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Digital Marketing for Local Businesses. 5 Reasons why small is Beautiful.

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We all wish to be great! We want to have the newest car, a condo in Manhattan and lobster tail for dinner. 

We always wish that our company could be as great as titans of marketing such as Apple, Facebook or McDonald´s. But, you have to remember that all of these immense companies started from tiny entrepreneurship. 

Steve Jobs started from the garage of his home. Marck Zuckerberg´s Facebook was just available for his college initially, and McDonald´s, well brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, started with the hamburger local. Still, then, Ray Croc took all the company for himself. This story is portrayed wonderfully in the movie "The Founder," with Michael Keaton as Ray Croc.

What´s more, small business does not always mean fewer profits; in fact, some small businesses can be popular and very wealthy. Also, it is advised to do a competitive analysis to remain a step ahead of the competition.

In this article, we will examine the 5 reasons why small is beautiful.

It´s The Beginning!

One of the most fulfilling things about having a small business is that you take the courage to start your entrepreneur journey, and that is something worth admiration.  While many potential entrepreneurs with great ideas on their minds haven't taken the first step, you are doing your best to build your own business.  And for all potential customers on our readers, we encourage you to start your own business as everything is done taking the initiative. 

Social Media could help you flourish your business.

We as humans always say "I´ll start tomorrow" with every big goal we would like to achieve, and like a Metallica song says, "Tomorrow Never Comes." 

To improve the customer journey, you could opt for these Top CRM tools to automate customer engagement.

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As a new business owner, you should always study your market first, find your niche and your buyer persona to direct your investment and marketing effort to the right people. Also, make sure that your new product or service offers something that your competitors don't have, and if you don't know your competitors well, it is the right time to study them deeply! You could also check these ten chrome plugins for marketing.

New beginnings are great, but remember that everybody is competing to get people´s attention in the marketplace. Luckily for you, as a current or new reader of our blog, you can get valuable information in our blogs to help your small business.

It´s the Biggest Source of Jobs

Not everybody works on YouTube or Gucci cause it takes some time to get there, or even better, it takes some time to grow your business to that level.

Small businesses, local stores, and even growing marketing agencies are the biggest source for people to work, which keeps the world spinning. So, your small business is a lifesaver for many people wanting to start working, and although they may be starting, they can be immensely talented, which could make your business grow even more.

For example, let´s talk about one of the most damaged people that can't find a job: Young People. Many big companies want people with 20 years of experience, a university diploma from Harvard and want them to manage 5 languages and one death language, like Latin. Okay, it´s understandable that big companies want people up to the challenge, but young people can apport great ideas for the company too.

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You are your community's Best Option.

Helping your community, it´s the best way to start a good brand awareness around your target audience. If you are the most frequent store or an e-commerce store for your close community, it may be the first territory conquered by your products and services. Focus on your SEO and a SEO agency could help.

If your bakery is where almost everybody in close neighborhoods goes to drink a coffee and have breakfast, and many of your current customers know you and the quality of your services, you are generating a good client service. Transfer all this to social media, where your followers represent your community, and all of them trust almost blindly in the content you are creating.

Turning back to the bakery example, great companies like Starbucks are the must-go for many customers, but and this really depends on your opinion, is Starbucks really the best coffee in the world? Are all of their products crazy delicious? Sometimes we buy things for the brand, and not always for their quality. While Starbucks ´ formula is the same for all stores, maybe your coffee has that special formula that makes it taste like a good morning on your table, and your muffins are soft as clouds. You could also use TikTok to promote yourself.

The main lesson here is to add your services to your unique style!

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They Can Be Really Profitable

Remember, having a small business doesn't mean low profits. In fact, you can earn a lot of money by offering your services online. So whether you are a freelancer or e-commerce, with the right marketing yo,u can make your small business obtain many new customers.

A small business can be exclusive also. For example, if you are a graphic designer with really great illustrations, important people will start to notice your job, and with all those new customers will contact you through your DMs or Email.

Such is the case of Gianpiero D'Alessandro. Who is Gianpiero, you may ask? Well, listen to this entrepreneurial story.

From the beginning, Gianpiero created works of digital art as a hobby, but seeing that his publications were very popular, he began to publish artistic content daily. Important brands approached Gianpier to ask him to work for them, but the most important was a great Popstar. Can you imagine who he was?

Justin Bieber, a world-renowned pop icon. Through Instagram DMs, this celebrity contacted Gianpier to be the designer of her fashion brand Drew. To improve your talent and whether your business is large or small, you will achieve great goals.

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Small Businesses Improves our Economy

Returning to the first point, small business is the biggest source of new employees, so, doing the simple math, more people with jobs results in more people with more money. And we are not trying to say that large companies are bad. Still, while big companies can benefit from selling things expensively, small businesses are an excellent option for your wallets and economy.

The world is too big for just 4 big companies that control almost everything, and it is crucial for a healthy economy a market competition to have variety in every niche. Marketing competition helps brands keep improving their services, which happens a lot in small businesses. As a small business, You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

We share a video on how small businesses can help the economic recovery after the pandemic. 

Source: YouTube.


We learned to appreciate the small business, as we have seen that they do great things for both community and the global economy.

Taking the first step for every entrepreneurship will always be an action worth doing because it could be the beginning of a successful and wealthy life.  

Being a small business doesn't mean low profits. In fact, you can even take your small business to the mainstream level, like working for a famous singer like Justin Bieber.

So, did you take the first step for your business?

Do you have a small business?

Tell us more in the comments!!!!

See you in the next article!!!!!

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