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International SEO

In 2020, the world can be your high street!

As the world evolves, your markets change. Why keep local if you can go global?

But this new reality also means more competition. To be successful, you need to prepare your business, and your website, for this leap.

You can have a great quality product. But if people can’t find it on Google when they are eager for a solution, they will not know you exist.

In case they do find you, your website must be able to effectively communicate with your target audience. When speaking with a global audience, you need to be mindful not only of the linguistic differences, but the behavioural and cultural nuances.

How do you prepare your business and website to sell worldwide?

International SEO prepares your website to show up on Search Engines in new markets. Optimizing a website for international audiences includes:

  1. Designing the best Website architecture for multiple languages;
  2. Ensuring that users searching for your product in Google will get the right website version (English for English speakers, Spanish for Spanish speakers, and so on);
  3. Optimizing the communication strategy for your target audience. An American millennial and a German millennial are two different personas, and require different rhetoric;
  4. Localizing keywords for target markets. Directly translating your keywords and your content is not enough. Often times, even countries that speak the same language (I.e. Portuguese from Portugal vs Portuguese from Brazil) use different terminology for the same product and demonstrate different search behaviours.
  5. Building expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your brand and website, so users will buy from you.

Building Brands for a Globalized Market

Our multinational team is highly experienced at helping businesses from different industries going international.

If you are looking to start this journey, book a meeting with one of our experts and let’s start creating your Global SEO strategy today.



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