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LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for any B2B digital agency. As a professional network, it provides the perfect platform for expanding an agency’s reach. Through LinkedIn, agencies can create relationships with potential clients, build their brand awareness and showcase their services in an effective, professional manner.

The first step in leveraging LinkedIn for a B2B digital agency is to create a comprehensive and informative company profile. This profile should include a brief description of the agency, its services and its client base. It should also include links to the agency’s website, social media profiles, and other relevant information. Additionally, the company profile should be regularly updated with relevant industry news, announcements, and blog posts.

Another way to take advantage of LinkedIn is to join relevant industry groups and participate in the conversations. This will help the agency build connections with like-minded professionals and potential clients. Additionally, it is important to actively engage with the community by sharing updates and relevant content. This will not only help to increase brand awareness, but also demonstrate the agency’s industry knowledge. 

Here is a complete guide on how you could use the digital marketing funnels to expand your customer base and how sell directly on Amazon with a detailed plan on Amazon listing optimization.

Overall, LinkedIn provides a powerful platform for B2B digital agencies to build relationships, increase their reach, and showcase their services.

Everyday we come across this question: What are the industry names and how can i filter them on LinkedIn?" - ok. here they are, we decided to share them with everyone. 

New Industry Names Category NA Totals Abbreviation Former Industry Name
Abrasives and Nonmetallic Minerals Manufacturing Manufacturing 613 ANMM
Accommodation Travel and Entertainment 7,000,000 ACC
Accounting Financial 3,000,000 ACCT
Administration of Justice Government 1,000,000 AJ Judiciary
Administrative and Support Services Business Services 4,000,000 ASS
Advertising Services Business Services 4,000,000 AS Marketing and Advertising
Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing Manufacturing 3,000,000 ACM
Agriculture, Construction, Mining Machinery Manufacturing Manufacturing 17 ACMMM
Air, Water, and Waste Program Management Business Services 2,500,000 AWWPM
Airlines and Aviation Transportation 870 AA Airlines/Aviation
Alternative Dispute Resolution Business Services 98 ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alternative Medicine Healthcare 320 AM Alternative Medicine
Ambulance Services Healthcare 757 AMB
Amusement Parks and Arcades Travel and Entertainment 2 APA
Animal Feed Manufacturing Food and Beverage 1 AFM
Animation and Post-production Technology and Information 320 AN Animation
Apparel Manufacturing Manufacturing 5 APM
Appliance, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,000,000 AEEM Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Architectural and Structural Metal Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,5 ASMM
Architecture and Planning Business Services 790 ARC Architecture and Planning
Armed Forces Government 1,000,000 AF Military
Artificial Rubber and Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing Manufacturing 120 ARSFM
Artists and Writers Business Services 430 AW Fine Art
Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 1 AVEM
Automation Machinery Manufacturing Manufacturing 360 AMM Industrial Automation
Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing Manufacturing 750 AACM Aviation & Aerospace
Baked Goods Manufacturing Food and Beverage 1,5 BGM
Banking Financial 2,000,000 BANK Banking
Bars, Taverns, and Nightclubs Food and Beverage 3 BTN
Bed-and-Breakfasts, Hostels, Homestays Travel and Entertainment 797 BHH
Beverage Manufacturing Food and Beverage 250 BM Wine and Spirits
Biomass Electric Power Generation Energy 380 BEPG
Biotechnology Research Healthcare 780 BR Biotechnology
Blockchain Services Technology and Information 6 BS
Blogs Technology and Information 2 BL
Boilers, Tanks and Shipping Container Manufacturing Manufacturing 545 BTSCM
Book and Periodical Publishing Technology and Information 470 BPP Publishing
Book Publishing Business Services 4,5 BP
Breweries Food and Beverage 2 BREW
Broadcast Media Production and Distribution Technology and Information 460 BMPD Broadcast Media
Building Construction Manufacturing 26 BUC
Building Equipment Contractors Manufacturing 677 BEC
Building Finishing Contractors Manufacturing 1 BFC
Building Structure and Exterior Contractors Manufacturing 1,5 BSEC
Business Consulting and Service Business Services 4,000,000 BCS Management Consulting
Business Content Technology and Information 22 BC
Business Intelligence Platforms Technology and Information 4,5 BIF
Cable and Satellite Programming Consumer Services 870 CSP
Capital Markets Financial 810 CAM Capital Markets
Caterers Food and Beverage 1,5 CAT
Chemical Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,000,000 CM Chemicals
Chemical Raw Materials Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,5 CRMM
Child Day Care Services Education 21 CCS
Chiropractors Healthcare 1,5 CHIR
Circuses and Magic Shows Travel and Entertainment 132 CMS
Civic and Social Organization Consumer Services 500 CSO Civic & Social Organization
Civil Engineering Business Services 740 CIV Civil Engineering
Claims Adjusting, Actuarial Services Financial 2,5 CAAS
Clay and Refractory Products Manufacturing Manufacturing 142 CRPM
Coal Mining Manufacturing 337 CMIN
Collections Business Services 1,5 COL
Commercial and Industrial Equipment Rental Business Services 2 CIER
Commercial and Industrial Machinery Maintenance Consumer Services 8 CIMM
Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,5 CSIMM
Communications Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 1 CEM
Community Development and Urban Planning Government 7 CDUP
Community Services Healthcare 14 CS
Computer and Network Security Technology and Information 410 CNS Computer & Network Security
Computer Games Technology and Information 270 CG Computer Games
Computer Hardware Manufacturing Technology and Information 390 CH Computer Hardware
Computer Networking Products Technology and Information 440 CNP Computer Networking
Computers and Electronics Manufacturing Technology and Information 1,000,000 CEQM Consumer Electronics
Conservation Programs Business Services 4,5 CP
Construction Manufacturing 7,000,000 CON Construction
Construction Hardwre Manufacturing Manufacturing 1 CHM
Consumer Goods Rental Consumer Services 1 CONG Consumer Goods
Consumer Services Consumer Services 5,000,000 CONS Consumer Services
Correctional Institutions Government 2,5 CI
Cosmetology and Barber Schools Education 8 CO
Courts of Law Government 4,5 CL
Credit Intermediation Financial 2,000,000 CRED
Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing Manufacturing 201 CHTM
Dairy Product Manufacturing Food and Beverage 96 DPM Dairy
Dance Companies Travel and Entertainment 2 DC
Data Infrastructure and Analytics Technology and Information 61 DIA
Data Security Software Products Technology and Information 4,5 DSSP
Defense and Space Manufacturing Manufacturing 790 DSM Defense & Space
Dentists Healthcare 13 DEN
Design Services Technology and Information 232 DS Design
Desktop Computing Software Products Technology and Information 3,5 DCSP
Distilleries Food and Beverage 557 DI
E-Learning Providers Education 232 ELP E-Learning
Economic Programs Financial 11 EP
Education Education 7,000,000 E
Education Administration Programs Education 5,000,000 EAP Education Management
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 2 ELE
Electric Power Generation Energy 29 EPG
Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution Energy 10 EPT
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 5,5 EEM
Electronic and Precision Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing 2,5 EPEM
Embedded Software Products Technology and Information 4,5 ESP
Emergency and Relief Services Healthcare 5 ERS

Engines and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing

Manufacturing 2,5 EPTEM
Entertainment Providers Travel and Entertainment 8,000,000 ENT Entertainment
Environmental Quality Programs Government 11 EQP
Environmental Services Business Services 950 ENVS Environmental Services
Equipment Rental Services Business Services 6 EQ
Events Services Business Services 470 ES Events Services
Executive Offices Real Estate 370 EO Executive Office
Executive Search Services Business Services 1,5 ESS
Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing 11 FMP
Facilities Services Business Services 630 FACS
Family Planning Centers Healthcare 247 FPC
Farming Food and Beverage 710 FARM Farming
Farming, Ranching, Forestry Food and Beverage 940 FRF
Fashion Accessories Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,5 FAM
Financial Services Financial 10,000,000 FS Financial Services
Fine Arts Schools Education 4 FA
Fire Protection Government 6 FOR
Fisheries Food and Beverage 83 FISH Fishery
Flight Training Education 523 FLY
Food and Beverage Manufacturing Food and Beverage 1,000,000 FBM Food Production
Food and Beverage Retail Food and Beverage 280 FBR
Food and Beverage Services Food and Beverage 5,000,000 FBS Food & Beverages
Footwear and Leather Goods Repair Consumer Services 97 FLGR
Footwear Manufacturing Manufacturing 698 FM
Forestry and Logging Manufacturing 2,5 FL
Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation Energy 923 FFEPG
Freight and Package Transportation Transportation 300 FPT Package/Freight Delivery
Fruit and Vegetable Preserves Manufacturing Food and Beverage 130 FVPM
Fundraising Financial 310 FU Fund-Raising
Funds and Trusts Financial 22 FT
Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,000,000 FUR Furniture
Gambling Facilities and Casinos Travel and Entertainment 510 GFC Gambling & Casinos
Geothermal Electric Power Generation Energy 2 GEPG
Glass Product Manufacturing Manufacturing 8 GPM Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
Glass, Ceramics and Concrete Manufacturing Manufacturing 440 GCCM
Golf Courses and Country Clubs Travel and Entertainment 10 GCCC
Government Administration Government 31 GA Government Administration
Government Relation Services Business Services 1,000,000 GRS Government Relations
Graphic Design Business Services 2,000,000 GD Graphic Design
Ground Passenger Transportation Transportation 53 GPT
Health and Human Services Healthcare 13,000,000 HHS
Higher Education Education 10,000,000 HE Higher Education
Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction Manufacturing 17 HSBC
Historical Sites Travel and Entertainment 3 HS
Holding Companies Financial 6,5 HCS
Home Health Care Services Healthcare 41 HHCS
Horticulture Food and Beverage 23 HOR
Hospitality Travel and Entertainment 7,000,000 HOSP
Hospitals Healthcare 16 HO Hospitals
Hospitals and Health Care Healthcare 29,000,000 HHC Hospital & Health Care
Hotels and Motels Travel and Entertainment 46 HM
Household and Institutional Furniture Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,5 HIFM
Household Appliance Manufacturing Manufacturing 3,5 HAM
Household Services Consumer Services 11 HOU
Housing and Community Development Government 48 HCP
Housing Programs Government 6,5 HP
Human Resources Services Business Services 5,000,000 HRS Human Resources
HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 27 HVAC
Hydroelectric Power Generation Energy 5,5 HPG
Individual and Family Services Consumer Services 2,000,000 IFS Individual & Family Services
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Manufacturing 7,000,000 INM Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Industry Associations Business Services 18 IAS
Information Services Technology and Information 3,000,000 IS Information Services
Insurance Financial 6,000,000 INS Insurance
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages Financial 30 IAB
Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds Financial 9,5 IEBF
Insurance Carriers Financial 13 IC
Interior Design Consumer Services 82 ID
International Affairs Government 720 INT International Affairs
International Trade and Development Financial 1,000,000 ITD International Trade and Development
Internet Marketplace Platforms Technology and Information 56 IMD
Internet News Technology and Information 12 IN
Internet Publishing Technology and Information 1,000,000 IP Internet
Interurban and Rural Bus Services Transportation 738 IRBS
Investment Advice Financial 20 IA
Investment Banking Financial 710 IB Investment Banking
Investment Management Financial 1,000,000 IM Investment Management
IT Services and IT Consulting Technology and Information 26 ISC Information Technology and Services
IT System Custom Software Development Technology and Information 100 ISCSD
IT System Data Services Technology and Information 58 ISDAT
IT System Design Services Technology and Information 30 ISDES
IT System Installation and Disposal Technology and Information 4 ISAD
IT System Operations and Maintenance Technology and Information 59 ISOM
IT System Testing and Evaluation Technology and Information 40 ISTE
IT System Training and Support Technology and Information 42 ISTS
Janitorial Services Business Services 26 JAN
Landscaping Services Consumer Services 22 LAS
Language Schools Education 33 LS
Laundry and Drycleaning Services Consumer Services 4 LDS
Law Enforcement Government 1,000,000 LE Law Enforcement
Law Practice Business Services 4,000,000 LP Law Practice
Leasing Non-residential Real Estate Real Estate 790 LNRE Commercial Real Estate
Leasing Residential Real Estate Real Estate 19 LRRE
Leather Product Manufacturing Manufacturing 14 LRM
Legal Services Business Services 8,000,000 LEG Legal Services
Legislative Offices Government 160 LO Legislative Offices
Libraries Government 540 LIB Libraries
Lime and Gypsum Products Manufacturing Manufacturing 685 LGPM
Loan Brokers Financial 6 LB
Machinery Manufacturing Manufacturing 14 MM Machinery
Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturing Manufacturing 1 MOMM
Manufacturing Manufacturing 44 MAN Consumer Goods
Maritime Transportation Transportation 1,000,000 MAR Maritime
Market Research Business Services 690 MR Market Research
Marketing Services Business Services 500 MS Marketing Services
Mattress and Blinds Manufacturing Manufacturing 1 MBM
Measuring and Control Instrument Manufacturing Manufacturing 7,5 MCIM
Meat Products Manufacturing Food and Beverage 4,5 MPM
Media and Telecommunications Technology and Information 17,000,000 MTEL
Media Production Technology and Information 1,000,000 MP Media Production
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories Healthcare 70 MDL
Medical Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,000,000 MEM Medical Devices
Medical Practices Healthcare 9,000,000 MED Medical Practice
Mental Health Care Healthcare 2,000,000 MHC Mental Health Care
Metal Ore Mining Manufacturing 8 MOM
Metal Treatments Manufacturing 10 MT
Metal Valve, Ball, and Roller Manufacturing Manufacturing 2 MVBRM
Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing Manufacturing 13 MMM
Military and International Affairs Government 2,000,000 MIA
Mining Manufacturing 3,000,000 MIN Mining and Metals
Mobile Computing Software Technology and Information 12 MCS
Mobile Food Services Food and Beverage 9 MFS
Mobile Gaming Apps Technology and Information 79 MGA
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Manufacturing 11,000,000 MVM
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Manufacturing 20 MVPM Automotive
Movies and Sound Recording Technology and Information 3,000,000 MSR Motion Pictures and Film
Movies, Videos, and Sound Technology and Information 3,000,000 MVS
Museums Travel and Entertainment 14 MU
Museums, Historical Sites, and Zoos Travel and Entertainment 420 MHSZ Museums and Institutions
Musicians Travel and Entertainment 2,000,000 MUS Music
Nanotechnology Research Technology and Information 180 NR Nanotechnology
Natural Gas Distribution Energy 7 NGD
Natural Gas Extraction Energy 4 NGA
Newspaper Publishing Technology and Information 740 NP Newspapers
Non-profit Organizations Government 3,000,000 NPO
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining Manufacturing 2,5 NMM
Nonresidential Building Construction Manufacturing 4,5 NBC
Nuclear Electric Power Generation Energy 15 NEPG
Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities Healthcare 25 NHRCF
Office Administration Business Services 180 OA
Office Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing Manufacturing 5,5 OFFM

Office Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing

Oil and Coal Product Manufacturing Energy 2 OCPM
Oil and Gas Energy 7,000,000 OG Oil and Energy
Oil Extraction Energy 3,5 OE
Oil, Gas, and Mining Energy 10,000,000 OGM
Online and Mail Order Retail Technology and Information 47 OMOR
Online Audio and Video Media Technology and Information 930 OAVM Online Media
Operations Consulting Business Services 43 OC
Optometrists Healthcare 7,5 OPT
Outpatient Care Centers Healthcare 6 OCC
Outsourcing and Offshoring Business Services 1,000,000 OO Outsourcing and Offshoring
Packaging and Containers Manufacturing Manufacturing 890 PC Packaging and Containers
Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing Manufacturing 17 PCAM
Paper and Forest Product Manufacturing Manufacturing 600 PFPM Paper & Forest Products
Pension Funds Financial 4 PF
Performing Arts Travel and Entertainment 910 PA Performing Arts
Performing Arts and Spectator Sports Travel and Entertainment 930 PASS
Periodical Publishing Technology and Information 3 PP
Personal and Laundry Services Consumer Services 51 PLS
Personal Care Products Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,000,000 PCPM Cosmetics
Personal Care Services Consumer Services 25 PCS
Pet Services Consumer Services 18 PET
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Healthcare 5,000,000 PHAR Pharmaceuticals
Philanthropic Fundraising Services Financial 430 PHI Philanthropy
Photography Business Services 1,000,000 PHO Photography
Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists Healthcare 41 POST
Physicians Healthcare 19 PHYS
Pipeline Transportation Transportation 1,5 PT
Plastics and Rubber Product Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,000,000 PRPM
Plastics Manufacturing Manufacturing 990 PM Plastics
Political Organizations Government 380 POL Political Organizations
Postal Services Transportation 5 POS
Primary and Secondary Education Education 7 PSE Primary and Secondary Education
Primary Metal Manufacturing Manufacturing 5,5 PMM
Printing Services Business Services 1,000,000 PS Printing
Professional Organizations Business Services 11 PO
Professional Services Business Services 102 PRO
Professional Training and Coaching Education 2,000,000 BST Professional Training and Coaching
Public Assistance Programs Government 8 PAP
Public Health Government 130 PH
Public Policy Offices Government 2,000,000 PPO Public Policy
Public Relations and Communications Services Business Services 2,000,000 PRCS Public Relations & Communications
Public Safety Government 1,000,000 PUB Public Safety
Racetracks Travel and Entertainment 1 RT
Radio and Television Broadcasting Travel and Entertainment 29 RTB Radio and Television Broadcasting
Rail Transportation Transportation 33 RAT
Railroad Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 280 RRM Railroad Manufacture
Ranching Food and Beverage 460 RA Ranching
Ranching and Fisheries Food and Beverage 740 RFI
Real Estate Real Estate 10,000,000 RE Real Estate
Real Estate Agents and Brokers Real Estate 39 REA
Real Estate Equipment and Rental Services Real Estate 10,000,000 REERS
Recreational Facilities Travel and Entertainment 11,000,000 REC Recreational Facilities and Services
Religious Institutions Consumer Services 1,000,000 RI Religious Institutions
Renewable Energy Equipment Energy 1,000,000 REE
Renewable Energy Power Generation Energy 4 REPG
Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,000,000 REN Renewables and Environment
Repair and Maintenance Consumer Services 150 RM
Research Services Business Services 7,000,000 RS Research Services
Restaurants Food and Beverage 5,000,000 RES Restaurants
Retail Consumer Services 25,000,000 RET Retail
Retail Apparel and Fashion Consumer Services 4,000,000 RAF Apparrel & Fashion
Retail Appliances, Electrical, and Electrical Equipment Consumer Services 26 RAEEE
Retail Art Dealers Consumer Services 6 TAD
Retail Art Supplies Consumer Services 3,000,000 RAS Arts and Crafts
Retail Books and Printed News Consumer Services 5,5 RBPN
Retail Building Materials and Garden Equipment Consumer Services 16 RBM
Retail Florists Consumer Services 6 RFL
Retail Furniture and Home Furnishings Consumer Services 24 RFHF
Retail Gasoline Consumer Services 4,5 RGAS
Retail Groceries Food and Beverage 1,000,000 RG Supermarkets
Retail Health and Personal Care Products Consumer Services 60 RHPCP
Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry Consumer Services 760 RLGJ Luxury Goods & Jewelry
Retail Motor Vehicles Transportation 42 RMV
Retail Musical Instruments Consumer Services 3 RMI
Retail Office Equipment Business Services 1,000,000 ROE Business Supplies and Equipment
Retail Office Supplies and Gifts Business Services 5,5 ROSG
Retail Recyclable Materials and Used Merchandise Consumer Services 4,5 RRMUM
Reupholstery and Furniture Repair Consumer Services 1,000,000 RFR
Rubber Products Manufacturing Manufacturing 5 RUB
Satellite Telecommunications Technology and Information 4 SC
Savings Institutions Financial 1 SAI
School and Employee Bus Services Transportation 5,5 SEBS
Seafood Product Manufacturing Food and Beverage 2,5 SPM
Secretarial Schools Education 4 SS
Securities and Commodity Exchanges Financial 6 SCE
Security and Investigations Business Services 2,000,000 SI Security and Investigations
Security Guards and Patrol Services Business Services 37 SGPS
Security System Services Business Services 36 SSS
Semiconductor Manufacturing Manufacturing 3,000,000 SM Semiconductors
Services for Renewable Energy Energy 3,5 SRE
Services for the Elderly and Disabled Healthcare 11 SED
Sheet Music Publishing Technology and Information 1 SMP
Shipbuilding Manufacturing 410 SHIP Shipbuilding
Shuttles and Special Needs Transportation Services Transportation 4,5 SSN
Sightseeing Transportation Travel and Entertainment 11 ST
Skiing Facilities Travel and Entertainment 1 SKI
Soap and Cleaning Product Manufacturing Manufacturing 6 SCPM
Social Networking Platforms Technology and Information 67 SNP
Software Development Technology and Information 16,000,000 SD Computer Software
Solar Electric Power Generation Energy 51 SEPG
Sound Recording Technology and Information 5 SR
Space Research and Technology Technology and Information 23 SRT
Specialty Trade Contractors Manufacturing 33 STC
Spectator Sports Travel and Entertainment 2,000,000 SPEC Sports
Sporting Goods Manufacturing Manufacturing 730 SGM Sporting Goods
Sports and Recreational Instruction Travel and Entertainment 54 SRI
Sports Teams and Clubs Travel and Entertainment 86 STC
Spring and Wire Products Manufacturing Manufacturing 1,5 SWPM
Staffing and Recruiting Business Services 2,000,000 STAF Staffing and Recruiting
Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply Business Services 3 SAS
Strategic Management Services Business Services 1,000,000 SMS Program Development
Subdivision of Land Real Estate 1,5 SL
Sugar and Confectionary Product Manufacturing Food and Beverage 4 SUG
Taxi and Limousine Services Transportation 5 TAXI
Technical and Vocational Training Education 150 TVT
Technology, Information and Internet Technology and Information 24,000,000 TII
Technology, Information and Media Technology and Information 41 TIM
Telecommunications Technology and Information 8,000,000 TEL Telecommunications
Telecommunications Carriers Technology and Information 18 TELC
Telephone Call Centers Technology and Information 58 TCC
Temporary Help Services Business Services 6 THS
Textile Manufacturing Manufacturing 2,000,000 TEX Textiles
Theater Companies Travel and Entertainment 9 TC
Think Tanks Financial 390 TT Think Tanks
Tobacco Manufacturing Food and Beverage 330 TM Tobacco
Translation and Localization Business Services 740 TL Translation and Localization
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Manufacturing 16 TEM
Transportation Programs Government 9 TP
Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage Transportation 12,000,000 TLS Logistics and Supply Chain
Travel Arrangements Travel and Entertainment 3,000,000 TA Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Truck Transportation Transportation 5,000,000 TRK Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Trusts and Estates Financial 4 TE
Turned Products and Fastener Manufacturing Manufacturing 3 TPFM
Urban Transit Services Transportation 8,5 UTS
Utilities Energy 3,000,000 UTIL Utilities
Utilities Administration Government 21 UA
Utility System Construction Energy 9 USC
Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Consumer Services 34 VRM
Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals Financial 500 VCPEP Venture Capital & Private Equity
Veterinary Services Healthcare 960 VC Veterinary
Vocational Rehabilitation Services Healthcare 7 VRS
Warehousing and Storage Business Services 1,000,000 WAR Warehousing
Waste Collection Business Services 6 WC
Waste Treatment and Disposal Business Services 11 WTD
Water Supply and Irrigation Systems Business Services 13 WSIS
Water, Waste, Steam, and Air Conditioning Services Business Services 42 WWSACS
Wellness and Fitness Services Healthcare 9,000,000 WFN Health, Wellness and Fitness
Wholesale Business Services 9,000,000 WH Wholesale
Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages Food and Beverage 9 WAB
Wholesale Apparrel and Sewing Supplies Consumer Services 6 WASS
Wholesale Appliances, Electrical and Electronics Consumer Services 13 WAEE
Wholesale Building Materials Business Services 3,000,000 WBM Building Materials
Wholesale Chemical and Allied Products Business Services 10 WCAP
Wholesale Computer Equipment Technology and Information 4 WCE
Wholesale Drugs and Sundries Healthcare 13 WDS
Wholesale Food and Beverage Food and Beverage 27 WFB
Wholesale Footwear Consumer Services 2,5 WF
Wholesale Furniture and Home Furnishings Consumer Services 3,5 WFHF
Wholesale Hardware, Plumbing, Heating Equipment Business Services 12 WHPHE
Wholesale Import and Export Transportation 2,000,000 IMP Import and Export
Wholesale Machinery Manufacturing 4,5 WM
Wholesale Metals and Minerals Business Services 4,5 WMM
Wholesale Motor Vehicles and Parts Transportation 15 WMVP
Wholesale Paper Products Manufacturing 3,5 WPP
Wholesale Petroleum and Petroleum Products Energy 10 WPPP
Wholesale Photographic Equipment and Supplies Business Services 814 WPES
Wholesale Raw Farm Products Food and Beverage 5 WRFP
Wholesale Recyclable Materials Manufacturing 3,5 WRM
Wind Electric Power Generation Energy 17 WEPG
Wineries Food and Beverage 9,5 WIN
Wireless Services Technology and Information 640 WS Wireless
Women's Handbag Manufacturing Manufacturing 789 WHM
Wood Product Manufacturing Manufacturing 14 WPM
Writing and Editing Technology and Information 2,000,000 WE Writing and Editing
Zoos and Botanical Gardens Government 4,5 ZOO

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool when it comes to digital marketing. It can be used to build relationships with current and potential customers, showcase your products and services, and to increase brand awareness. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for businesses to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. Businesses can use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool by engaging with customers, developing relationships, and creating content.

One of the critical elements of using LinkedIn as part of a digital marketing strategy is to create a company page. This will help establish a presence on the platform and allow you to share your story with potential customers. Once you have created a company page, you should start to post content regularly with relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Make sure to engage with your followers and other companies in your industry to build relationships and gain insights into their businesses.

Another important aspect of using LinkedIn as part of a digital marketing strategy is to create and join groups related to your industry. Groups are a great way to connect with other professionals, exchange ideas, and showcase your products or services. You can also host events or webinars to engage with your followers and showcase your expertise.

Interesting FAQS about Sales Navigator and Linkedin

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool designed to help sales teams find and build relationships with prospects and customers. Benefits include:

- Advanced Search Capabilities:  offers more filters for advanced search than LinkedIn's standard search. This can make it easier to find the right prospects based on specific criteria.

- Lead Recommendations:  offers automated lead recommendations, helping to discover new potential leads that fit your criteria.

- InMail Messages: Users have the ability to send direct messages to any LinkedIn member, regardless of whether they're connected or not.

- Real-time Sales Updates: You receive real-time updates about your prospects, such as job changes and shared activity, helping to find the right moment to connect.

- CRM Integration: It integrates with popular CRM tools, allowing for seamless management of prospect data.

Do people see industry on LinkedIn?

Yes, people can see industry information on LinkedIn. This includes the industry a user works in (listed on their profile) and the industries their connections and companies of interest belong to.

What do industry groups use LinkedIn for?

LinkedIn industry groups are often used for networking, learning, and sharing industry-related content. They can help establish thought leadership, stay informed about industry trends and news, generate leads, and engage with peers.

How many companies use Sales Navigator? 

 Given LinkedIn's wide user base and Sales Navigator's robust capabilities, it's reasonable to assume a millions of businesses use the tool, especially those with a focus on B2B sales.

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator a CRM?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. It's a sales tool designed for social selling and lead generation. However, it does offer integration with CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows users to synchronize their Sales Navigator activities with their CRM.

What is the market share of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator has market share of 0.16% in sales-enablement market. Sales Navigator competes with 213 competitor tools in sales-enablement category. The top alternatives for Sales Navigator sales-enablement tool are Salesforce CRM with 45.28%, Quip with 16.87%, Zoho CRM with 5.57% market share.

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