Codedesign an agency specialized in the development of personalized eCommerce for middle sized and enterprise clients. Codedesign is a specialist Magento development agency in Lisbon that manages a wide array of Magento websites for clients which collectively generate millions of visitors every year. For most of our clients, their growth and continued success are undeniably linked to our ongoing creative, digital and marketing support services.

Looking to bring your brick-and-mortar shop online, add new Ecommerce capabilities to your existing website, or simply turn an Ecommerce vision into a reality?

We offer a full stack development team with cross technology expertise. Our experience extends from full website builds to mobile apps development (iOS and Android), business system integrations, Advanced CMS, Ecommerce, and digital assets for digital marketing campaigns. 

We are an experienced team delivering outstanding digital solutions with an agile methodology. When deciding on a ecommerce development agency to partner with, it helps to know how their development process works. You want to be sure that your feedback is welcome and expected, and that the scope of the project can evolve without setting it back.

Codedesign has the know-how to develop medium and large custom projects in Magento, the world's leading platform for eCommerce innovation. Codedesign customizes virtual stores according to clients needs, by transforming B2B and B2C buying and seller experiences.

Member of the Magento Ecosystem as a Solution Partner, Codedesign has all the platform certifications and received, several mentions, consolidating itself as a leading agency of Magento development in Europe.

The agency adopted Scrum as a project management methodology, which optimizes development and mitigates delivery risks. With agile processes, Codedesign team is more productive and effective, focusing on continuous delivery, quality and transparency.


Magento is a super powerful content management system (CMS) which helps e-commerce businesses to sell online. 

Huge companies including Samsung, Fort, Levono, Olympus, Nestle Nespresso and Nike use Magento. This also includes millions of small and medium e-commerce businesses around the globe with the help of Magento development agencies like us. Any e-commerce business with ambition online would normally consider Magento as their platform, especially if scalability and future-proofing is a factor.


Magento is an ecommerce platform that allows you to create simple online stores as well as extensive sales platforms. However, in order to make full use of its capabilities, it is advisable to have specialized programming knowledge. Why, then, should you choose Magento?

  • Extensive functionality - in addition to the many ready-made modules, the platform has a fully flexible architecture that makes it possible to tailor it to the individual needs.
  • SEO optimization - The tools available in the Marketplace make it much easier to optimize your shop pages for search engines. This is beneficial for SEO and e-marketing.
  • Mobile version - the platform has a fully functional mobile version.
  • Extensive analytics - The ability to combine the platform with multiple analytical tools allows you to monitor live traffic on the site and gather the most important information about user behavior.
  • Multistore - This feature is especially useful for companies that run multiple online stores (e.g in many languages) and allows them to be efficiently operated from a single control panel.
  • Ease of integration - Magento enables integration not only with ERP and CRM systems, but also with popular comparison shopping websites and social networking site

And more, 

  • It is a versatile and intuitive content management system
  • It helps optimize Mobile-friendly shopping carts
  • Add up to 500k products on one site without losing performance
  • Magento is SEO friendly and our SEO agency can improve it
  • Upsells & cross-sells built-in
  • Robust third-party integrations (from shipping, payments, optimization, automation) 
  • Multiple levels of internal access
  • 800k developer support in the Magento community
  • Magento works at high performance with quick load speed time

Magento has been recognized for its unique ability to provide customers with performance, scalability and security, with comprehensive and flexible solutions, the Magento platform has been elected leader in several segments, such as B2B eCommerce, by Forrester Research.

In our offer there is also a comprehensive store service. Using years of experience and knowledge, we can offer our clients such services as: sales support, conversion optimization, or SEO consulting for Magento-based online stores.

We also offer hosting services. In the case of more advanced business needs we realize efficient B2B wholesale platforms.

Regardless of the company's business model, it’s possible to develop an e-commerce solution with Magento, thanks to its flexibility. It was designed to provide B2B, B2C or hybrid solutions, with unlimited customization capabilities. In addition, Magento benefits from an open architecture, with guaranteed licensing and lower implementation costs.

Regardless of the size of your company - small business, middle sized or enterprise - the scalability of the Magento platform allows you to keep up with the growth of the business, according to the needs of the customers. There are countless functionalities, modules and resources available, which can be added as eCommerce demands new solutions.


The robustness of the Magento platform guarantees security and stability in all transactions. With Secure Socket Layer (SSL), all information transmitted during purchase, such as personal or credit card data, is encrypted following the SSL protocol, which prevents it from being revealed or intercepted.


Flexibility, high performance and security are the main strengths of Magento Commerce (the licensed version of the world's leading e-commerce platform). This version has advanced and ready-to-use features, an unmatched capacity for customization and seamless integration with third-party services.

Magento Commerce shopping experiences are unique and engaging, enabling large B2B, B2C and hybrid brands to expand their online stores. To do so, they can rely with the help of the global ecosystem of implementation partners and a vast market for extensions, available on the Marketplace.


Customers are increasingly looking for better interaction with brands. Considering this, Magento constantly evolves and develops resources, focusing on better shopping experiences, attractive purchase paths, personalized content and promotions mechanisms.


Efficiency, automation and data access are critical tools to compete in today's market. With Magento Commerce expanding business becomes more feasible.

Consumers create expectations regarding brand experiences and expect high performance, security and innovative interactions on the websites. Magento Commerce solutions aim to exactly ensure that online commerce operations are secure and convey the confidence necessary to meet those expectations.

Magento development agency

As the number of people shopping online continues to grow each year, it’s time for your business to create the best online store for your customers! Our team of Magento 2 experts has a proven track record of designing and developing Magento 2 eCommerce websites for organisations of all shapes and sizes across the world. Our production team is based in Lisbon Portugal, where the vibrant startup market helps to identify and retain amazing tallent. 

We’ve created several eCommerce sites that combine bespoke design with a sleek and functional user interface. Using the Magento 2 platform, our developers incorporate great features into each online store such as guest login, enhanced product filtering, integrated payment solutions, CRM integration, ERP integration, API connections , etc. Why not take a look at some of our recent work below to see for yourself?

So, whether you’re looking for a brand new website, an upgrade to an existing site or Magento 2 integration or migration services, we’ve got the skills needed to make your online shop a success.

Why Codedesign as a Magento development agency

Codedesign Development Process

Codedesign’s team consists of software developers, solutions architects, QA-engineers, and a business analyst that engage in full cycle online store development, including:

  • Website & Ecommerce development 
  • Backend development and integrations
  • Website frontend development
  • Integration layer development
  • Implementation of mobile APIs

Codedesign works in cooperation with a distributed project team, which involves the Customer’s internal team and third-party teams, including Salesforce representatives. We perform daily and weekly stand up calls and meetings to keep the communication process, discuss the project scope and plans, and keep the Customer updated on the project progress. To execute testing step by step instead of testing the whole system at once, our team decided to apply Scrum practices and split the process into 6 testing sprints, thus, making the testing process transparent, traceable, and thus efficient.

Typical Development Projects

We help ecommerce businesses succeed in their daily operation by empowering it with fully functional custom systems and ecommerce modules.

What To Expect From Our Magento Development Agency

In today’s digital landscape, your customers expect only the best user experience.  As a hugely experienced Magento e-commerce agency, we pride ourselves in our Magento development experience. 

You might be wondering what makes us different from the other Magento developers agencies out there. Well, when you work with our e-commerce agency, you don’t only get the technical know-how. You also get the user experience design and digital marketing expertise required to create a holistic e-commerce website strategy. People are browsing every day for products like yours, so are you considering your e-commerce website design and online marketing tactics to get them to engage, buy and come back?

Get in touch with us! 



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