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B2B lead generation: Why would CodeDesign be your perfect partner?

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business, with the end goal of converting them to customers. Lead generation is a crucial part of B2B marketing because of the noise in the digital sphere. As the B2B sales have a greater impact than the B2C sales, it becomes crucial for the buyers to choose the best option available in the market. In such a case, it is a no-brainer that you need to focus on lead nurturing and lead generation to let your target audience know more about you and take you as the authority in your domain.

The B2B transactions tend to be of a higher value and last for a longer time. In such a case, a company cannot rely on their intuition, but they need strategic development to attract the leads. Take CodeDesign, for example. Our strategic partnerships have helped our partners generate leads, sales, brand awareness, and unprecedented revenue growth. The B2B partnerships tend to last for months or sometimes years, as in the case of CRMs. Find this complete guide on digital marketing funnel.

Know your audience to increase the chances of communicating with the decision-makers 

Know your audience to increase the chances of communicating with the decision-maker

Know your customer

In B2B marketing, it is essential to know who you want to target. Once you specify your target person in the company, you have the upper hand to talk directly with the right person concerned with your business. Along with that, you must be fully prepared with the answers like the target industry, target company headcount, the title of the person(CEO/MD/HR), etc. Read this guide on PPC campaign strategy.

The best way to create your specific target audience is to analyze the data available to you. You could dive deep into the previous customers and list out the similarities. You might have started the business with a different intent. However, to stay in business, you need to look into the demands. The best way to succeed is to be flexible in your approach. Some of the companies, like Slidebean, started their presentation company to target academic students. However, their insider data suggested that the B2B companies were the ones who used their products regularly. Such should be your approach to listen to your customers' pain points and act on the feedback. Your first product is never the final, but it changes with the demand and the needs. This is what you need to know about B2B sales outsourcing.

Filll out the form with this link to share your buyer persona detail for a critical analysis by CodeDesign team.

Data is the ultimate resource to excel in lead generation.

Data is the ultimate metric

Data is the ultimate metric

A data driven strategy is the ultimate approach to get qualified leads and improving the sales funnel. You could use CRM data for lead scoring to improve your priorities. For example, you could employ your sales team to have direct call conversions with the final stage leads. The CRM could also help you to predict the current likelihood of conversions. CodeDesign has a great track record of implementing CRM to get better data insights.

Get better data insights with CodeDesign Augmented Analytics:

Make use of lead magnets or gated content.

lead magnets

lead magnets

A lead magnet is a free item exchanged with the prospects in return for their contact details. Suppose you could use blogs(SEO), white papers, newsletters, free consultation services, e-books, file subscriptions, etc., to attract prospective clients to your website and get their contact information. Once you have ensured that the prospect is interested in your offer, you could use your marketing strategies and sales calls to convert them into customers. Here is a complete guide on CRM implementation.

We at CodeDesign have already used this formula to earn the trust of our target audience. You can find our excellent copies in the DIGITAL RESOURCES section in the footer part of the website. Our expert writers, designers, and web developers are always ready to take the new challenge and craft the perfect webpage and the lead magnets to nurture your potential clients.

Here is how to skyrocket your B2B sales.

Trust signals, personalization, and empathy map are the key to success.

Trust signals and personalization are the driving factors

Trust signals and personalization are the driving factors

The B2B marketing strategy should be inspired with the trust signals and the audience's confidence and showcase the plans quality. The digital sphere is competitive, and hence to gain the users' attention, you must add personalization factor and use an empathy map to create personalized campaigns for your audience. Here is an example of how we used the above factors to skyrocket th lead generation campaign.

CodeDesign helped AVA clinics to increase their leads by 336%. We crafted the entire campaign with lead generation as the main objective and improved the campaign structure. We understood the problem and then segmented the campaign structure by market and language. And we were also prompted to use localized ad copy for the target market. In lead generation, trust signals and the key concerns of the target customer is huge factor. We added Microsoft Bing into our advertising portfolio and created a personal brand experience for the end-users. The results were astonishing as we got a nearly hundred percent impression share and a 43% conversion rate on Bing. The cost of customer acquisition also decreased to nearly 1/10 cost of those coming from Google.

Even though it's an example of B2C lead generation, you now know how to craft the campaign and what personal factors you should consider.

Find this excellent article on online reputation management to take your brand image to the next level.

Craft social media advertising campaigns with CodeDesign to attract your target prospects


Facebook and Instagram have powerful targeting options to show ads to the people who could be more likely to purchase your products or services. LinkedIn is another social media platform to connect with the B2B professionals and directly communicate with your target company's executives. You would be shocked with the stat that 75% of B2B marketers and 84% of C-level executives are incorporating social media as a key part of the decision-making process. Some of the top priorities for using social media as your lead generation program are increasing brand awareness, reaching out to new customers, and increasing website traffic. Social media lead nurturing is also a great way to continuously showcase your product or services to your prospects and increase the touchpoints between the brand and the customers.

Read this article for B2B marketing strategies.

Talking about CodeDesign, we are proud to be one of the leading Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn marketing agencies due to our proprietary strategies, technology, and advanced reporting capabilities. We have a team of elite-level digital marketers certified instructors, thought leaders, and subject matter experts in social media. We have helped companies like Nestlé and PAEZ to increase their revenue considerably. 

Content Marketing and SEO - CodeDesign knows the grind.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing and SEO

As part of the lead generation process, content marketing and search engine optimization are the key ingredients for a successful campaign. As the B2B contracts tend to last for a longer time and have a higher value both for the buyer and the seller, it becomes essential for the buyers to trust only the most reputed and authoritative sellers. In this competitive digital strata, it is a no-brainer that you could earn authority by only helping your clients at every stage and by solving their every single query. You cannot be using the strategy of sentimental selling, FOMO, or other B2C tricks. 

Find this resource on customer onboarding.

Content marketing is a great opportunity to create content in blogs, newsletters, infographics, videos, and e-books to help the prospect understand the problem and possible solutions. Once you add value to your prospects, they will look up to you to solve the problem. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your content to rank up in the search results. You might have already noticed that search engines are the go-to place for every single query. Around 89% of people use search engines to get that relevant answers, products, or services.

People search with 4 main intents:





It is necessary to understand the purpose behind the search and create catered content to fulfil the searcher's need and use it as a lead generation opportunity.

CodeDesign has a dedicated content marketing and SEO plan itself. As we believe in its potential from the earliest days of our operations and in the meantime, we have seen unprecedented growth in revenue from these marketing channels. We understand the algorithm and the search engines' needs behind the content. Our expertise comes to showcase when we rank for top priority keywords like voice search optimization, Amazon listing optimization, and many more.

SEM Campaign to generate leads - CodeDesign is your right partner

SEM Campaigns

SEM Campaigns

The first step towards a successful SEM campaign is integrating Google ads with your CRM system to track the keywords that bring the leads. The next step is campaign segmentation to reach the highest number of audiences most effectively. You could segment your campaigns on the following basis: device, location, keyword match type, branded keyword versus non-branded keyword, target consumer, etc.

The objective behind your ad copies must be to qualify the potential leads. An empathy map could be an excellent dataset to choose the words and offers. Your landing page is again a crucial part of your marketing strategy, and hence you must invest a good amount of time to create a landing page that could drive you leads and sales.

CodeDesign has enormous examples in the portfolio section where we helped brands increase their revenue by setting up their PPC campaigns.

CodeDesign has helped multiple brands in the B2B sector to connect with the right audience and improve sales. We have a dedicated team, years of experience, a portfolio to showcase, and client reviews and testimonials to justify our expertise. You would be amazed to know that we have a client recommendation score that is 376% higher than the market average. We have a winning culture and a team composed of elite-level digital marketers to help your brand excel and win big.

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