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How to Use Polls in Instagram successfully? 

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Polls are one of the many options that  Instagram Stories allows us to use. However, we may doubt whether they are effective or no longer connect so much with audiences. Using any of the tools that this social network permits us is an excellent idea, but yes, you should know how to use them strategically and wisely. That is why in this article, we show you how to use Instagram polls successfully. 

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 Why should you ask on Instagram?

When you ask questions on Instagram, you are more likely to generate engagement from your followers.

Instagram is one of the best apps to generate great discussions with your audience, and polls are an excellent tool to make followers participants in your marketing decisions.

With Instagram Polls, you can discover good information like:

Knowing who your biggest fans are

Users that interact with your Instagram polls are already engaged with your brand, so they are the most likely to be one of your current customers. If they engage with your feed posts and stories, they spend a good time interacting with your brand.

When you find out who your biggest fans are, you can:

  • Dm them for your exclusive offers
  • Ask for feedback
  • Create custom audiences

Find the new product you have to launch

Instagram polls are a useful way to identify what your followers like more about your company.

Instagram polls provide your profile with built-in engagement with their time sensitivity so that you can gain insights about your products.

If you are wondering what line of products you should roll out, you can decide if using a poll to let your followers choose. Provide your followers with two options and let them decide which one they like more. This can help you to shape upcoming campaigns and offerings.

Polls are like a kind of A / B testing, and therefore, as we talked about in our article about this marketing tool, surveys are excellent to test which of your products is working the most.

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Drive more traffic to your website

Polls are not just used to answer questions. They can be a great source of visits for your website.

The strategy is to create and create a question that can only be answered by visiting the link on your story.  The psychology behind this tactic is known as the Zeigarnik effect. When you add a small task (answering your poll) right before a significant task (reading a blog or joining an Instagram´s list), you can elevate the chances of your followers to complete another job, that is, visiting your website. 

To add links in your stories, you have to be over 10,000 followers on Instagram or have a verified account, and then the swipe-up link will appear in your creations. If you are not there yet, no worries, send your users to your link on the bio.

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It allows you to do a market study.

Do you know your followers? What do they want from your brand? Well, the best way to understand them is by asking them their opinion.

With Instagram polls, you can learn more about your followers and their interests, what things they dislike, and what they want from your account?

Give your customers the decision to vote for anything, it can be products or new designs for your brand, and they would rate what they like the most.

Finally, you look at the results and get to know a clearer view of your audience's real interests. It's a marketing study simplified.

Also, programmatic advertising could make your campaigns more efficient.

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Generate brand awareness

You want to be at the top of your customer's minds, not only when they are on Instagram but also when they are not. To do this, you have to develop a strategy for your brand awareness, and polls are excellent for this.

With polls, you can introduce customers to your brand's personality, and This generates a deeper connection with your community. When you make your customers participate by voting, they feel part of your team and that your company trust in them. 

It is important to use Instagram Polls to remind you what sets your company apart.

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Promote your marketing campaigns

Your feed shouldn't be the only place to promote your new campaigns. Since stories are more on the way than feed posts, these tools are the perfect place to keep promoting your latest campaigns. 

Instagram polls can help you get new customers to interact with your campaign.

When you encourage your followers to interact directly with your polls, they engage instantly with your new campaign. Furthermore, if they are interested in your campaign, you can also generate more traffic to your website, as we mentioned before because your followers will want to learn more about your brand's new products.

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Create an Instagram AD Poll Story

Ads are helpful, they give us a presence on the feed of all our target audience, but can you show up in their stories? Totally!

With interactive polls on Instagram, you let your customers decide which option is the best for them in a fun way.

To do this, go to the Ads Manager and set up your Instagram Stories Ad.

Choose the objective you want to achieve:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversions
  • Store Traffic

Now choose the correct image aspect ratio, which is 9:16. Your polling sticker should be in the center between 860 x 1320 pixels of media. Set up the width of your polling to be 250 and 860 pixels.

After the process, you should create your ad as usual until you reach the Ad Level. Then, you have to choose: objective, audience, placement, budget and schedule of your ad.

At this point, you can design your ad's art, including the poll sticker.

You can choose your poll to be an image or video, but it is better to be a static image since people have to choose between two options, and having a video behind could be a little distracting.

You can choose between multiple or automatic placements and customize your asset for each placement. If you want to change, click Edit on your Instagram Stories placement when selecting your ad media.

Your poll question can be up to 80 characters, and each poll response reaches 40 characters. Finally, add your website URL and select submit to end the process.

Once you are done with this, you should wait for the app to approve your ad, and it will appear on your audience's Instagram stories.

Source: YouTube.

Instagram Polls Ideas

Your imagination is the limit for what you can do with polls, but here in Codedesign we offer you some ideas and questions you can do with polls.

  • “Would You Rather” Questions
  • "What´s your favourite" Questions
  • "This or That" Questions: These are perfect for product testing.
  • "Quiz" Question: Make questions about facts of your company and let them see how much they know your brand.
  • "Do you want to" questions
  • "Facts" Questions: Similar to the Quiz questions, you can use this idea to play games with your audience putting questions about pop culture or history so they can prove their knowledge.

Final thoughts

Instagram stories have multiple tools that facilitate interaction with our audience. As experts in digital marketing that we want to be, we know that listening and understanding our audience is the first step for the success of our company in digital marketing.

Polls are just one of these tools, and their use already allows us to know more simply what our followers' opinion is to make the right decisions in our strategy.

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