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B2B branding: Why is it the ultimate key to success?

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A good product, services and all the knowledge you have about marketing are essential for your company, but how do you let everyone know, and above all, your competitors, that you are the one who stands out above all of them?

As a B2B company, your public is hugely different from B2C since you sell your services to other companies, so it is more an alliance than an exchange of goods.

In a world so active and with news every swipe down on social media, it is sometimes difficult to startle from all the information we receive daily.

But at some point in your internet search, you get a logo, or maybe a slogan that sounds immediately familiar to you, and you jump to give this brand your full attention. What has this done well? That's right, and this company has a successful branding, something that makes you notice just by looking at its ads.

All the strategies you can use are valid, PPC, SEO or Google Ads, but in this article, we will show you why branding is the ultimate key to all your success.

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What is B2B branding?

B2B branding goes way beyond your logo or the colours you choose to represent your business, and it englobes the full package of your customer and product experience.

First, you have to make sure that your brand is easily recognizable, which means people associate essential logos or phrases with your brand. When we say "I'm loving it," who are we talking about? That's right, the most famous hamburgers worldwide: McDonald's. Find this complete guide on digital marketing funnel.

Many burger lovers or experts in gastronomy may argue that these are not the best hamburgers globally, but no one can deny their branding is genius. 

But Mcdonalds' branding goes way beyond their food - which we have said is not the tastiest or healthiest - it goes beyond that. We can identify another extra component of McDonald's brand:

  • Yellow and red colour.
  • Mc'Flurry, Sundae and all the insignia ice creams
  • The Parks
  • Happy meal and the toys
  • Ronald McDonald was left behind until 2016 because clowns started to look a little bit scary.
  • Their Ice creams
  • The image of a family-friendly environment

Source: YouTube.

As a B2B business, there are other aspects you should focus more on in your marketing since your audience is not the same as McDonald's. As B2B, your main goal is to make alliances with other brands to help them grow or solve a problem. Your branding should aim more to the customer's needs. Here is a complete guide on CRM implementation.

Some aspects that may help your branding grow are:

  • Easy to navigate website
  • Quick and efficient customer service
  • Active social media platforms
  • A multichannel strategy

When companies start to look at your brand as a problem solver, it means that your business's branding is excellent. This is what you need to know about B2B sales outsourcing.

Just one tip, to differentiate your business from others is to know your values and answer to yourself:

  • What is the reason for your brand?
  • Which adjectives describe it?
  • What are your values, and how do they fit into your branding?

Every one of us will have different answers, and in this uniqueness resides the heart of your brand and what makes it one of its own.

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Why is Branding Important for B2B?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may think that success only relies on a good product and your sales team. Let us tell you that you are wrong, and this is only the 50% of your success.

As the internet keeps expanding it is easier to create your own business, and as you may think, maybe all your competitors will say the same thing about the services: We are the best ones and have the most outstanding products!

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, branding, that is the main tool! Read this guide on PPC campaign strategy.

When you create your digital brand, you ensure that your target customers can investigate your Organization and decide if you are the best option among all the big crowd.

You can create a strong brand by using an omnichannel approach where you can reach your ideal customer in a manner that makes the most of your industry and the service you provide; make sure to be in the right places, not in all of them. 

Source: YouTube.

How to create your own B2B branding?

Find your Organization's values

Before even starting to sell, first, you must find the values of your company and what moves that fire in your heart.

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For this, you have to start finding these core values with the help of your team. 

What word better describes your brand? Royalty, Power or maybe Peace and love, what are you looking for in your customers? Help them reach their full potential or solve their problems. What values are you more in love with? Integrity, innovation or loyalty.

Once you describe your brand, you know how you and your team should act, giving a great team spirit to your brand.

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Know your target market

This one is in almost every marketing article, but trust us, it is crucial for any strategy.

So how much should you know companies? And more importantly, how should your services sync with the boss of those businesses?

You can solve this B2B incognita by creating many buyer personas, or in this case, business persona, to build your customers base. Include aspects like:

  • Their main goals
  • Their job positions
  • Their habits

When you define the type of companies you want to reach, you can create a B2B branding that engages with them.

Decide what your Value Proposition is

Once again, before you start selling, there is one key question you must answer and that is: How your services or products can improve your customer's life?

Long story short, this can be called your value proposition, and it's another factor to differentiate you from others.

In B2B marketing, this can be something like a SaaS platform that allows customers to schedule appointments.

Find the factor that exhaltates your products and write it down, and then you can focus on it for different strategies.

Source: YouTube.

Create your Branding Narrative

Stories drive passions from all human race, and by moving passion, you will unlock the heart to your customers, so they will start being loyal to your company. We all love a company that understands our issues and problems and wants to help us to rise.

In order to connect deeply with your customers, you have to use a storytelling method that clearly explains who you are as a business and what values you fight for.

Talking about your experience as a brand and how, through all adversity, you have kept your high hopes is something all your customers can rely on. Remember that sometimes life can be tough, but what we do to overcome these moments makes us stronger and better people. Go with the leading SEO agency to see the unprecedented growth of your website.

If you are a beginner and issues haven't happened, you can share your goals to incentivize customers about your brand. Say why you are launching your brand, how it makes you feel and why companies care about it?

Align your team with your Brand Values

Now that you understand and love your brand, it's time to make your team feel the same.

Here we must differentiate between employees and team since both words make your colleagues feel different. Employees do not create a link with the brand, and they make the brand seen as a source of income or duty, something that does not generate strong ties with the project. Now, when you are part of a team, it means that the contribution of each one is essential, and that makes them feel part of a whole, something that gives them value.

In this part, you will have to be the great coach of your team, that coach who makes all Real Madrid players go to the field and give their all for their brand since everyone feels connected to a higher level than this.

With a committed team, branding stands out more since your clients will notice that you have an army of people wanting to enforce the will of your brand because they feel passion for it.

If you stop to think about it, your employees are the best ambassadors for conveying your overall brand message.

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Make your brand Aesthetic

Let's go back to the McDonald's case.

How do we detect this mark in the distance on any highway? Exactly, a big yellow "M." Well, now the idea is to create an entire aesthetic around your brand, that is, symbols, designs, fonts and colours that make your clients know who you are just by seeing you.

Make sure to use easy-to-remember images and phrases. Don't get too complicated, because people won't remember it; some cases of easy-to-understand logos are those from Apple, Toyota and YouTube.

Source: YouTube.

The benefits of a strong B2B brand

  • When you have a strong branding it makes your brand stand out from the crowd, giving customers a reason to choose your brand over competitors
  • You create customers with a predisposition towards your brand, increasing brand loyalty.
  • If more customers are talking about your business, it increases the amount clients willing to try your service
  • It lowers sensitivity to price increases
  • You attract and retain the best employee talent
  • The financial payoff

Most of the branding effect goes on an emotional level, which is one of the first drivers for buyer decision-making, so if your brand is vital, your financial performance will grow exponentially.

Here is your key, open the door to success.

Now you know how to make your branding from acceptable to exceptional, you have the tools to bring out all that originality that your brand has.

Remember to speak from your personal experience and make sure that everything that moves you and is passionate about is reflected in your brand. Customers do not buy so much by logic but by emotion, and that is where your branding should reach them to make that more profound connection with your brand. At CodeDesign, as a B2B company, we are interested in building strong ties with our clients to achieve remarkable things. We, as a marketing agency and you as entrepreneurs of your brand. Contact us for more information!

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