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Instagram for business: How to turn likes into sales?

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What defines a succesful post?

Is it the ammount of likes?

If that is the case let's draw an hipotetical case: On one hand we have a post with 5 likes; three of these users made a purchase from your brand; and on the other we have a post with 200 likes; but only 2 of your users made a purchase.

Likes maybe something we and the algorithm like, but as a business on Instagram our deepest wish is to become those thumbs up into more sales for our company. To give you the right tools for this goal, we'll offer a list of tips to transform most of your likes into new sales for your brand.

Are you excited about it?

Let's find out!

Create a 4-pillar posting approach

Content helps us catch the attention of our followers so that they eventually become a lead or buy, but if all your posts are focused on sales or take people to your link, sooner or later, your followers will get tired of it.

What happens when people don't engage with your posts?

Well, the algorithm will take care of sending them deep into the corner of forgotten posts, which is why your content must have different types of pillars to deliver varied pieces to your audience that keep them hooked on your brand.

You got to give what people want on Instagram, and this is:

  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Entertainment

To do this in the best way, you should segment your content into  the four pillars, which aim to accomplish a different goal:

  • Promotional: To sell your products and services.
  • Educational: Deliver knowledge to your followers for they notice that you are an authority on your niche and your company knows what it's doing. 
  • Personal: You try to build rapport with your audience by showing the human side of your company, or in case you are an influencer or a solo entrepreneur, your personal story.
  • Engagement: These types of posts are important because they let ask your followers their opinions, desires, and wants to get a clearer view of what your company should do.

And as we talk about content we should warn you that you have to take a try into reels because as its newest feature the company wants to promote it more and because of that the algorithm is showing it more. Learn more about the new Instagram algorithm in this article.

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Post consistently

It seems repetitive, but trust us, it works!

If you want to be seen by more people, you have to build trust, but more than that, you have to create a good relationship with algorithms.

Algorithms pay attention to accounts that generate engagement because it makes users spend more time on the app.

The posting rhythm or the amount per day will mostly depend on your team and content capabilities. Nevertheless, it is more effective to post two value posts per week than seven weak publications throughout the week. Then, with time and consistency, your posts will get more attention from your followers, which upgrades your chances to make them buy. To make your posting duties easier go and check out our article on how to manage multiple social media accounts, where we talk about other social platforms automate the software to post.

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Interact genuinely

Once you start having lots of interaction and comments, you'll feel prouder about your company because your content is causing a good reaction in your audience.

In this part, you have to show the human face of your company because you don't want to be that superior business that doesn't start a conversation with its followers. Instead, you want it to be relatable so you can build stronger relationships with them.

The first thing to attend to is any complaints or questions from your customers because these are interactions that take them to the next step in your customer journey. After this, you should also respond to good reviews or congratulations from followers because this makes them feel that you care about their opinions, not just their money.

Turn popular posts into Instagram ads

Once in a while a post you didn't expect - or expect - got way more likes than you thought.

Your current followers are loving it and so, you can take advantage of this lucky creation to get followers outside of your comfort zone.

Usually, Instagram will tell you when a post is getting more attention than you used to, so it's time to put money behind that post and get new likes that transform into followers to finally become a new sale.

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Optimize your link in the bio

As a business, we would love followers could click on our website right in the post. Nevertheless, Instagram hasn't made this feature a reality.

But don't worry, there is a better way to make this work. We recommend you use tools like Campsite or Linkbio where you can optimize your link on your main profile to drive more traffic to your site. In this app, you can include several links like a product page or a promoted item, new service, webinar, or any other aspect you want to promote. Remember to put some persuasive Call to Action in your captions to direct users to your bio.

Tag products from the Instagram Shop

Since COVID-19 started, eCommerce did become the easiest way to buy.

According to Statista, 48% of users find their products through social networks.

With Instagram Shops, you can upload your eCommerce catalog directly to the applications so customers can view what they want and buy it right from there.

Information from Hootsuite's blog shows us that 130 million people click on Instagram shopping posts each month, so it's the perfect strategy to transform that like into a new sale. But this doesn't only help you to sell more it also gives you a chance to boost your brand by 2,600%, the information we found in a 99Firms article.

In this article, we said that we'd wish posts were clickable for web traffic, although this can't happen, Instagram shopping posts are clickable to sell. As users look at your content they can click on the product to check its price and go directly to buy. You can tag any product you're talking about and redirect followers to a particular product page on your website, which transforms that like into your ultimate goal: a new sale!

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Make a partnership with a micro-influencer

Before the internet celebrities were the only personalities that partner with brands to sell more. Whenever you watch a Superbowl commercial and look at your favorite actor, your subconscious mind wants to buy from it because you feel your idols would use it. When you look at Cristiano Ronaldo wearing Nike sneakers you want those shoes because you want to be as cool as him or be at the top of fashion trends.

But now, with social media, celebrities have other presentations and are now called: Influencers.

While Cristiano could be a little hard to reach, influencers are a great option to promote your business because as more down-to-earth personalities, people tend to engage and empathize more with them.

Nevertheless, there are Influencers with almost Celebrity status, and they may be as unreachable as Cristiano or Messi would be.

Different from what you may think, Micro-influencers - users with up to 5k to 10k followers - are the best fit for your company, because as a growing personalities they are closer to their users, and they tend to believe more in what they promote.

The idea is to look for an influencer that works in your niche. If you want to learn all the steps to pick the best influencer click on this article right now!

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Final Thoughts!

When you get a lot of "likes" you feel proud of what you are doing, but if no new customers come to your business, all of these thumbs up are kinda pointless.

For this reason, you have to make sure to mix a good content strategy with excellent interaction with your customers by taking care of their demands and thanking them for their good wishes for your brand.

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