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Influencer Marketing: How to choose the right one for your company, and how can a digital agency help?


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Today's celebrities are no longer what they used to be. They are on the internet, are relatable to their people, and sponsor tones of brands on social media. These are the influencers!

No matter what social media you are using, there is a high chance of finding one of these personalities talking about their everyday lives or talking about some brand they like or are getting paid to like. Of course, as soon as it happens, all of their followers go right to this brand to follow it or buy from them, which is a great way to sell and get brand awareness.

Suppose you are considering teaming up with an influencer to boost your brand at CodeDesign. In that case, we show you the aspects you should review to get the right one for your business and how we could help you achieve this!

You could work with us, the leading digital marketing agency to assist you in digital marketing.

Keep scrolling and find out!

Why should you consider an influencer for your business?

Trying to get to your customers by yourself can be effective sometimes. Still, if someone of authority introduces your brand to his audience, the chances are that they will believe more in this figure. In this case, the figure of authority is the influencer, a celebrity in which all of their followers seem to believe without any doubt.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, 93% of marketers use this strategy, and information from Sprout Social says that 74% of shoppers' buying decisions are based on social media.

With a social media celebrity like this on your marketing team, you can impulse your brand by:

  • Reaching new customers
  • Getting more brand awareness
  • Generating more authority to your brand

And although these social media personalities have more success in niches like fashion, travel, and food, there is undoubtedly one influencer in your area of work that will help your brand to have a new face, someone popular with social media power that will give more credibility to the quality of your services.

Source: YouTube.

Types of Influencers

Before starting our casting for the right influencer, it is good to know what influencers are out there and how they could help us depending on their engagement and number of followers.

  • Nano Influencer: They go from 0 - 1k followers.
  • Micro: 10k - 100 k followers.
  • Mid: 100k - 500k followers.
  • Macro: 500k - 1M followers
  • Mega: 1M+

What is the best type for your brand depends on your budget. If you are in a low one, the chances are that hiring 2 nano influencers or 1 micro-influencer could be a great idea. On the other hand, if budget is not a problem, you know who you should choose.

Source: YouTube.

Define why you want to work with an influencer?

It is always a good idea to start this process by having the end goal in mind so it gets easier to define who you would like to work with.

With influencers, there are three types of goals you can achieve:

  • Gain awareness: In this case, you want to take your brand to new audiences, and for this reason, you need a person with a huge following base.
  • Gain credibility: You want an authority on your niche to talk about your brand, so it gains a new status.
  • Source content: You want a person who can create photos or videos for your brand, which helps you keep your brand fresh with good quality creations.

See if their branding fixes with your business.

If you have had some time with your brand, the chances are that you created a complete personality of it. It goes from everything about it: logo, colors, design, slogan, packaging, and even how your customer experience feels.

We understand that the influencer you are looking for must be from your niche since this is basic in any strategy, but this goes far beyond the same area.

When looking for an influencer, the idea is that their personalities are compatible, not only in their values but also in something key for social networks: aesthetics.

You may have a brand of beach condominiums, and the influencer "John Johnson" talks about real estate, but residential type housing. Although they belong to the same niche, they are not compatible because they sell two types of properties, so in this case, there is no match.

Now, let's talk about personality. Suppose you define your company as solemn, elegant, and sophisticated. At the same time, your choice of influencer is relaxed comfortable, without any worries. Here, opposites attract does not apply since both parties must match in all aspects for this to work.

That is why look for that personality that is consistent with all the characteristics of your brand, similar to what you would do with a buyer persona, but now for an influencer.

Examine their previous sponsored content

Since you have seen that this personality is compatible with your brand, it is good to evaluate how it works with other brands and what is the result of its sponsored work.

Take a look at their posts with other companies and evaluate if you like how he works. When doing so, look at:

  • How do they talk about brands?
  • Do they mention brands in the caption? Do they give credit?
  • Does the post have comments? Is there any interest in customers when they see their posts?

The idea is to evaluate if you like how they work with other brands and if their successful results. Then, once you decide, there is always a chance to negotiate with the person to see how they could adapt to what you want.

Check their engagement rate.

The most important metric is not always the number of followers but their engagement with them. This insight shows how much their followers interact with their posts and if they like them.

There are tons of influencers with 1 Million followers, and 70% of them are fake, most known as bots.

So it is helpful to see how their engagement rate is. For this task, you don't have to be a math scientist. Some tools can help you with this. Some of them are:

Beyond any engagement rate results, all these percentages depend mainly on your brand's niche. For example, an engagement rate of 7% could be tremendous for economy brands but pretty low for a fashion one.

According to YouTuber Jade Beason, you can measure this factor following these values:

  • 1 thousand or fewer followers: 10%+ 
  • 1K - 5K: 6.8%
  • 5K - 10K: 4%
  • 10K - 50K: 3%
  • 50K - 100K followers: 2.3%
  • 100K - 500K followers: 2.2%

Now, if you want to calculate things by yourself, this is the formula you should follow:

Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments) / Total Number of Followers

Source: YouTube.

See how often they post

Beyond luck or sound content, what gets influencers to is consistency. And it is that in social networks, things lose relevance from one month to another, even from one week to another. So this week's meme may not be funny, and next week's, and that's why it's essential to have a constant posting rhythm.

Check if your influencer has a constant schedule, not only in posts but also in stories, so you will see that you are working with a person who adapts to the dizzying pace of the networks.

Now, let's say the influencer isn't consistent, but you love their pieces of content, then maybe the contract should be something else.

In this case, you can ask this person for a contract for content creation and use the pieces for your brand's account, and thus you can enjoy their services by posting the pieces at the pace your company needs.

Source: YouTube.

Check if there are any inconsistencies.

Before making the final decision is good to check for any inconsistency in your influencers' account because scammers are all around social media, and they could damage your brand's reputation.

These are the key factors you have to focus on to do it better.

Too many followers, very few likes

As we said before, some fake influencers buy followers - yes, that is an actual practice - to make their accounts look big and powerful.

So, as soon as you go inside their Instagram account, you see that they follow 1K people and have 50K followers. So there's nothing suspicious; maybe they are real.

But then you go to their latest post, and you see only 100 likes. So maybe it is a bad post, who knows, but you keep checking more and more.

As you begin to go down on their posts, all of these have at least 105 likes, and the lower you go, they start going down and down.

There is no chance that you have that amount of "followers," and none of them engage with your posts, so the chances are that these are bots or fake followers.

You can confirm your suspicion by going into their followers and checking who they are. Maybe most of them are fake accounts with no followers and no posts, and if this is the case, run away from there. This influencer is fake!

Source: YouTube.

Inconsistent engagement

You check once again likes and see that a post from 4 months ago has the same amount of likes that a post did today.

If you are successful, the chances are that as you release more content, you are gaining more and more followers, and with that, likes in your posts.

Nevertheless, if likes stay the same, some suspicious things are happening here.

In the influencer community, there is a dishonest practice called "engagement groups," in this, a group of content put their posts in these groups to exchange likes with all the people involved. The result is 200 new likes from people who are inflating their results.

As always, check that these likes keep growing and more people engage with this personality.

Spikes in their follower count

Influencers grow in followers every day, maybe 100 to 500 hundred if they are great, even 1.000 if they are huge celebrities that went viral. 

But, growing from 5K to 50K in just one day, we don't know. This looks suspicious.

Because of this, evaluate if they have any inconsistent growth and check if it is true or not.

How can digital agencies help with influencer marketing?

As a digital marketing agency, our duty will always be to help our customers with their marketing tasks and have a lot of time to adapt to new trends. Therefore, there is a considerable possibility that we can help you take your influencer campaign to the right people with the best type of content.

So, how could we help you with this?


Save time!

What is the most valuable thing you have? Yes, family and friends are a huge part of it, but if you want to spend a great day with them, the chances are that you need more time, and this valuable thing is something agencies can save for you.

Not only this, but if you try to do this on your own you will have to spend a lot of money and resources, and maybe you don't have all the knowledge we possess. Some of the tasks we could do for you are:

  • Determine KPIs and goals
  • Building a smart strategy
  • Tracking and evaluating your influencers
  • Negotiation and contract
  • Briefing influencers
  • Testing the product
  • Monitor your content
  • Maximize your investments by placing content on the right platforms

Source: YouTube.

Please take advantage of our experience and relationships.

As a digital marketing agency, we are up to date with all social networks trends. We believe when we tell you that these are more changeable than a teenager's moods after puberty. Our team will know how to manage the algorithms, publish at the indicated times, and measure performance and endless activities related to this type of campaign.

This way, no matter your niche, from luxury cars to wellness and fitness, you can trust us to contact the personality that best suits your brand to get your message across to their multitude of followers!

Find the proper channels!

Many businesses doubt what kind of platforms they should cover and end up promoting their brand on every social network they can invent, or, in the worst case, they only use one, but it is the wrong one.

In our articles, we always comment that sometimes the best thing is not to be in all the places simultaneously, but only those that your audience uses the most.

In this way, our team will take care of studying where your predetermined audience is in advance to transmit this influencer's content in the indicated places.

According to The Business of Retail, these are the platforms where people made more purchases:

  • Facebook 34%
  • Instagram 23%
  • Twitter 4%
  • TikTok 3%
  • Snapchat 2%

Consistent Reporting

As an agency, we study how well each post performs and if their reach is optimal, so you don't have to. In this way, we can offer expert insights on how effectively your campaign has been and how we can keep working to reach new business goals.

Besides understanding insights and metrics, we can evaluate organic and paid advertising to see how these pieces are converting and what type of posts have more success with your audience.

Start your Influencer Campaign!

You have finally found the right person for your campaign now. But, you have left to reach an agreement with them and start creating content that will take your brand to new customers!

Influencer marketing has given excellent results in conversions for B2B companies, so this trend will continue to grow in the coming years.

Get creative, and if you need any advice to take your strategy to another level, contact us at CodeDesign!

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Feel free to contact us to see the unprecedented growth of your business.

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