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7 In-demand digital marketing skills you need for your business

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In a highly digitized world, you may ask yourself, what are the skills I need to stand out and achieve my goals?

Digital marketing has brought us endless tools to promote our brand, from PPC, ads to social networks, but which of these are the most in demand worldwide? Even further, which ones do you need for your business?

As experts in digital marketing, we bring you a list of the 7 most demanded skills today and how we could help you with them.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the basis of a good strategy in an algorithm world!

Our goal for SEO is to find an organic way to drive more traffic to your business' web. To do this, first, we have to make a deep study on what are the trends in your niche and how we can create content around these topics. As more people start to find the key answers to their problems on your blogs or posts, they will begin to visit your site, and as a result, search engines like Google or Bing will start to put your business in the top spots of every query.  

But SEO isnt just about getting to the first spot on search engines, as a good SEO digital marketers you must:

  • Have the technical skills to build sitemaps and processing redirects
  • Manage effective skills to build backlinks
  • Have experience in User Experience design

And you could think that driving traffic is easier with Pay Per Click - which is another service we offer - but the fact is that if you don't know the basics of SEO, chances are that you'll lose all your money with PPC.

According to hubspot,   64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization while Expand Digital tell us that improving SEO is the biggest priority for 61% of companies.

We want to share a succes story with Nestle, where we helped the chocolate and food company increase their organic reach by 84%.

Paulo Calqueiro, Nestlé says

“Codedesign's work has been extremely positive for our website performance with good results that met our expectations in terms of Search Engine Optimization.”

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Data Analytics

It looks like a long time ago when we had to guesswork what could do good for our companies, nowadays science and numbers can give us a clearer view of what we should do.

Data Analysis is the way we study how your marketing strategy or campaign performed according to statistics like reach, web traffic, or conversions.

And while tools like Hubspot or Google Analytics can give you all the insights on these metrics, there's nothing you can do if you don't have a data scientist that can help you convert these statistics into more revenue for your future strategies.

Analytics can be displayed on every channel or even your website, so you can keep track of your performance in each platform.

Take a look on the wonderful job we did with NAU Hotels in Portugal with Cross Domain analytics and if you want to learn more check out our  Data and Analytics Services.

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Social Media Marketing

Almost every person in the world can have a profile on social media. These platforms have allowed us to share content with our friends and family, but most importantly, allows your business to share their content with all your target audience.

Social media platforms are in high demand, and as it seems for the future, it looks like they will keep evolving to give us new ways to share our content. 

Expert social media specialists study the best platforms to reach your clients while also managing your community to build stronger relationships with users. Not only this, but they know how to handle algorithms for every social media platform, knowing how to produce and publish content to make your posts seen by a wider audience.

Content Marketing

Content is king! It is the hook to grab your user's attention and make them follow you or consider buying from your business. 

As business owners, we want to raise our revenue and increase sales, but we can't do this if we don't show our knowledge. Today it is not about just selling, instead is about sharing a tiny bite of what your company is about so customers can get interested in following you, leading to a sale in no time. For this is important to have a team of content marketers that can create a wide range of ideas for your posts, ads, or any other advertisement method to grab people's attention.

See, in a social media world, where users spend hours scrolling through their feeds, the most precious thing for your business is their attention, and you can only find it by showing them content that grabs their interest and makes them want to keep learning more.

You can show content in many forms:

  • Infographics
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Collages

According to Insider Intelligence, 60% of marketers rate content marketing as extremely important so its important to diversify and make your content more eye catching to your users. To catch your audience´s eyes the next two skills are key important, so let's take a look at how we can make our content more appealing to audiences.


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Copywriting is the art of persuading users with words. As you may have read above, this is an excellent example of what this practice is about, and it is a great part of your content strategy.

Copywriting is key to grab users' attention with a few words, and making them click on your ad or any other post you have on your social media. This can go far beyond as copywriters can develop articles - like this one you are reading - and bring a lot of information or even answer the most asked questions about your niche.

The idea is to cause a great impact with fewer words because as we mentioned above, the internet world is a scrolling down fast one, where users change from post to post in just few seconds. So, not too many words because you can get people tired, but the next skill will make your content shine even more, since customers won't need to make a great effort to see what your company has to offer.

According to Insider Intelligence, 60% of marketers rate content marketing as extremely important, so it's essential to diversify and make your content more eye-catching to your users. That said, always hire the right content writing services for high-quality content. The next two skills are important to catch your audience's eyes, so let's look at how we can make our content more appealing to audiences. 

Video Content Creation

Video is the easiest way to consume content and that's why everybody in the world loves it. It's just as easy as sitting down and watching your smartphone or laptop, and with a tiny bit of copywriting on the presentation, you can grab everybody's attention in just 15 seconds.

The success of platforms like YouTube or the newest one, TikTok, which has made old-time platforms like Instagram change their strategy to a video format, has proved that people like to consume more video than ever.

Because of this, it is your best option to have a team of video makers that can give a new image to your brand and share your content through long a short format videos.

With these two skills on your marketing team, content ideas are endless and you will never get out id new creations to show and keep relevant as a brand. Even more, videos tend to go viral nowadays, and if you have the luck to get a viral video on any social platform, your brand awareness and sales will grow a lot.

In Codedesign, we accepted the challenge of creating a successful video campaign for the company  Perfumes & Companhia, where we created a YouTube campaign and vertical format videos to take advantage on the mobile marketing world.  

Source: YouTube.

UX Design

When we manage our business, we usually focus on the quality of our services, achievements and innovation, and endless stimulants that make us feel proud of our brand.

It is good to build our "ego" as entrepreneurs, but in this process, we sometimes forget what really matters: our users.

That is why a User Experience designer is a fundamental addition to your company. This person will help you build a satisfactory customer journey that allows your clients to travel through your company most satisfactorily.

UX designers will help you study your audience and the purpose of your product to build that structure or new item that will make them feel comfortable with your brand, making them faithful to the way you treat and make your customers feel.

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Need these skills for your business? Contact Codedesign!

As a digital marketing agency, we must keep up with the demands of professionals; that is why at Codedesign we have professionals in each of these skills in such high-demand worldwide.

In addition to this, we have specialists in other skills such as:

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