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The Metaverse: What it is and how will it change digital marketing?

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Do you remember "The Matrix"? Remember how Neo, the main character, was inside a fake reality controlled by machines, and the big plot twist was that all humanity was living in a vast simulation?

Well, the future is starting to look like a sci-fi movie, and we don't know how to feel about it: excited or terrified.

Marck Zuckerberg is a huge innovator. Its new project, "The Metaverse," looks like the real version of the movie "Ready Player One," where characters enter inside a virtual world to play, live and have multiple experiences. The company Facebook is in a new era. Now, the blue social media company, owner of other companies like WhatsApp and Instagram, has decided to change its name and become "Meta."

As we all know, marketing has always existed. It has been an excellent component for the evolution of humanity, that's because, if you don't know how to sell, you won't earn some money, and if you don't have the cash, you die, the end of history. But how will digital marketing adapt to this new coming reality, or as Marck says, "The New Internet," what kind of experiences will be able to experience? How will commerce be evolutionary? 

Well, get comfortable in your seat, and let's dive deep into this fascinating vision of the future of the internet and how marketers could take advantage of it.

But, before anything else, do you know...

What is the Metaverse?

Let's go back to these two movies, "The Matrix" and "Ready Player One." These are great examples to explain what "The Metaverse" will be in the future and what you will do when you are in there. The Metaverse will be a new virtual reality where users will live within a digital universe with the help of multiple AI, AR, and elements of technology. 

What will you do in this new universe? Practically everything you can do in real life, but with an extra flavour of virtual reality. 

The Metaverse is trying to cover everything from entertainment, education, gaming, travels and, the most important for us, sales and commerce. So, imagine you have many friends in another continent, let's say Asia, and you want to meet with them. No problem! You don't need to buy a ticket to meet them, just put on your VR glasses, and you will be with them in a digital room, or, even more exciting, in a concert by your favourite singer!

The Metaverse will try to give our lives another escape from reality where you can build your own digital life where you have your own house, digital clothes and many new friends around the globe.

Even this project is exciting for "home office workers" because Meta is planning to habilitate digital offices where you can meet with your work team and still do all your job from the comfort of your home.

This is a massive project, and many big companies are investing in it to start building all "Metaverse" from Microsoft to Unity, Roblox and Epic Games.

Now, it's still a long journey for The Metaverse to be available. Marck Zuckerberg says that it could take up to 5 to 10 years before the critical features of this new virtual reality become mainstream. Nevertheless, some aspects of it are already available, like ultra-fast broadband speeds, virtual reality headsets and persistent always-on online worlds that are already up and running. 

If you wish to learn more about the Metaverse, click on this link to see the full presentation!

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How will the Metaverse change Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing within virtual reality looks like the opportunities will be innumerable. 

As a digital marketing agency, we do not rule out offline advertising in other communication media such as TV or streaming services is ineffective. Still, as the future becomes more digital, it is more noticeable that the old communication media will become obsolete with time.

Virtual reality will allow you to have a more comfortable interaction with your clients since they will only need to meet in happiness in this cybernetic world to talk about business or even acquire any of your products. And it is that in the presentation of the Metaverse, Marck Zuckerberg ensures that users will be able to buy both virtual products and acquire physical effects, all thanks to the Horizon Market Place platforms. You could work with us, the leading digital marketing agency to assist you in digital marketing.

Businesses such as real estate will be able to make virtual visits to their properties without the need to meet in the place, which speeds up the procedures and generates greater comfort for both parties. Here is a complete guide on CRM implementation.


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Of all the topics that have been discussed within the Metaverse, video games are the ones with the most significant room for expansion, and their creators are most excited. Still, it is good to know that video games are not just entertainment for geeks today. Video games have made symbiosis with marketing being one of the companies with the highest value in the world.

If you are looking for a younger generation, you have to know that digital alone is not enough for kids, teens and young adults. Today, your content must be engaging, meaningful and immersive to get their attention. This is something that video games are doing for Gen Z and most of the Millenials, and we will give you some examples of it. Find this complete guide on digital marketing funnel.

Balenciaga launched a dystopia game called Afterworld, where the brand showcased its futuristic clothing line. Meanwhile, Fortnite, one of the most famous games played by hundreds of Gen Z age groups, made a collaboration with Nike to promote their new Jordan sneakers and made an alliance with rapper Travis Scott for a virtual gig to an audience of over 10 million. Even the famous platform game League of Legends collaborated with Louis Vuitton for the latest world championship.

Source: YouTube.

What technologies will boost The Metaverse?

Technology is changing almost every month, and now hardware is turning quicker and getting more predictable. With 5G, almost everybody has fast and dependable connectivity. All of this contributes to the immersion and experience of this virtual reality because it boosts the visual and auditive experience. This is what you need to know about B2B sales outsourcing.

According to the director of product management for Unreal Engine at Epic Games, Paul Doyle: "Much like the internet and mobile technology were major transformations and major technical ages. Now we're about to hit a virtual age. And it's going to be awesome."

Beyond all this, the Metaverse aims to be directly connected with the entire blockchain service. This platform promises all users who seek greater privacy when browsing. Those government entities or other companies do not have access to all their searches activities on the new internet. 

At this point, we must be a bit skeptical since we are talking about the same company that has been accused of selling information about its users for elections in the United States and other scandals. We can only verify these promises once we get to this new technology. For now, the blockchain, cryptos, in even NFTs are recent trends that point to a cookie-less internet with greater privacy for its users. 

It will be until we meet in the Metaverse.

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NFTs, a new product in the Metaverse!

Non-Fungible Tokens are another trend that will blend directly into all of the Metaverse commerce and economics. These Tokens promise to be pieces of art, music or video that cannot be replicated and unique to their buyers. This new product type comes hand in hand with the entire blockchain philosophy, which allows direct trade between seller and consumer without intermediate entities and total ownership of this good.

NFTs are postulated to be a large part of the items sold in the Metaverse. With this, the economy for artists and content creators opens up endless possibilities to increase their popularity, so be aware of this trend that aims to be lucrative.

See you in the Metaverse!

Adapting and overcoming is an essential lesson for marketers and a lifestyle that will help you face the challenges that life brings you as it passes. 

However, Metaverse, more than an obstacle, is seen as an excellent opportunity for digital marketing. Until its official launch in CodeDesign, we will be informing you of all the new news and trends in this regard. Until a recent article, or until we get into the Metaverse, see you!

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