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About AVA Clinic

AVA Clinic is one of the leading IVF Clinics in the Scandinavian Market. 

Based in Riga, Latvia, AVA offers state-of-the-art fertility and family planning solutions for women. Since Latvian legislation for assisted reproduction is very progressive, AVA is capable of servicing more diverse and inclusive population than clinics in Sweden or Norway. This means that AVA Clinic can be a beacon of hope for women with fertility challenges who are looking to grow their family, but do not qualify for treatment in their home countries. 




The Challenge: Creating a Consistent Lead Generation Strategy

Making the choice to become pregnant is big, life changing decision- a decision that does not happen from one day to the nextIn marketing terms, we call this a long consideration phase in the customer journey.  

This means that the Clinic needs to have a consistent flow of incoming leads, as these will only translate to clients several months down the line.  

AVA Clinic was struggling to develop this consistent and cost-effective lead generation strategy.

The Solution: Multi-Market Paid Search Campaigns

AVA Clinic was already running some paid media campaigns, but the Cost per Lead was variable and above target. Additionally, the campaigns were not effective and drawing in sufficient lead volume and quality. 

Furthermore, being part of the reproductive healthcare industry, there are a lot of advertising limitations and restrictions to overcome. Some of the unique marketing challenges that IVF Clinics face include: 

  • Remarketing Limitations: When it comes to healthcare, privacy protection a top concern. Many Display platforms like Google Ads or AdRoll do not allow retargeting for this industry. 

  • Social Media Sensitivity: Infertility is a very personal and sensitive subject. It is often not discussed in the public realm, so individuals are not as likely to engage with brands on social platforms. 

  • Lack of Market Education: Assisted reproduction is a very technical and complex medical practice. Most people outside of the medical community are not well educated on the different terminology and techniquesThis often leads to most people using IVF as a blanket term to refer to any type of fertility treatment, but this might not actually be the solution they need for their unique reproductive challenges. 

After thoroughly researching these industry challenges and the competitive landscape, we decided to focus on Paid Search as the core channel for our lead generation strategy.  

While this would be supplemented by Display and Video advertising to reach top of the funnel audiences, Paid Search would serve as the main conversion source. Additionally, since users who click on Paid Search Ads are actively searching for this solution, we know that these individuals are highly motivated and interested, meaning improved lead quality.

Tactical Implementation: Creating a Personalized Experience with Paid Search Ads

Our digital marketing agency team restructured AVA’s entire Paid Search strategy, creating a clear campaign hierarchy that prioritizes the top converting keywords.  

Improved Campaign Structure

The campaign structure was first segmented by Market and Language (as some campaigns were tested in both the local language and English)From there, each campaign was separated by the specific Treatment theme (IVF, Egg Donation, PDG, Insemination, etc.). However, since we already knew that most people would simply be searching for IVF, we gave these campaigns the highest priority. Within each campaign, we created multiple Ad Groups to increase the relevancy of the ad for the specific keyword search. 

Localized Ad Copy

We also updated all the ad copy to be more engaging, therefore increasing the click-through-rate and Quality Score. This involved: 

  • Using RSA (Responsive Search Ads) to find the top performing ad variations 
  • Translating and localizing the copy for the target market 

  • Including more trust signals and addressed key concerns of the target customer 

  • Adding Ad Extensions, like callouts and site links  

Bing: An Untapped Channel 

We also added Microsoft (Bing) Paid Search Ads to the marketing mix. We had identified that Bing, while less prominent than Google, still represented a substantial portion of searches in the Scandinavian market. Additionallysince this platform was lower in volume, it was also lower in competition than Google. By duplicating our Google Paid Search Ad Structure on the Microsoft platform, we were able to tap into this channels’ untapped potential and become dominant force on the SERP. 

Creating A Personal Brand Experience

The end result was a granular campaign structure that allowed us to create very specific and personalized Paid Search Ads. In an industry that is so personal, having such a customized experience from the first brand interaction is key to increasing likeliness of a user becoming a lead, and a lead becoming a client.  

The Results: 336% Increase in Leads

Within three months of implementing our new strategy, website leads were up by 336%. Additionally, we decreased Cost Per Lead from Google Search decreased by 72%

 google ads screenshot

Meanwhile, on Bing, we went from zero impressions on this platform to having a nearly 100% impression share with an average position of 1.08 and a 43% conversion rate. Additionally, these conversions occurred at nearly 1/10th of the cost of those coming from Google.  

bing ads screenshot

Looking to build an effective and consistent lead generation funnel like this one? 

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