you can get excellent collaborators from these people. To make it easier, visit the event forum or the B2B platform par excellence, Linkedin. Read this guide on how to improve website traffic and get relevant customers.

Senior Living Events.

Ask for connections on Linkedin.

Building on the previous tip, make the first move if the people you want to connect with don't get close. The goal is that before going to an event, you are already known by important attendants, not deeply as a friend, but once they see you there, they have an idea of who you are.

Also, when you request them on Linkedin, you get more information on what they are talking about and, if you have good social skills, ask them some interesting questions that could lead to a conversation, ending on a business deal or maybe a close friend or mentor in your area. Read how meme marketing is used to grasp the audience's attention.

Think about how you can develop these relationships within the event.

Planning never hurts, and although philosophers may say it is best to let things flow, it is ideal to know at least how you can move within the territory of the event.

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Suppose you want to talk to a group of vendors or providers of health care services for seniors. You should ask yourself, where could I meet these people? Inside the event, it would be complicated since it is tumultuous and difficult to socialize.

On the other hand, if you study the area and observe social places such as a cafe or a restaurant where you can invite them to talk about business, you will already have at least one step forward to achieve an alliance with them.

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Map out your event's plan.

Investigate the conference or summit you will attend, and define which events or talks you want to see more of to have an illustrated map. This allows you not to waste time improvising once you get to the event and know where to go and when it will be.

By the time you've seen everything you want, you'll probably have extra time to research or do whatever networking you want.

With these guidelines in mind, we will now show you the top events for 2024, so you can attend the ones you find most interesting. Have a proper digital marketing funnel in place.

The American Housing Senior Association.

We start the list of conferences with the ones offered by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA). This business association claims to be the "premier source for research, conferences and advocacy." This institution was founded in 1991 and, to this date, consists of around 400 companies that manage seniors' housing aspects. The ASHA membership owns approximately 600,000 units of senior apartments, including independent and assisted living and continued care retirement communities. 

When you join The American Seniors Housing Association, you get access to the premier source research, conferences and advocacy while also getting insights on thought leadership, innovation and strategic relationships that have made ASHA a trusted industry leader for over 25 years. For more information on how to access the events and meetings, visit ASHA's website here.

 Let's see what events they're promoting for 2025.

Regional Roundtable- Portland, OR

Date: March 21.

Location: The Benson Hotel, Portland, OR

Regional Roundtable - Milwaukee, WI

Date: April 25.

Location: Innovation & Technology Center, Milwaukee, WI

Regional Roundtable - Chicago, IL

Date: April 26.

Location: Thompson Hotel, Chicago, IL

These three events are an intimate roundtable breakfast for all ASHA members in USA's local area. The events are an only-invitation. If you want more information go to their event calendar.

2023 Mid-Year Meeting

Dates: June 19 & 20.

Location: Grand Summit Hotel, Park City, UT

This event is open to the Executive Board and Advisory Committee level members and those in the Rising Leaders program. Sponsorship opportunities will be available for it. This is the list of them.

Regional Roundtable - Denver, CO

Date: July 25.

Location: The Slate Hotel, Denver, CO

Regional Roundtable - Kansas City, MO

Date: August 23.

Location: Kansas City Marriott Downtown, Kansas City, MO

2023 Chairman's Circle Event

Date: September 18 & 19.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Austin, TX

The Chairman's Circle Event is an exclusive meeting for members contributing to Chairman's Circle Level; these go from $2,000 to $5,000 and are used for the Seniors Housing PAC campaign.

2023 Executive Board Meeting

Date: October 23 to 25.

Location: Loews Hotel, Chicago, IL

This meeting will be exclusive for Executive Board members and will be held in conjunction with the National Investment Center Conference.

Global Ageing Conference.

Date: September 7 & 8.

Location: Glasgow, Scotland.

The 2023 Global Ageing Conference will have the support of Scottish Care and the National Care Forum, which are leaders in care and support providers in Scotland and England. 

At this conference, experts from all over the world will share their practical knowledge and new strategies for the provision of high-quality care and support. 

Convening under the theme of Care About Our Future: Global Symposium for Sustainable Care and Support, 

the event will allow you to debate and explore the urgency of sustainability in every aspect of senior care and support, government policies, ecology, built environments, operations, frontline workforce and their impact on people from your niche.

The conference will offer a series of events that end up in the main event, starting in the week beginning 4th September 2023. If you want to look at the complete programme, click this link.

Source: YouTube.

The Senior Living Executive Conference.

Date: May 8 to 10.  

Location: New Orleans, LA.

The Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo will reunite thousands of senior living professionals, operators, owners, executives, and community leaders in New Orleans, Louisiana, to enjoy an educational experience that will expose the challenges for senior living businesses.

This event is an excellent opportunity to forge relationships with experts and share relevant information on the latest policy developments, explore emerging issues and see what they have to say about the future of the senior industry.

The 2023 NIC Spring Conference - Partnering for the Future.

Date: March 1 to 3.

Location: San Diego, California.

The NIC Conference is a huge event that brings together senior housing and care leaders to discuss new opportunities that will allow you to provide a better service for older adults and also how to integrate healthcare services into senior housing. This event will be great for networking and making new connections since the NIC provides its attendants with informal networking lounges, receptions, and small group brain-date discussions focused on common topics of interest. But, if you want something more private, the conference will have private meeting rooms and huddle spaces in advance for business discussions or negotiations.

The NIC website specifies that 70% of their attendees are C-Suite and senior executives, with a balanced ratio of capital providers, developers and operators seeking capital, which is the right people to learn more from and do business with. If you want more information on attendees and companies in attendance, visit NIC's rates and registration page.

A good aspect of this event is that if you're new to the NIC, they'll invite you to a webinar before the event that will help you get the most out of it. Besides, you'll have access to the attendee listing through the event's app, which can help you find resources, make connections and secure appointments. 

Source: YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are one of the significant engines for marketing, so attending events within your niche will give you the knowledge and essential alliances to take your business forward.

It is important to be aware of the trends in senior living since, after COVID, the modality or specific treatments have changed. If we talk about older adults, this can be even more delicate. Attending these events will give you everything you need to repair or upgrade your business. For your good luck, at Codedesign, we have a series of articles that will help you learn more about what is happening around senior living marketing. You can take a look at articles such as:

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