Amazon Digital Marketing Agency 

Amazon Business is the complex but profitable. Working with you will get experience and growth. 

Codedesign is a digital marketing agency specialist Amazon, delivering brand & product traction in just a few As competition expands, staying ahead gets more complicated every day. But, with Codedesign Amazon Advertising services, you can tap into an audience of million of buyers. 

Why Codedesign as an Amazon Agency?

A great Amazon Marketing Agency thinks globally, focuses on best practices, understands the end customer and ROI. We begin by analyzing existing campaigns, establishing goals, and getting your TACoS down. We then look into the refinement and ROI.

A bespoke Amazon campaign delivers results, connects with your target market, and boots sales. A Codedesign Amazon campaign sees the bigger picture, acts with intention, and measures delivery.

Why Amazon with Codedesign?

Yes. Amazon drives about 40% of online sales, and every year, 94% of people make a purchase on the monster. The question is, how can you make more shoppers buy your products? Codedesign can help you with this.

What can Codedesign do for you?

We offer a turn-key solution to promoting your brand and products on Amazon. With our services extending from Amazon SEO, Amazon Campaigns, Amazon Store launch we will help your brand thrive. 

Choose our Amazon agency for an all-in-one solution to Amazon that includes:
- Bespoke strategies
- Focused pricing
- Real time reporting
- AI proprietary technology
- ROI and ROAS focused

We offer the following Services for Amazon Management:

- Amazon SEO - AKA product optimization. Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your rankings in organic search results on Amazon. It increases your position in search results knowing the inside outs of Amazon’s search algorithm.
. Product title review
. Product features optimization
. Product description enhancement
. Product images

- Amazon Campaigns- From Sponsored Product Ads to Sponsored Brands to Product Display Ads, our advertising management services for Amazon offer everything you need to advertise.
. Develop your campaign with low-cost, high-value keywords
. Increase CTR - click-through-rate
. Decrease ACoS - Advertising Cost of Sale
. Improve your purchase rates
. Make you make more money

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Amazon Advertising – All you need to know

Amazon Advertising is more important than ever for your online sales strategy. Here's why.

On Amazon, you are not just competing against other brands; you are also competing against other sellers. And every year, there are more than 1 million new ones entering the Amazon marketplace.

Additionally, the first page of product results account for about 80% of all clicks. Of these clicks, about 60% go to the products displayed in the first 3 positions.

With a multitude of sellers offering similar products, the competition for these placements is fierce. So, how do you get your product in front of potential buyers? That’s where Amazon Ads come in.

What are Amazon Ads?

Amazon Advertising is very similar to Google Ads. Anytime a user searches for a specific product in the search box, some results appear. If you pay a close attention to them, you will identify that the first results that show up are sponsored. The difference between the organic (non-paid) and paid results is intentionally very subtle. If you’ve never noticed them, that means they’re working!

You have 3 different Amazon advertising options, which can be adapted throughout the conversion funnel:

  • Sponsored Products;
  • Sponsored Brands;
  • Sponsored Display;

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are a great choice if you want to make sure that you are showing up above your competitors.

These ads are usually the ones that appear right on top of search results, usually mixed with organic ones. Basically, the first 3 or 4 products that you see in each page are sponsored.

Like Google Ads, you can adjust how much you want to bid or simply adjust the daily budget.

With Sponsored Products, you can adopt the following targeting strategies:

  • Automatic Targeting;
  • Keyword Targeting;
  • Product Targeting;

Sponsored Products amazon

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands’ Ads are the best choice if you are looking to increase awareness of your products through Amazon Advertising. However, unlike Sponsored Products’ Ads, you need to meet specific requirements in order to be eligible to use these. Our Experts will be glad to give you further guidance this.

Sponsored Brands’ Ads feature your brands’ logo, as well as a customizable headline and up to 3 different products.

Like Sponsored Products, these ads can also be targeted by Keyword and Product.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display

If you are looking to generate more traffic to your product page, Sponsored Display Ads can be very helpful. Among other placements, your ad will be placed below other products’ listings, as long as those products are related to yours.

Unlike the Sponsored Product and Brand Ads, Sponsored Display Ads allow you to reach users on and off Amazon’s Marketplace! Pretty cool, right?

There are 3 targeting strategies that can be adopted with Sponsored Display Ads:

  • Individual products of your interest – selected manually;
  • Categories of products – provided that your product falls into that category or is complementary;
  • Audience Interests;

Sponsored Display

If you are still undecided whether you should start advertising on Amazon, feel free to ask us questions! Our Amazon Consultants will be happy to help you take the next step!

Our Display Ad & Remarketing Services

Our Display Ad & Remarketing Services


Are you just starting out online? Need to overcome the digital learning curve and stabilize before scaling? This pack is for you.

  • Get your own dedicated account manager, available to walk you through every step of your digital journey.
  • Setup your Analytics / GTM structure, measuring all aspects of your websites / Landing Pages.
  • Setup and manage of your first campaigns, start collecting data and extracting insights for strategic decisions.
  • Start your SEO strategy and getting your organic traffic with consistency.
  • Get familiar with your data through your custom-built analytics dashboard.


Already have some traffic? Ready to speed up your online presence the next level? This is your pack.

  • Traffic is there now we need growth. Start working with a growth expert as account manager.
  • Unleash the potential of broadband SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / Social Media Campaigns. Advanced segmentation and audience qualification.
  • Cross borders, implement new languages, start syndicating content and get more traffic outside Google Universe.
  • Advanced Landing Page Setup. Advanced reporting and a team to discuss your project from the inside.
  • Get the juice from deep dive into strategic approaches and increase your sales / leads.


Do you have an established ecommerce or B2B solid business and want to boost your sales? 

  • + 10 years project managers to help your business throughout the online sales process.
  • Highly integrated media buying team leading your digital ad strategy.
  • Programmatic media placement with 3rd party media publishers.
  • Social Media performance team dedicated.
  • Advanced Data Processing and Data Analytics team.
  • CRM Integration & Automation strategies.
  • Explore Bing, Amazon, Pinterest, Twitter and decrease your consolidated CPA.