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6 Things Leaders in the B2b Sales Industry Want You to Know

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Companies selling services to companies, this is what defines B2B marketing.

Selling directly to consumers can have a more direct type of strategy to the point, that is, you know your target audience, you study it, you create a product that meets their need and then you try to get their attention through all channels.

But, marketing your services to another company is no longer so easy, since companies do not seek to continue spending, on the contrary, they want to continue growing.

B2B marketing ends up being an alliance rather than a transaction between company and consumer, therefore it is a relationship of allies that must be fulfilled in these transactions. At CodeDesign, as B2B experts we give you some ideas to empower your Business 2 Business marketing strategy.

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Adapt And Overcome

According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, the pandemic has played a considerable part in the evolution of the digital aspect. In the most recent Harvard Business Review article, he said that he saw "two years of digital transformation in two months."

With this fast speed of transformation, companies have to adapt their strategies and every aspect of life and work as every new trend is emerging. This quick advance is more automation, connecting with prospects via videoconferencing and the need for better analytic tools to close a deal. You could work with us, the leading digital marketing agency to assist you in B2B sales.

Gartner's future of Sales 2025 report predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interaction will be in digital channels. Adding to this, McKinsey & Company says that top sales innovators are embedding data and technology to re restructure their sales department.

An excellent example of a full technological approach is B2C e-commerce and B2B companies. They should be prioritizing technology.

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Integrate Sales And Marketing

The data revolution is similar to what happened to market departments five years ago when marketers reoriented their strategies to analytics-driven tactics. To this day, marketing and IT made a grand fuse to provide more features and support for marketing departments, which helps those small businesses that don't have a huge team or budget.

To integrate marketing and sales, your team must use technology to work together and drive revenue, which means that you have to set a combined experience that puts the customer journey in the first place, making all the processes one route with no interruptions. Find this complete guide on digital marketing funnel.

For better integration of these two departments, your best ally is the automation platforms that allow you to evaluate the performance of the campaigns with analytics and specific metrics. The idea is to make a creative and effective strategy based on data and statistics, a perfect mix between creativity and data to increase your sales and clients. Here is a complete guide on CRM implementation.

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Collaboration Required

When you achieve integration, the next step for your organization is to ensure collaboration among all its parts. With technology, you have a vehicle that lets us collaborate instantly across the globe. It can go from chat tools and marketing dashboards that provide collaboration opportunities on analytics and insights.

When you invest in tools for your company, you allow for an easier connection for continued or improved success. A great example is the acquisition of Slack by salesforce. Due to the pandemic sought a way to collaborate with other colleagues within the organization quickly and effectively. This is what you need to know about B2B sales outsourcing.

Create a frictionless, personalized buying process

Today customers expect that your platform can predict what they want without them thinking so much, it is like serving them dinner on a silver platter. Technology has managed to target human behavior and recommend things that are according to user preferences only based on their profiles (basically what the algorithms of any social network do).

Investing in predictive analytics technology will be the right option to be one step ahead of your client and be able to offer him exactly what he wants without even having thought about it.

But you must not only make the task of thinking easier for him, you must also make his journey in your company smooth and without any obstacles. Make sure that your customer journey is easy to manage, where there is no opportunity for doubts or fuzzy paths, but everything leads directly to the final goal: a sale!

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Continue messaging and influencing beyond the sale

The companies that contract with your services must run the risk of all the expenses that may happen, however, you cannot abandon them once the sale has happened, in fact, this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Read this guide on PPC campaign strategy.

Cloud organizations tend to invest in a customer success function, third-party partnerships and professional service organizations so they can help their customers to implement their solutions and ensure value is created through the end-user options.

As you formulate strategies for the next three to five years, start by asking the hard questions:

  •  How well do you understand the buyer journey? 
  • What are the critical moments in this journey?  
  • How can you as a marketer deliver the experiences sellers need at those critical moments? 

Sell Your Story First, Then Your Product

There are only two reasons why a company would spend on another company: make more money or build brand awareness.

In this way, marketing your products or services must have something else behind, the idea is not to sell your services with a slogan such as "we are a marketing agency with excellent results", no, you must add a story and emotional content to your content to that other companies can feel that you are the one for them.

Be relatable to your clients, learn what they really want, their dreams and ambitions, to create a story that suits their character/company.

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Final thoughts

There is a clear pattern in all these ideas: adapt to the technological revolution!

In several articles in CodeDesign, we have commented on how technology comes to make our lives easier, instead of this retrograde idea that "it is going to take our work away." Therefore, B2B companies in search of other partners to grow must be open to all the news that keeps coming to adapt their strategies to each novelty that may serve them.

We must advance to the future learning how the new can nourish us without leaving behind everything we have learned, so we can evolve along with all this revolution. At CodeDesign we focus on bringing this success and evolution to each company that makes alliances with us, contact us to take your organization to its new level!

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