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IVF Digital Marketing: Make your clinic successful in the digital world

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Fertility has a high demand worldwide, so good chances are on your side if you own a fertility clinic.

Nevertheless, with so many competitors around, you have to find an effective way to make your clinic stand out from others and a strategy that helps you reach your target users.

Traditional marketing strategies could be a great way to promote your IVF business. Radio, TV, and billboards still have the potential to make your clinic grow, but there are more effective ways to achieve your goals.

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See, TV and Billboards help you introduce your message to a vast audience, which is cool, but not all viewers are your target audience. Because of this limit, you need a more precise and defined modality when reaching your consumers: Digital Marketing!

The future of marketing moved to the world wide web, a platform more dynamic where you can direct your marketing strategy to the correct prospects, saving tons of money while also earning more. Techniques like search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, and pay-per-click advertising will be the best tools to make your clinic successful in the digital world. In this article, we'll show you how.

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Create branding for your fertility clinic

Before even starting, you have to create your brand's identity; this makes your business unique and will help your clinic stand out from others. To begin, you have to create your visual identity with aspects like:

  • Logo: this is the primary identification of your business, a symbol that as soon as people visualize it, they know it's your brand. Because of this, your logo should be simple but memorable so that people will remember it.
  • Photography: it is better to use real photos of your clinic and physicians than stock ones; it makes it more personal.
  • Site design: your website should be easy to navigate while also having a good looking design 
  • Communication style: It is always helpful to choose some core values that represent your brand, so in every communication you have, whether it's face-to-face customer attention or answering messages through social media, your users will notice that your brand is the one who is speaking. When discussing fertility, it is always a great idea to be respectful and empathic. Because infertility is still taboo and a delicate theme, your clients should feel safe whenever they interact with your team. 

Now that you covered all this identity primordial, it is time to show who your staff is and why they are the right choice to give birth. Write information about your physicians where users can see their motivations and achievements; this will make your business more trustworthy for them. Read how IVF business would change future of fertility.

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Structure your marketing campaigns based on Patient Intent

While we always recommend creating buyer personas to understand better your customers' needs, in the case of clinics, patients can have different intentions depending on the phase they are going through. At first, some patients may think they are infertile but don't know it yet, and will try to find information to get out of their doubts. Then, some patients are in the research phase and may be too early to convert. Finally, we see those who already have the budget and need our services to start their journey as parents.

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Whatever the case, it is better for your IVF clinic to structure its campaigns depending on this intent so you can lower advertising costs and have a complete understanding of your patient's mindset on each step of their journey. And for patients that haven't decided yet, it is a great idea to offer downloadable resources or webinar invitations to get more information on your services, infertility issues, and any other doubt they might have. In the end, this generates more credibility and recognition for your brand.

In Vitro Fertilization Marketing

Use PPC to reach suitable patients.

Pay Per Click should be our number 1 pick when we talk about reaching only the right audience. The best thing about these ads is that, as their name says, you only pay for every person that clicks on them, so you can elevate traffic for your website, lead generation, and eventually your number of clients. To use this strategy more efficiently in your niche, you could:

  • Study and research those keywords and questions that are most searched within your area, so you'll know better what type of services and content you could offer your future patients.
  • Buy search terms for any treatment or service you want to promote, like IVF, egg freezing, IUI, or any other you want. Then, each ad should redirect people to the specific landing page that explains all the treatment information, ensuring you'll get a higher relevance score for Google rankings.
  • Use PPC tools to evaluate your ads' performance and see how you can improve them for the subsequent campaigns. Some great examples are
    SEMRush and
    Google Ads Editor.

Use Social Media to promote your company with quality content.

Social media platforms are excellent for promoting your clinic as it is a place that allows you to share valuable content while advertising your services.

For example, Facebook or Linkedin are platforms that allow you to share articles of interest about your niche or any research or achievement that one of your physicians has achieved. Thus, the more people check the quality of your business and interact with it, your clinic becomes a benchmark within these platforms, and you increase your engagement with them.

Facebook is also great for creating content through FacebookGroups, where you can create a community of expectant parents and have them start a conversation around your business.

What is Digital Marketing VS Advertising?

On the other hand, platforms like Instagram have interactive and more social functions that allow you to know first-hand the opinion of your followers. For example, using surveys in the stories, you can elucidate what your patients are looking for or even ask what topics they would like to know for you to provide them with all the information first-hand. Read how meme marketing is used to grasp audience's attention.

If you have more time and resources to produce content, you can take your clinic to YouTube, where through videos, you can share content similar to that of the networks but more widespread.

And while all of these types of content are valuable to your audience, we must tell them that the TOP content for fertility clinics is customer testimonials. When a client unsure about taking the treatment sees a video of a couple who have finally got their child, many of their doubts will probably disappear at the moment, and they decide to take the step forward.

Testimonials are great for sharing the happiness of starting a family with your patients. This type of content is your greatest ally in an industry where emotions are as intertwined as fertility.

Make sure to use it wisely, and you can place testimonials on your website and even compilations to show how many couples you have managed to help. Each testimonial is different, and that is what makes it interesting. Read this latest guide on amazon listing optimization.

IVF Digital Marketing

Create a blog to answer your patient's questions

In the same way that in our blog, we provide you with answers on how to do digital marketing for your niche, you can do the same within the world of fertility and its treatments.

Fertility, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and even advice for couples will provide you with endless topics to talk about on your website. This will help you offer high-value content at the lowest possible price.

To get the most frequently asked questions within your niche, search for any term like IVF, and they will appear, but if you want to go a little deeper, it is good that you use keyword platforms like Ubbersuggest that will give you a broader picture of what the people are asking. How can you use QR codes for your digital marketing campaign?

Optimize your Website

If you want more traffic for your clinic's website, your best option is to optimize it towards Google Page Experience Update, an update that happened in 2021. This algorithm update is wholly based on the user experience of websites using Google's "Core Web Vitals," which include three primary dimensions:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – how long it takes the most significant element of your page to load.
  2. First Input Delay (FID) – how long does it take for a user to be able to scroll and click.
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – how stable is the page layout when loading.

While images and videos are excellent tools to make your website more attractive at first view, you should try to equilibrate all of this, so your page doesn't have any problem with the core web vitals of Google.

Create a strategy to compete and differentiate your clinic from others

In our article "How will IVF business change the future of fertility?" we see a report showing that fertility clinics have tremendous global success, so now your business competes with more establishments everywhere. For this reason, you must sharpen your strategy and create campaigns and services that help you differentiate yourself from others. Some tips you can follow to reinforce your system are:

  • Protect your brand name with paid search advertising because competitors could buy your name.
  • Invest in paid ads to grow brand awareness
  • Differentiate your fertility practice from new competitors
  • Innovate in more contemporary social media channels like TikTok

In Vitro Fertilization Clinic

Try other lead generation techniques.

While typical techniques like a contact us page or a phone number are effective for lead generation, you could be missing some other methods that generate great results for your clinic. These are:

  • Schedule a Callback
  • Website Chat
  • Online Booking

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital channel that will allow you to establish more constant communication with your customers. By subscribing to your newsletter, they will be able to receive updates on your services and costs and even receive information about the current panorama of fertility. In an article from Digibrood, we found some statistics that validate the effectiveness of this method:

  • Email marketing is 40% more effective in lead generation than other techniques
  • Its conversion rate is 66%, which is the highest among all digital channels
  • 72% of users prefer promotional content in email

Manage your online reviews

In almost any health service, reviews play a crucial role because before believing in your campaigns, articles, and other marketing content strategies, your users want to see how other patients have fared in your clinic. Previously we mentioned patient testimonials, but now we must talk about reviews since many will base their choice on how good they are, or even if you give importance to resolving any bad reviews.

Managing your reviews is not just about responding to good comments; bad ones must also be addressed, and if justified, they must be amended.

Once you solve this, people will not hesitate to hire you since they know that your clients guarantee the quality of your services.

To frame the importance of reviews, we leave you these statistics:

  • Almost 35% of patients choose a clinic based on positive reviews, while 38% of them decline the ones with bad ratings
  • 68% of patients use reviews to choose the right clinic for them.

In Vitro Fertilization.

Promote fertility education events online

Do you remember those patients who are not sure whether to take the treatment or not? Even those who may have doubts or some taboo about In Vitro Fertilization?

Well, there is no better way to convince or guide them than by offering online educational events where you talk more in-depth about these topics.

With the help of these, you will be able to remove the doubts from their heads so that they make the decision once and for all; in addition, you forge your clinic as an institution interested in educating its patients, which gives you greater authority within your industry.

The 3 Best channels for IVF clinics

In the social media section, we talked about various channels that are efficient for clinics, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However, this section will deal with some somewhat different channels for digital marketing, which are highly valid for In Vitro Fertilization clinics, these channels are.

Online Search

The internet allows your patients to investigate fertility more undercover. They usually do it this way because being unable to give birth naturally can affect their susceptibilities as people who want to have children. The internet is full of misleading information, and that is where your portal should offer them a reliable platform that comforts and guides them during their journey to parenthood. 

We have already dealt with this channel in more depth in the article, but now we will touch on the two that are a bit far from this spectrum.

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