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Mobile Marketing: The only marketing guide you need in 2022

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Is your brand in all the channels it should be on?

That is, you have already done a market study and have seen which channels your target audience usually "inhabit".

Alright, which ones do you use?

Facebook? Okay. Instagram? Perfect. Tiktok? Wow, innovating. But you may be forgetting one, and it is perhaps the most important today.

No, it is not TV if you are thinking about it, but we invite you to grab your mobile device to realize that one of the most used channels worldwide is only at your fingertips.

Yes, cell phones are one of the tools that almost all of us have, and with the advancement of technology, the number of things we can do with these little computers is incredible.

It seems centuries ago when telephones were like a brick block with which you could only call, today, mobile devices have taken over the dominance of the media, even leaving media such as television or radio behind. Who knows, if one day, even the very computer where you read this article is completely obsolete?

With this prediction in hand, we invite you to move your brand to mobile marketing and learn with us, your CodeDesign allies, how to take your brand to mobile domains.

Here is a complete guide on digital marketing funnel.


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Definition of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the promotion of products or services by using smartphones and tablets. 

These days almost every person in the world has one of these devices and this is the main reason why you should be investing in this type of advertising. With today's technology smartphones can handle social media platforms, browse through Google and even watch a Netflix movie on their devices.

With the help of many tools like SMS, QR codes and even sponsoring your services through in-app advertising you can take your business to many more customers out there.

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How can your business benefit from Mobile Marketing?

According to a Techjury article, Americans tend to spend at least 5.4 hours a day watching their phones, besides this, almost 49% of people own two phone devices. In another article from Elite Content Marketer, it says that we pick our phones 58 times a day and that sessions can go from 5 minutes to even 3 hours.

For this reason, there is no time to lose to enter the mobile game, that said, it is important to know that each step of your mobile plan is going to take a lot of planning, and this is because your mobile presence can't look too much different from your desktop one, since this could break your customers making it harder to understand.

You have to have two versions, a desktop one and your mobile adapted version, but at its core, they are both the same.

Once your business is adapted to mobile you have a tool that can help you to communicate directly to your customers and also a space that allows for real-time personalization, which will result in drives demand and brand value at any step of your customer lifecycle.

Why going "Mobile" is the best option for marketers?

Users are closer to their phones than to their computers, so, there are higher chances to find them while using their phones than on another device.

More and more companies are opening their eyes to this reality and that's why they are moving from full desktop to mobile and desktop strategies. 

Not only this, but with many features like geo-location and app activity tracking, marketers can create campaigns that result in higher click-through rates and conversions. 

To add more value to this type of advertising let's look at the top USPs of mobile marketing.

  • You create a personal experience: When you reach customers through their mobiles you create a one-to-one connect conversation, this is because it lets you create personalized web pages based on your customer's behaviour. A good example could be sending personalized push notifications or offering coupon codes for mobile purchases.
  • It's a real-time experience: Business can reach their audience immediately through mobile marketing. According to a
    Tatango article, text messages have an open rate of 99%, as compared to the 6% open rate of email marketing.
  • Engages customers more efficiently: Due to its excessive use, there are higher chances to convert leads through mobile advertising than through email. This also works for conversion and click-through because it is more comfortable to click through a one-arm distance, than going to your computer and starting looking for hours to find the right business for you.
  • Location-based advantage: With location options, it is easier to locate where are your customers and spend all your resources in the right market. This means that if your business is in London, you shouldn't show your ads on Mexican devices, you just show them to the right locations for you.
  • It Improves your relationship with search engines: When you use mobile advertising search engines tend to benefit your website above the ones who don't do it, and that is because over 60% of Google searches are done through mobile devices. If you want the full benefits from it, you have to build a strong SEO strategy to reach the best spots on this platform.
  • It is easier to go viral: When you do mobile publications your content can be shared faster and easily which can make your brand go viral in the best-case scenario. 
  • You can diversify your marketing content: Mobile gaming takes a huge part of the mobile marketing culture and marketers can make use of these apps to diversificate and take their ads to other horizons. Even more, you could customize your ads to make them playable, and as users play with your gaming ad they get access to your content or have a coupon for your shop. Leads will come to your business in no time!

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Things to do before starting your Mobile Marketing strategy

Now that we know some basics it is time for the previous steps to set up our campaigns. These are some of the previous steps you have to do before starting your mobile plan.

Find your target mobile customers

It is important to know your target audience in any niche or platform, that's because it helps you to differentiate a generic mobile marketing campaign from the one you need for your specific business. To build a targeted strategy you have to know these  characteristics about your consumers:

  • Where do they live?
  • What do they want or need?
  • Gender
  • Age group
  • Income bracket
  • Marital status

With this information, you can build a strategy that will touch the pain points of your audience, and you start aiming for the right prospects for your brand.

Find the right channel

If you have all the team and resources you could be in every channel possible in the mobile world, nevertheless this isn't always the best option. With a deep study, you can find out where are your customers moving more while using their phones and with that in mind start to spend all your efforts in these channels. These will help you to get recognized in the right place and find the right leads for your brand.

Create customized content

Once you know all this information about your audience, that you almost feel exactly how they feel and know what they need, it is time to create an ad or complete strategy that fix to them like a custom.

When users feel that you understand them it will make them give you part of their attention, something that all marketers value in this fast-paced mobile world, and once you get their attention the possibilities to convert augment exponentially.

Create content that feels true to their needs.

Best Mobile Marketing Strategies to use

Now it's time to choose the best mobile marketing strategy for your business. 

Let's take a look at them and how they work.

App-based marketing

In this type of strategy, you are going to use mobile apps to show your ads and products. This is a really good one since customers spend a lot of time using many types of ads, the idea is to study what type are they using more. The best options for you are third-party mobile apps and Facebook.

Location-based marketing

Location-based marketing, also known as geo-fencing, is a method that uses GPRS to alert customers that are passing close to your business. In CodeDesign we have a complete article about this type of marketing, click and learn more about it.

QR codes

When you create a QR code in one of your company's products it will take customers to your website or application, they just have to scan it and that's all!

In-game mobile marketing

As we mentioned before, mobile gaming takes a huge part of users nowadays and you can use these apps to market your business. Some of the best tools for this are video ads and banner pop-ups in-game. 

Source: YouTube.

SMS marketing

Sending messages to your consumers is a great opportunity to update them about your offers or new services, it is even better to use if you have a great database of potential consumers.

How to use Mobile Marketing for each channel

Great, now that you know some strategies to upgrade your mobile marketing strategy (If you want to understand the psychology behind the way you will upgrade your mobile marketing strategy) let's see how you can perform a great mobile activity in each of your business channels.

Mobile Website

So, your leads go to your website link and the landing page opens, but as soon it opens they notice something...

Your landing page is not adapted to the mobile format, they have to scroll through each corner with their thumb to see all the details, the website is uncomfortable to use.

What is the mistake right here?

Well, your website doesn't have a mobile version, and if this is the case, you better stop your plan and make some adjustments for this.

When users go into your website from their devices they don't want to see a desktop version of it, this seems unprofessional and as we said before it is pretty uncomfortable to use.

Once you have your website ready there is another crucial aspect for your website, and that is the speed page.

Attention is valuable, and if you make people wait for too much to enter into your landing page people will leave it behind and start looking at something that keeps them engaged. 

So, it is important to invest in making your web mobile easy and fast to use, so people won't ignore it as soon as it doesn't load.

But this is not only beneficial for customers, but it is also helpful to improve your position in Google and that's because the search engine is open to prioritizing mobile-friendly websites. After all, almost 60% of their searches happen on mobile devices.

But beyond speed and Google SEO, there are other key factors you have to cover for your mobile website and these are:

  • Easy navigation
  • Uncluttered
  • Free of distractions
  • Focused
  • Concise

You should erase any distractions from your website look and start to take into account users' preferences and tendencies.

Create something that you and your team could handle easily without getting confused, then try it on external people to prove their effectiveness.

If it is tricky or something doesn't fit, simplify and make it as easy to understand as possible.

Simple things get the best results-

Source: YouTube.

Mobile Email Campaigns

Great, your website is at its full potential, now it's time to take care of your email campaigns. For this it is helpful to have an email management software that let you see how many of your emails are being opened in mobile, MailChimp is one of the best 

Now, it is important to remember that people's attention is so valuable, and for this reason, your emails should be:

  • Short
  • Clear
  • To the point

Include an image or video that explains it all in 15 seconds or less, don't be too fancy writing a complete bible about your services.

Lead Capture

For lead capture on either your landing page, website or Facebook, the method is the same as the ones mentioned before. Make it short and insertable and fast for mobile users to fill out, so it enhances your chances of completion.


Now, email is not the only messaging option for mobile users, if we go back to 10 years ago, mobile-only worked with SMS, so it is a good idea to try something from the old days.

SMS is more open than emails because it seems a little bit less intrusive. While emails have a click-through rate of 36%, SMS have a 98%, which can be because they are easier to open and check.

But remember, don't be too invasive because this scares people out of your business, just send SMS messages to those who opt into your list.

You should follow the guidelines we used for Emails, but to add more value to this complete guide here are some extra tips to make your SMS more appealing for your consumers:

  • Keep it short, take a Tweet length as a guideline
  • Present your value or offer quickly and clearly
  • Put a direct CTA
  • Make sure they know who’s sending the message

As a final tip for this section, you can integrate your SMS marketing into ad campaigns on other channels.

Source: YouTube.

Mobile Apps advertising

No matter the niche, surely, there is an app for your business area. Taking this into consideration, just like target study you should start advertising on those apps they tend to use more.

A good way to start is to use Google’s AdMob which has the largest network of target/apps to find yours.

Mobile-Optimized Facebook Ads

Facebook is still one of the best platforms for marketers to advertisers since it has many options for us to create.

The idea is to make unique campaigns that run just for mobile, this is because customers use this platform differently in their devices, so you should cater campaigns specifically to this type of user.

Just like your website, you should keep your ads simple but creative so you can catch your user's attention through all the other ads, videos and memes they might be watching.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing


Instant message

With mobile the interaction between business and consumers is instant, the main reason is that mobile devices are handy and it is no long process to grab our phones and check any notification or message.


Due to the small size of mobiles, companies can create more simple and basic content for these devices.

It gives you access to consumer data

Mobile platforms help companies understand consumer behaviour and use. Since they gather consumer information, the business can build its profile. This helps them align their products according to their profile.

You have access to a global market

Almost every person in the world has a smartphone, so when you enter the mobile advertising game you have access to this huge amount of customers all around the world.

Mobile payments

Mobile devices give companies the chance to integrate payment systems into their gadgets. Any consumer who wants to buy a product doesn’t have to go to the company’s physical store. Transactions can be done using their devices.


Consumer privacy issues

With mobile marketing, advertisers can get a risk of violating consumer privacy and this could lead to lawsuits for your company. 

Limited standardization

With different operating systems like Android or Apple, it gets harder for companies to find a one size fit approach to reach all these devices. To make it even worst, mobile gadgets tend to come with different functionality and compatibility which makes it difficult to create a campaign for all of them.

Companies face the challenge of a lack of a standard operating system for mobile devices. Businesses can’t use a one-size fit approach to reach all devices. Further, mobile gadgets come with different functionality and compatibility. These variations make it challenging to create a single marketing campaign for all.

Best mobile marketing platforms

Now, it wouldn't be the only guide you need if we don't give you the best tools to manage your mobile strategy. Technology can help you manage more efficiently all the tasks for your business so choose the one that fits perfectly to your needs.


Textedly is a mobile marketing and text messaging tool that can help your business to reach your target audience through their smartphones.

This tool is great to establish your brand through the creation of a community of followers. Textedly will allow you to set up multiple text message strategies to stay in touch with your audience, so you generate a better engagement with them.

Key Features

  • Inbound & outgoing multimedia messaging
  • CTIA and mobile carrier compliance
  • Integrated link sharing
  • Mass text message scheduling
  • Integrated link shrinking

Source: YouTube.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

If you want to get more information about your analytics, look no further than the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Being leaders in marketing and many other applications, this platform will help you with advertising, online experience management, social media optimization and many more features to create a solid marketing strategy for your business.

Key features

  • Retail optimization
  • Media optimizer
  • Dynamic tag management
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Experience management

Source: YouTube.


With Adestra you can manage your email marketing campaigns and customize them to the needs of your business. This tool comes with the integration of popular apps to manage all your social media campaigns and comes with analytics that will offer insights to boost your marketing plan.

Also, if you want to generate a landing page or need help with email templates, Adestra comes with a set of options for these aspects.

Key features

  • Data security
  • Data-driven automation
  • Analytics integration
  • It has an award-winning customer support
  • Form builder tool

2022 Mobile Marketing trends

Visual Search

Imagine you are passing by the streets and you look at a guy with an awesome outfit, he has a cool leather jacket, some black jeans that are rocking and a pair of boots that make him look badass.

You want to know where he bought those items, but if you are too shy to ask, so what do you do?

Well, with the help of visual search you just have to take a photo and AI will look for this item all over the internet.

Source: YouTube.

Real-Time Engagement Technology

COVID changed many factors of marketing in a short period, because of this many businesses have integrated real-time technology, like a live stream or two-way live, as a practical way to interact with both brands and e-commerces.


TikTok is still the most popular kid on the block, and it seems that in 2022 this trend will be still. This mobile application is one of the most downloaded ones with the highest range of consumer spending.

Many more brands are looking to spend on this platform, and if you are looking to invest in it go and read our full guide for this platform.

Augmented Reality Shopping

Imagine you want to buy a new bed for your brand new house.

Is it necessary to take it to your home to see if it is the best match for the bedroom?

Not quite the answer.

Technology is taking to a world that looks like a Back to the Future film, where now with the help of AR you can visualize how these pieces of furniture - or, any piece of anything you want to buy - would look like.

Source: YouTube.

Native Advertising

This mobile marketing trend will dominate the first half of this new year, this is because native advertising is a type of strategy where advertisers can post an ad without disrupting the user experience.

With native advertising, you can integrate ads into the content of the app, website or any digital channel where you are sponsoring your products.

Source: YouTube.

Final Thoughts!

The mobiles are at arm's length, therefore it is essential for the survival of your business that you jump directly to this platform to promote all your products and services.

Smartphones, for better or for worse, are here to stay, and as several experts say, it is best not to blame the game, but to get into it and get used to it.

In retrospect, mobile marketing opens up endless opportunities for you to expand the horizons of your marketing campaign and thus find yourself in the pool of leads that you can get surfing through your iPhone or Smartphone.

Like any strategy, plan everything with your team carefully and calmly, in this way you will have a worthy strategy that will generate more sales for your company.

Making alliances with professionals in the matter will take you to the next level, so contact us at CodeDesign and let's make your brand shine even more!

Until a new article, see you!

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