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The Digital Marketing Starter Pack for ECommerce Businesses

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Today, buying in physical stores is increasingly a thing of the past, which is a by-product of the pandemic's confinement.

Selling online is an option that does not require as much investment as a physical store and, in the same way, can significantly increase your sales and popularity. Large companies like Amazon make millions of dollars in online sales, and the outlook is that their popularity will continue to grow.

If you are looking to undertake in the world of eCommerce here, we give you a complete starter pack to start your business!

Find this excellent article on online reputation management to take your brand image to the next level.

Let's begin!

What's included in this Starter Pack?

Your Domain

To start your online business, the first thing you should have at your disposal is your own domain, a small hectare within the entire world's vast web ecosystem. Among the best-known providers to get an environment, you have Google Domain, a platform that offers free domain privacy, or Godaddy or Hover to get your space on the web.

However, something essential for your domain is its name since it is your identification throughout the web. Therefore, your name should be easy and memorable, without any complications. By keeping it, simple users have it easier to find your page. You could work with us, the leading digital marketing agency to assist you in digital marketing.

Here is how to skyrocket your B2B sales.

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Your website

When you create and design your website, you can have your products available to customers 24 hours. Many customers are buying more online, so if you want to reach a new consumer at any time, your best ally will be your website, where you will show all your inventory and information about your business.

Make sure to add a paying section where customers can pay quickly through credit cards or other payment options available on your site. Find this resource on customer onboarding.

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Images and Logo

The visual aspect of your brand is the heart of all your branding, and they are the elements that will make your brand more recognized among the competition and consumers. For this, we must first focus on logos, and in case you were thinking, yes, your logo should be easy to recognize. Your logo's hand will come to the colours representative design aspects of your brand, which will make people associate the colours or different designs with your products and services. Here is a complete guide on CRM implementation.

Finally, it would help if you showed the potential of your products through striking images that make people want to buy your products. We recommend that you take several from different perspectives to highlight the details and something that will give you a plus and offer videos of your products. With the growing popularity of video networks such as YouTube or TikTok, it is good to have this type of content in our stores since they are more interactive for all our users and show the performance of our products in real-time. Find this complete guide on digital marketing funnel.

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Custom business email

Forget Gmail or Hotmail. When you have a custom domain, you show that you are a professional. Once you create your own business, you must separate personal emails from your online business. In this way, you have more outstanding tracking of all your company's activities in addition to contacting your customers in this way.

Things to know before you start

Marketing is key!

Marketing is the genesis of sales; believe it or not, it is in all aspects of life, from how a politician "sells" his campaign to voters to how you present "your product" - AKA your persona - in an interview with the job. Read this guide on PPC campaign strategy.

Therefore, once you have your products, you must find out who can work for them or what problem your service can solve. When you have gotten the answer, you already have your target audience, and you can start creating strategies for your entire audience.

Identify if your audience is young or older, a product of mere entertainment or a basic need, and then begin to highlight its attributes and what makes it unique over the competition. Here is a complete guide on B2B lead generation.

Choose the right eCommerce platform.

Choosing the ideal platform is essential to contact your potential customers. For this, it is good to do a market study and see which channels your consumers are most, be it social networks such as Facebook or Instagram or eCommerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Read this article for B2B marketing strategies.

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Written and Visual Content is Hugely Important!

Sight, all consumers are primarily visual, so from the looks and our messages, we must touch those fibres that will make our consumers buy our products without thinking twice.

For the visual part, focus on making videos that highlight the benefits of your service, be it its functions, its visual appeal or perhaps a review of one of them. These are great to immerse consumers in the experience of trying your product.

On the other hand, the written aspect must cover two key objectives: inform and transmit.

On the one hand, you must make clear all the features of your product, so people will know what they will get. On the other hand, you must transmit that feeling, that needs that will make them connect with your product and decide that it is the right one to buy, so remember: Appeal to emotions!

Learn SEO

According to a Search Engine Watch article, a few years ago, data suggested that the top result on Google gained 33% for any search. 

Recent studies have shown that we should not go out of our way to always be in the first place, since today more and more users visit different links to get the information they want. Business 2 community highlights that 22% of searches lead to other websites below the first result.

SEO is the art of getting the keywords or the topics that are most talked about, but beyond that work, the main thing is to give a complete answer to the needs of our readers, so getting the keywords is only half the job.
For your SEO to be effective, focus enough on the keywords that identify your product and us
e them to answer critical questions in your written content.

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How to start with your new eCommerce?

Now that you have your Starter pack and know what is coming for you let's see how you can start with this eCommerce project.

Choosing a Product

Choosing a product needs a lot of research since you will be set up for failure if you get it wrong.

Consider this for product research:

  • Get to know your target audience in detail, from what they need to what problem your product could solve for them.
  • Choose a niche that is unique, specific and competitive, but make sure it is not oversaturated.
  • You have to source your product by making it, manufacturing it, buying it or reselling it. If you can, a good option is Dropshipping, where you can sell products without stocking them yourself.

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Start your e-commerce Marketing.

Once you have used all the tools we told you before, it will be time for sales, and we are just one step away from seeing our bank accounts grow.
But first, as a farmer with his cattle, you must move the entire public to your store. You ask us, how do I do that CodeDesign? Well!

Your strategy should aim at three classes of people:

  • Those already looking for what you have to offer
  • Those who would want what you are offering if they knew of its existence.
  • Those who are aware of your business existence and have already made a transaction with you.

Once you have identified these people, it is time to convince them that you are the best option because you know you are the best!

For this, please use all those mentioned above: written and visual content, an excellent website and other marketing tools that we treat on our blog, such as ads.

Once you have those customers insured, take care of them since they are the fans of your brand, and to keep them happy, you should worry that they have enjoyed your product. What helps us on these occasions: Email Marketing. 

Through a list of leads, you can send welcome emails or update your offers to your loyal customers, this will keep them aware of your brand, and they will know that you are a person who believes in relationship marketing.

Remember to study your competition. If they are offering the same solution as you, look for a way to stand out because you are the best option over them.


Is this for my company?

Probably yes! We have companies following this plan from tax advisor services, lawyers, hotels, hostels, e-commerce, retail, employment, B2B, industry and so many others. 

Choose a marketing agency as your ally!

As a business owner, you must be a person who seeks success for your company and worry about what is necessary: Earn more money and recognition!

At CodeDesign, we have forged solid marketing relationships with brands such as Microsoft or Nestle until being recognized by greats such as Hubspot. Still, above all, we specialize in Amazon marketing, one of the most recognized platforms in eCommerce.

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