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7 Trends in Digital Marketing you can't ignore in 2022

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Should we start the countdown to 2022? Yes, of course!

But before taking out the champagne and sharing it with our family, we must have one foot in the future and be ready to start this 2022 with all the energies in place.

The trends for this year point to a more digital environment with the inclusion of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, generations like millennials and gen z bring their revolution with aspects we should be aware of. Read this guide on PPC campaign strategy.

In this article, we will know all these seven trends that will shape 2022.

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AI's all around

Google has specified that by 2022 cookie tracking will no longer be an option to study and track our audience's activities. This can leave many marketers scratching their heads to see how they can check their audience, but you will have a great relief if you are aware of the AI trends.

Artificial intelligence will be our best ally when studying and even predicting how the market will look in a few months or years. According to an article by We Are Anmet, almost 76% of companies have integrated these tools and have received ROI in just one year.

Integrating AI tools will provide you with unlimited data for your studies, all without the need to "spy" on your audience, in addition to automating tedious processes that used to take a lot of time from work. The reports will show you which keywords are indicated for your niche, the traffic of your website and even automate the emails.

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Research your customer in a cookieless internet

As marketers, we understand that we only use third-party cookies to see what products our customers want and how we can offer them, but it is not the same thinking for users who feel that we invade their privacy with our cookies.

As we saw previously, even Google itself thinks about eradicating this practice, so our part is to study and understand our audience in a less invasive way. For this, we can include AI tools and predictive analytics that will allow us to understand the market and our customers without the need for these cookies.

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Embrace Hybrid Events after COVID-19

Having direct interaction with the consumer will forge more lasting relationships with your customers, so the purpose of these is not so much profit but rather to ensure a large number of customers are inspired or pleased with the experience of your brand. This is what you need to know about B2B sales outsourcing.

When a client leaves your conference inspired by sustainable marketing strategies, it is almost 100% certain that the first brand that will come to their mind will be yours, for everything you taught them and made them feel. Find this complete guide on digital marketing funnel.

Although live events are back, COVID-19 is still around, so virtual events are a safer option for our guests.

With video call platforms, making events has become more inclusive and comfortable for brands since they can gather all their followers from the comfort of their homes without wasting so much budget on machinery, which is something beneficial for the environment. This eco-friendly topic is explained in a Forbes article, and as things continue to go, the most certain thing is that 2022 will be full of face-to-face and virtual events to maintain good relations between brands and consumers. Here is a complete guide on CRM implementation.

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Nonprofits As Business Opportunities

The COVID-19 has made fundamental changes, and people are becoming aware of all the issues we face as the human race. Because of this, customers want companies that take a voice on current issues like sustainability, employment practices and even transparency. According to a 2018 report from Accenture, 62% of customers care more about social problems, and this tendency will keep on for 2022.

As brands, your attempts to support nonprofits must be honest since people are not delusional and know how to detect it only for commercial reasons. In addition to transmitting a vibe of success and entrepreneurship, your business has to be above all human, that cares about the stability of its environment.

It would help if you did not support each of the nonprofits. Instead, the important thing is to get one that aligns with your company's values so that everyone is on the same track and does well for humanity, which it needs so much in these uncertain days.

Your marketing plan must include strategies that illustrate your support and actions based priorities. Even making moves like donations or providing sponsorships is a great way to help your community.

The global pandemic has brought changes in more areas than one. I believe Covid-19 has instilled a sense of the importance of community and environmental values in customers.

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Be authentically inclusive

Generation Z and Millennials have been in charge of revolutionizing the values of companies, calling for attention that advertising and marketing should not be directed only to a privileged group or ethnicity. No, advertising should be inclusive and show all aspects that make up society.

Discriminating against a person because of their sexual orientation, skin colour, or physical disability is a big no-no for any consumer since we have learned that we are all an essential part of our environment and no one should be discriminated against.

Still, we can see some "hype" with the issue of cancellations, as people have been fooled by inappropriate behaviour in Tweets from a decade ago. A mistake is human, and while we seek to correct these behaviours, it is also good to know that people can change their minds and repair themselves.

In your company's case, inclusion should not be forced, as it usually happens in some movies or series. Instead, your brand must show that it is authentic in supporting all these communities that may have been mistreated in the past.

Marketing and all the media are seeking to correct the mistakes of the past, and if it 

is directed from compassion and not from revenge, all this can lead to a better world


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Choose Video above Written content.

Although it is an essential practice for our minds, reading is not the most optimal way to stay in the minds of our audiences. Now more than ever, we must appeal to symbols, images and videos since these are permanently tattooed in the minds of our consumers.

We began to see the rise of audiovisual content on the most popular social networks such as TikTok or Instagram, and even the second most used search engine, YouTube. According to a Social Media Today article, 62% of millennials say they like more visual content than any other new technology. Also, an SEO agency could help.

The written content cannot be abandoned, but now it is more a complement to the visual aspect than the primary source. Look at social networks as the endless scrolling that all users do. Your content should stand out at first glance because if it takes them a long time - 5 to 10 seconds maximum - to understand or capture your message, they will continue scrolling without paying attention to your brand.

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Conversational marketing

It has not happened to you. Do you try to communicate with customer service and the first thing you hear in a pre-recorded response?

As soon as we hear these robotic tones, our natural reaction is to roll our eyes, anticipating that our problem will not be solved.

Customers want to solve their problems by talking to a natural person since although machines are beneficial for some tasks, there are others in which human contact will always be the best solution.

There are machines like chatbots that are intuitive and can help in this aspect, but always keep in mind that there are problems that may be out of the ordinary or what these machines tend to attend to, which can only be solved by your customer service team.

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Voice Search

Among all the trends that we have mentioned, we see that artificial intelligence has been present in many of them. What is the main reason?

Simple, it makes our lives easier!

Voice search (Voice SEO) allows you to search for any information of interest by asking your trusted AI, be it Siri, Google, Amazon or whatever you have chosen.

The predictions suggest that in 2022 consumers will want this type of search more. However, so far, it only represents 20% of total Google searches, and 61% of clients between 25-64 years already use voice devices intend to use them more in the future, according to PWC research.  

There is nothing more comfortable than being in our car and listening to the news or our favourite song with just a voice command, so offer that opportunity to your clients.

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