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Content Syndication


So, you’ve just written the most awesome piece of content. You publish it on your website, share on your Facebook and Twitter Feeds, and wait for the flock of visitors to come read. And then... crickets. 

The internet is chock-full of content, and it’s expanding every second of every day. Having a top-quality blog article or eBook is simply not enough to make it go viral. In fact, the actual writing process only makes up a small part of a successful content strategy. The rest is strategizing, planning, and promoting. 

One of the best ways to promote your content is through Content Syndication. 

Content Syndication

Content Syndication is the process of distributing your content through third party websites. This allows you to leverage the authority of other, industry related websites, so your content can reach more people. There are several ways to syndicate your written content: 

Syndication Networks

Using a syndication network is the best way to distribute your content at scale. When you pay for a content syndication service, your article will be published and made available for pick-up by third party websites. While this allows your article to travel far, there are fewer quality controls than Digital PR or Sponsored Content. 

Digital PR

Digital PR is exactly what it sounds like; an evolution of offline public relations to fit an online context. Digital PR is the process of getting branded content, typically in the form of a Press-Release or news update, published on relevant industry websites. It is done manually and requires connecting directly with the publisher to agree upon the cost of publication. 

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is similar to Digital PR in that it involves having an article published on a third-party website. However, the content is typically less news/PR style, and more editorial. These articles are designed to blend into the publication seamlessly, which is why Sponsored Content is often confused with Native Ads. However, while Native Ads are promoted through Ad Networks, Sponsored Content is done manually. 

Why Use Syndicated Content?

A good Content Syndication strategy will not only increase your brand awareness; it will also help boost your website traffic. When sending your content to other sites, it is important that your site is referenced with a hyperlink. This will help drive more Referral Traffic to your website and increase your brand’s visibility. 

Content Syndication will also help you improve your SEO and Organic Traffic as well. By having links pointing from other, more authoritative publishers back to your brand’s website, you will increase your website’s relevance and authority. 

What aspects should I consider when creating content?

There are several steps to take into consideration when talking about content syndication.

  • Write high quality content: Avoid focusing your content on sales only. Focus on more educational, fun and value-driven content to your target audience;
  • Make sure your content is being distributed on publications that are relevant to your target audience;
  • Always include a link to your contact or sales page;

How do I know where to share my content?

To identify the most relevant industry sites, you should focus on factors such as Domain Authority, Website Traffic, Keyword Overlap, and Audience Demographics. But how do you find this information? Codedesign can help! Our team of content marketing experts can guide you through each step of your content strategy, from keyword research, content planning, production, and promotion. 

Ready to make your content go viral?  



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