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Google Shopping Ads

Boost Your Online Sales

As an eCommerce business, online sales are the lifeline of your brand. Google Shopping Ads allow you to present your products users who are actively seeking your solution. The only thing missing is the silver platter.

Google Shopping is must-have channel for ecommerce businesses that want to showcase their products at the top of Google Search Results. Users can start the shopping process without even leaving the SERP, which means increased conversion rates and a higher Return on Ad Spend.

Reach Purchase-Ready Users

This visual, product-focused ad format are specifically designed to reach purchase-ready audiences. 

At the bottom of the conversion funnel, potential customers already know what they’re looking for. They’ve already decided on the product category, price range, and maybe even brand, and they’re ready to make the final purchase based on these criteria. 

We can identify these users based on the level of suggested purchase intent in their search queries. For example, a user who searches for “Stroller” in Google may still be in the early stages of their customer journey- they don’t know which brand, model, or how much they’re willing to pay. However, a user who searches for “Blue Chicco Stroller” has likely already done plenty of research and they know the specific product they want to buy- now they are just deciding which retailer to purchase from.

When a user searches using these high-intent keywords, it’s the opportune moment to present your solution to this purchase-ready user in a marketplace style context.

Additionally, with Shopping Ads, are an image-rich ad format. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Google Shopping ads will allow you to put highly contextual ads with price, image, shipping info, reviews, and special promotions, making them much more effective than Text Ad formats like Paid Search.

Google search blue chicco stroller

Increase Online Sales Channels

This type of advertising has transformed online marketing for thousands of ecommerce businesses. Since the shopping process begins before the user ever even visits your website, Google Shopping is more than just an ad format; it’s an additional revenue stream. 

Shopping ads drive around 76% of retail search ad spend and generate around 85% of all clicks. On average, shopping ads also generate 18% higher revenue per click than text ads on desktop. 

This type of campaign is one of the biggest growth opportunities for retailers in an increasingly digital world. As a conversion channel, it’s hard to find anything more effective than Google Shopping, as it allows you to directly measure and optimize for ROAS. 

Your Strategic Partner for Google Shopping Campaigns

At Codedesign, we take a scientific, data-driven approach to structure and scale your revenue on Google Shopping, applying budget and bids intelligently to best match your profit margins goals. Additionally, we specialise in Google Merchant feed creation and optimisation. 

We always start a project with a research and analysis of historical account data, when existent, in order to define the strategic approach to achieve ultimate efficiency and provide a healthy ROAS. 

Our ultimate goal is to deliver consistent and exceptional ROAS, through an integrated approach to Google Shopping Ads. Google shopping works even better when integrated with a prospecting campaign, tackling that top-of-funnel traffic by increasing awareness of your brand and your products, while at the same time have the strategy in place to convert them into paying customers with Google Shopping. 

With Codedesign as a strategic partner, you can start taking advantage of this channel for business growth efficiently and integrate it with other campaigns, allowing you to engage potential buyers at every step of the sales funnel and stand out against the competition. 

If you’re looking for an experienced, performance driven and sales-focused agency, Codedesign is the right partner.

The services provided:

  • Google Shopping Campaign Structure  

  • Google Shopping Campaign Setup  

  • Google Merchant Center Help  

  • Product Feed Optimization  

  • Targeting & Bidding Strategy  

  • Advanced Shopping Tactics  


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