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The Client: NAU Hotels 

NAU Hotels is a luxury hotel and resort chain, with 10 locations throughout Portugal's most premium holiday locations. 

NAU hotels website

The Challenge: Web Data Collection and Analysis

When we started working with NAU, each one of their locations had a different website. This added additional complexity to their digital presence, with each hotel having a unique website, accessed by visiting the core site. When selecting a hotel from the core site, each user would be redirected to a different domain, and the customer journey could not be tracked. This made it nearly impossible to measure the user's engagement with the website, track online bookings, and build a data-driven digital marketing strategy. 

Cross-Domain Tracking 

In order to measure the entire customer journey, we set up cross-domain tracking across each of the different websites. We also implemented eCommerce tracking so we can measure the dollar-value of conversions and the ROI of various marketing campaigns. We used Google Analytics, to Google Tag Manager, and Java Script to collect and consolidate data. 

By collecting more granular data, we were able to analyze traffic sources to restructure and optimize NAU's Search Engine Optimization and Paid Media campaigns. 

Cross-Device Tracking

The different websites had an additional disconnect between desktop and mobile pages- a particular problem since mobile traffic grows at a rate of 200% per year. Rigorous testing was used to make sure that website data was being tracked across different device types and collecting audience insights as users move between their desktop and mobile devices. The result was an analytics infrastructure that more accurately reflects the way the modern customer books hotels.

NAU hotels mobile device

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