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Activating Customer Loyalty

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In fact, when well executed, it’s one of the best ways to nurture qualified leads and foster loyalty amongst existing customers. A successful email marketing campaign can turn an on-the-fence user into a paying customer, or an existing client into a brand advocate. 

The secret to success lies in quality, not quantity. 

To avoid drowning in the clutter of spam, it is critical to design emails with intention and knowledge of your market. Our email marketing team are experts in every stage necessary to execute a successful email marketing campaign: list cleaning, segmentation, email design, coding, deployment, and reporting. We focus on creating email content that engages your audience and translates into results, not unsubscribes.

Our Email Marketing Toolkit

Our Email Marketing Services


12-16 hours/ email campaign

Single-send campaign. 

Best for small to medium businesses looking to promote a specific event campaig


32 - 42hours/month

Up to 2 sends/month.

Best for small to medium businesses looking to implement a basic email marketing or newsletter strategy.


112-120 hours/month

Up to 4 sends/month.

Best for ecommerce businesses or highly dynamic sites looking to use email marketing as a main up-sell or cross-sell marketing channel.



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