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There is a real opportunity for growing your real estate agency by expanding the letting side of your business.  This is highlighted in CML’s research. They found that over one third of landlords have never used a letting agency! There are two main challenges when marketing to landlords.

The first is, where do you find landlords? We know that they are more than likely living in the same area as the house(s) that they're letting, but how do you get your marketing material in front of them?

The second challenge is, what is your approach to target landlords? You can’t segment them into different demographics because anybody of any age could be a landlord.Instead, you have to group them together by the circumstances to which they became a landlord. By doing this you can create a targeted marketing strategy. 

By reading this five step digital marketing for estate agents guide, you will learn how to get targeted ads in front of landlords in your area. This in turn will channel highly qualified traffic onto your website.

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Step 1: Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

With an increasing amount of online estate agencies and with more of your high street competitors turning into brick & mortar / online hybrids you need to find a way to climb to the top of the online pile. This can be done through search engine optimisation (SEO).

By focusing on organic search Landlords will come to you instead of you wasting time and effort trying to find them. Read this complete guide on digital marketing funnel and then choose the right digital marketing channel for your business.

There are two kinds of of SEO that you should focus on:

Local SEO: focuses on geo-specific searches. This will help your agency appear when landlords are searching for information in your area/city. Tip: If you have more than one branch then make sure that each of them have separate pages on your website. This will give you optimum search visibility for each one.

Global SEO: this is your organic visibility at large. By working on this your website will attract landlords that are looking to invest in new locations.    

Step 2: Content Marketing and Downloadable Content

Inbound Marketing

In order to create a successful inbound marketing strategy you must have content that landlords are interested in and will find useful.As highlighted in the introduction, you can segment landlords into circumstantial groups. Then create a blog and publish weekly posts targeting each segment. Some examples of circumstantial segments are; Landlords with large portfolios and need help managing all of them, people that have inherited a house and now want to let it, and people that have moved house but are waiting for the housing market to improve before selling theirs.

Tip: spend time doing keyword research and make sure that your article is keyword dense. This will help improve your rank for that keyword.Another content idea is to create downloadable eBooks. 

Make users exchange their name, email address and contact number to download your eBook. Once you have this information you can then contact your lead with direct emails.

Tip: Use your specialist knowledge of your area to create step-by-step how to guides that are available for download. Manchester 2019: Buy-to-let guide, is a good example.

Step 3: Google Advertising


Get your ads in front of landlord who are debating whether to use a letting agency or not. Do a thorough keyword research to find the search terms that landlords at the middle/bottom of the conversion funnel are using when researching about letting agents. Create Google Ads for these keywords that take the user to a specific landing page that has a clear call to action, such as a contact form. 

Check these Amazon FBA tips to grow your business and see how optimising your Amazon listing could help you grow. 

Tip: add written or video testimonials from your landlords to add credibility to your agency. This will make landlords more likely to convert .

Set up remarketing campaigns for users that have entered your website but did not convert. To make sure that you are only showing your remarketing ads to landlords, create an audience that only includes those that have read your articles targeting landlords. Here is a complete guide on how you could use the digital marketing funnels to expand your customer base and how sell directly on Amazon with a detailed plan on Amazon listing optimization.

Step 4: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Reports conducted in late 2017 show that around 70% of 38-51 year olds and almost 60% of 52-71 year olds use Facebook. Therefore, landlords of all ages will more than likely check out your agency’s Facebook page.

You should organically build your facebook profile so you can impress landlords with your productivity. This can be done by posting weekly content and ads for your current houses. Facebook also offers another avenue of communication with Facebook Messenger. The more potential touch points, the better.

Instagram can be used to showcase your current portfolio with professional pictures and housing inspiration. Use hashtags to organically grow your following and make it easier for non-followers to find your page.

Use Linkedin to publish your customers testimonials. This will build your brand image as Linkedin is more business minded, so testimonials posted on there will carry more credibility. 

Facebook remarketing ads can be used to retarget users that have already entered your website. This will work in a similar way to Google Ads remarketing.

Building your brand image across social media platforms is important as estate agents are currently rated as the 5th least trusted profession in Britain. A strong social media strategy shows transparency as you cannot hide what your customers are saying about you.

Read this guide on E-commerce supply chain and voice search optimization.

Step 5: Reporting

The final step that brings all of these components together is reporting. You want to see how users are interacting with each channel and how the channels are interacting with each other. Your website needs a conversion goal set up in Google Analytics. This can be a phone call or a contact form submission. 

Tracking goals will allow you to measure how many times landlords visited your site before they convert and which traffic source is performing best. Seeing the most common conversion paths will allow you to optimise your websites conversion funnel and continuously improve your digital marketing strategy for getting more landlords. 

Case Study: PayRent's SEO and Content Marketing Triumph


PayRent is an online platform designed to simplify the process of collecting and paying rent for landlords. Over one year, the website saw an impressive 400% increase in organic traffic. This growth is primarily attributed to a strategic blend of SEO and content marketing efforts. Here's a deep dive into how these strategies were effectively utilized.

Objective: To increase organic traffic and, by extension, gain a larger user base for the PayRent platform.

Strategy: To achieve this, PayRent implemented a two-pronged approach:

  1. SEO Optimization
  2. Content Marketing

1. SEO Optimization:

  • Keyword Research: Through the use of tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs, PayRent identified several high-volume, low-competition keywords relevant to their business. For example, "online rent payment platform" and "automatic rent payments" emerged as key phrases to target.

  • On-page SEO: PayRent then optimized its homepage and service pages for these keywords. The website incorporated these terms into meta titles, descriptions, header tags, and throughout the page content.

  • User Experience (UX): Realizing that Google rewards sites offering good UX, PayRent made their website more user-friendly. The navigation was streamlined, ensuring that pages loaded quickly and were mobile-responsive.

  • Backlink Building: To boost site authority, PayRent engaged in a backlink-building campaign. They reached out to property management blogs and real estate platforms, offering guest posts or collaborations. As a result, the site started getting backlinks from high-authority domains.

2. Content Marketing:

  • Blog Creation: PayRent established a blog, addressing common concerns and questions of both landlords and tenants. Articles like "5 Benefits of Online Rent Collection" or "How to Set Up Automatic Rent Payments" not only provided value but also included target keywords to attract organic traffic.

  • Infographics and Visual Content: Recognizing the value of visual content, PayRent developed infographics detailing the rental payment process and the advantages of their platform. These infographics were shared on social media platforms and became a tool for earning backlinks.

  • Engaging Video Content: PayRent produced video content demonstrating the platform's use and its benefits. These videos were optimized for search and shared on platforms like YouTube, driving additional organic traffic.

  • Guest Blogging: To reach a broader audience, PayRent contributors wrote articles for other reputed real estate and property management websites. These guest posts not only offered backlinks but also directed a new audience segment to PayRent.


Within a year, these efforts resulted in:

  • A 400% increase in organic traffic.
  • A significant boost in keyword rankings, with PayRent appearing on the first page for target terms.
  • A noticeable increase in user engagement on the website, with visitors spending more time on the platform and exploring multiple pages.
  • Higher conversions, with more landlords and tenants signing up for the service.


PayRent's success story illustrates the power of a combined SEO and content marketing strategy. By addressing user needs, creating valuable content, and ensuring their site was optimized for search, PayRent could achieve remarkable growth in organic traffic and user acquisition. This case stands as a testament to the importance of strategic digital marketing in the modern business landscape.

Case Study: PayRent's PPC Campaign Success

Overview: PayRent, an online platform designed to facilitate the rent collection process, recently embarked on a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign. The results were astounding; in a short span, the platform registered more than 1000 landlords. Let's delve deeper into the specific strategies and tactics that led to this impressive outcome.

Objective: Increase registrations on PayRent by targeting landlords through a focused PPC campaign.

Strategy: To achieve the objective, PayRent adopted a multi-pronged PPC approach:

  1. Targeted Keyword Selection
  2. Ad Copy Optimization
  3. Landing Page Design
  4. Remarketing Efforts

1. Targeted Keyword Selection:

  • Research: Using tools like Google's Keyword Planner, PayRent identified high-intent keywords tailored to landlords, such as "online rent collection," "best platform for landlords," and "automate rent payments."

  • Competitive Analysis: PayRent analyzed the PPC strategies of competitors to identify any keyword gaps or opportunities that could be capitalized on.

2. Ad Copy Optimization:

  • Benefits Highlighted: PayRent's ads prominently highlighted the benefits landlords would receive, like "Ease of Collection," "Automated Reminders," and "Safe and Secure Payments."

  • Clear Call to Action (CTA): Each ad was equipped with a compelling CTA, urging landlords to "Register Now" or "Try PayRent Today."

  • Ad Extensions: Utilizing Google Ad extensions, PayRent showcased additional links, like a direct route to their FAQs or testimonial pages, providing potential registrants more avenues to explore and reasons to sign up.

3. Landing Page Design:

  • Tailored Content: The landing pages were specifically designed for the PPC campaign. They highlighted ease of use, security features, and the benefits of automated rent collection, directly addres

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How We Deliver Results:

Landlords Targeted Campaigns: Our programmatic capabilities allow us to roll out highly-targeted campaigns, engaging landlords across multiple touchpoints, from search engines to social media, and niche websites.

Continuous Optimization: Utilizing advanced data analytics, we continually refine our approach, ensuring every campaign evolves based on real-world results and feedback.

Organic Growth: Our SEO strategies aren't just about quick wins. We lay down a foundation for sustained organic growth, ensuring a steady stream of landlords discover your platform, month after month.

In a world inundated with generic marketing strategies, Codedesign rises above. We don't just aim for numbers; we aim for the right numbers. Let's usher in a new era for your platform, acquiring landlords with precision and purpose.

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