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How to Make Users Stay Longer in Your Website?

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What is the most valuable thing for every big company today?


Everywhere around brands, companies and influencers are trying to get at least 15 seconds of your attention, or even more, everything with an ultimate goal: selling their products.

If you have your own business and created a website, you are probably also an attention hunter, and you are trying to get more people to check out your cool website. If people stay longer on your website, most likely, they will become a new customer.

So, in the wild competition for your users' attention, how can you get your clients' sweet time to see everything you have to offer?

Get ready because we will show you how to make your users stay longer on your website.

Look cool

Most people on the internet are visual. “The eyes are the doors of your heart,” so get into the feelings of your clients by having a website that looks awesome at first sight and makes everyone interested in checking out more of your web page.

This does not mean that you will paint the Sistine Chapel on your website; no, a good design will not try to oversaturate every corner of your page. Rather, the idea is that it looks nice and functional for everyone.

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Leave a well-defined options bar, windows to your different product or content options, and don't oversaturate every corner with pop-ups. At least use one pop-up from which you can generate leads. It is an excellent option for increasing sales and customer engagement.

Make everything look as professional as possible. You can do it with Wix, WordPress or Squarespace if you are on a low budget. But remember, spending a little more on a good designer could bring you even greater results.

Also, if your article is just too many words, then people are going to get tired by just looking at that long paragraphs. Make your paragraphs short with at least three or four sentences.

If you put images, gifs or videos you let your readers have a rest of that much text and their visit to your website would be more pleasant.

Add videos 

Ok, you caught us red-handed. As a marketing website, it is obvious that we use our own tips to improve our content for you, so it´s a clean game.

Using videos to add more valuable content to your articles will make them more useful for your web visitors; it will also make them stay much longer as they are watching the video.

This is a win-win strategy!

Reading a lot is pretty annoying for young users such as millennials and gen z; we have said that new users want everything as fast as possible.

That doesn´t mean you will forget about writing. Instead, you only write what is really needed. It is like tiny bites of juicy information that keeps their attention.

Then, as the cherry on top, users get a cool video to learn even more about the topic they are talking about.

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Create content that stands out

Copywriting is the art of selling through words, persuading people with good arguments, touching the hearts of your audience, and giving them what they are looking for.

That´s why you have to stand out from your competition by not writing the same things that everyone is writing, or at least not with the same view. It means to give your own point of view of things.

If TikTok is the new trend, you must surf that wave, but surf it in your own style. Don´t write what everyone is saying and have your own opinion. Your readers will see that your articles are genuine, and this is something that customers want.

By doing a good research on your target audience, you will also know how to communicate with them. If they are beginners on the subject try to be more polite and friendly with them, this the kind of language works better.

Now, if your target audience is specialists on some subject, be more specific with a more refined language. You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

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What about the keywords?

Keywords are important for your SEO, but you have to do it wisely. Please don´t make it so obvious or put three keywords on your headline. It looks bad.

Instead, spread those keywords where they look like something that fits perfectly in the context.

With keywords, you are trying to “trick” the search engine to put your web-page more visible on the web, but your consumers are not Google or Yahoo. They want to see valuable information.

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Make your headlines clear.

Your headline must capture the attention of your consumers, but the text that comes with it must give them everything they want.

If you have a good headline, that´s the first part, but the most important is that your reader engages with what is written. If not, then it would be clickbait, all over web pages, and youtube videos.

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Make your articles scannable.

Sometimes users just want to know about something specific, and they don´t want all the explanations.

If you create scannable articles with sub-headlines, they will actually find what they want, and if your content is good enough, they will keep reading your other headlines.

Create something you would like to read, and it will have the same effect on your audience.

Increase your page speed

Sabemos que buscas que tu meta es hacer que el cliente este más tiempo en la pagina web, sin embargo, no debe estar 5 minutos esperando a que tu pagina cargue. Eso no es tiempo efectivo.

We know that your goal is that your customer stays longer on your website. Nevertheless, that time shouldn’t be waiting that your main page or article loads in 5 minutes. That´s not meaningful time.

Your customers have too much valuable time to spend, so your page does not have to load in more than 10 seconds. So, if you are not quick and fast to deliver your message, the chances are that you will leave money on the table.

According to a Kea article, if your website takes more than a second to load, your conversions could be reduced by 7 percent.

For this, you can check your image compression because they play a huge impact on your loading time. If your images are huge, compress their size to make everything flow.

We recommend you the free plugin WP Smush It.

Also, try using a delivery network (CDN). Your CDN will cache your website's files and then deliver the content to your site visitor through the closest server they have.

Another important aspect is to make your web page mobile-friendly because nowadays, more and more users are navigating through their smartphones. If your page doesn´t load on the mobile version, you will lose that revenue.

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Use popups

Popups are excellent tools to engage with your customers. If they are interested in your site, a popup for leads can give you information to stay in touch with them via email.

But there are also exit-intent popups. If a visitor abandons your website, these windows appear to offer a campaign that can keep them engaged. These pop-ups have proven to reduce the shopping cart and increase your overall conversion rate.

Here are some tips for your exit-intent popups:

  • Recommend interesting articles to read
  • Show your best offers
  • Invite your visitors to contact the customer service
  • Offer a good reward for joining your email list

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Use a Call-to-Action to Keep Engaging

Once your readers have completed your article and they like it, it´s the best time to ask them to take action so they can read more or buy any of your products.

Usually, customers just go to your website or article to look for specific information. Once their problem is solved, they give their attention to another trend on the website.

With a call-to-action, you offer them a reason to stay more on your website because you probably have the answer to another problem they don’t know about.

But your call-to-action must be visible for them. If not, you are wasting a good marketing engagement strategy.

Animated slide opt is a good way to deal with your reader's laziness that doesn’t want to read until your article's end.

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Finally, the most important aspect is that your website brings something interesting for your customers, so they engage more and more with all your new products.

Ending up this article, we give you one last hidden tip, to thank you and congratulate if you have read until this point of our article.

If you want to get more engagement with your customers, ask them about their opinion at the end of your article. We like to know what you have to say?

So tell us, what tactics do you use on your website?

What do you want us to write about?

Thanks for your attention and time, see you in the next article!

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