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The 3 Hidden Secrets We've Learned By Failing

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Know Your Audience

This is the base for every company and business. If you really don´t who you are going to sell or who your products could help, probably you are just throwing arrows blindfolded. So, the first you always need to do is define the group of people you want to take your marketing efforts for.

And maybe you have "talent," the eye of an eagle when it comes to selling, that "X-FACTOR" that many entrepreneurs have, but we have to remind you something: marketing it´s a science, and you need to study it.  This is a beginner's mistake, and even if you are a beginner, you shouldn't repeat this mistake.

So first... 

How do you find your audience?

Well, first, what are you selling? What are your products about? After answering these questions, you should look at what group of people your services could help. In this way, you know what kind of people you will work your marketing efforts with.

Let´s discept an example here:

  • You want to sell vinyl CDs from every pop and rock artist.

What group of people can benefit from your products?

  • Music enthusiasts
  • Collections
  • Pop Fans
  • Rock Fans

Demographics are something crucial to know too, and these are information like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Personal Interests

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Once you know all of this, you can build your buyer persona, a type of character or character that will be your ideal customer. You could choose from the usual users of your store that you think to identify the most your target audience. 

Let´s build buyer personas for our VYNIL Cd´s store:

  • Karl Figueira: 35 years old, he is into hard rock music, wears t-shirts from bands. Have kids, and he is enthusiastic about showing them the music he loves.
  • Nathaly Smith: 22 years, she plays guitar and likes melancholic music like Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran. She likes to look for hipster music in her free time and learn them on their guitar.

Now you have a picture of your more representative users, and you can start to learn how they like to be treated and what they are into. 

While Vynil CDs is a pretty segmented market, other niches like sodas or food try to sell their products, attaching an experience to their products because they work for an immense audience that doesn't discriminate from gender or ages. For example, Coca-Cola. Their marketing is about the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola, the good moments, and sharing with friends and family.

Source: YouTube.

Now, when you know who your target audience is, you should also investigate what their most usual social media are so that you can target your marketing efforts to the right channels. Here we show you some demographics that we found in Statista´s article:

Social Media could help you flourish your business.







And a final tip and important information. It is good for you to be specific in what your business is good at, you can´t be good at everything, and if you try to please everybody, you will be losing your usual customers. The idea is to find what you are good at and use it to make money.

Source: YouTube.

SEO It´s Important

Search Engine Optimization, you have to do it to be Google´s favorite website or be shown to your target audience. According to the Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences begin with SEO.

And so, if you don't have a specialist for SEO in your company, even more, you´ve got to have a complete team. But we´ll talk about that later.

But one frustrating thing for marketers is that SEO, as an organic strategy to generate more visits and visibility to our website, it´s pretty slow. But, if you have the courage to invest a little budget, Pay Per Click strategies are the best solution to fuel your SEO efforts. Also, it is advised to do a competitive analysis to remain a step ahead of the competition.

The elements you have to include in your SEO strategy are:

  • Correct Keywords: It is key to find out what your Keywords are, but also, more important, knowing what your competitor´s keywords are. In digital marketing, you have to be agile to stand out from your competition.
  • Quality content: Your articles, post, and even advertising has to be engaging and eye-catching, so people want to pay attention to your brand
  • Mobile-Friendly: Mobile devices are even more used than laptops or computers. If your desktop version shows up on their mobiles, they will exit almost immediately.
  • Backlinks: If you get backlinks from another website or even an influencer on your niche, it will increase your internet´s authority.

Learning from the SEO authorities will always be an excellent tip, finding a good Search Engine Agency that takes us to the next secret.

Source: YouTube.

Build a Great Team

Back in the day, when social media was emerging, some people didn't take it too seriously. Many people tend to "hire" nephews or great sons as their communities, "they are young, and they know what they are doing," but the reality is that digital marketing is as serious as Wall Street or TV Advertising. In some way, it is also leaving old advertising behind, and because of this, you can't hire an amateur for your brand marketing.

 And so, a great marketing strategy consists of a good amount of pieces to make it work, and every professional should focus on its special task. And specializing in each task can generate a better result. If you have a community manager, he must take care of the community, not design and even write the content. We must remember that all of our workers are human beings, and having too many tasks at the same time can generate some mistakes.

Their colleges must respect every position, and a designer can tell a copywriter how to do their job correctly. They can give advice but not detract from the work of others. The only people who can give a full opinion of the work are superiors and bosses because they know how the ultimate goal will be.

The teams a good marketing agency should manage are:

  • Account Management
  • Business Development
  • Creative Team
  • Media
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Strategy

Source: YouTube.

Finally, we must say that any mistake we could make shouldn't make us feel like this isn't our passion, because as human beings, what makes us stronger is learning from our failures.

Taking care of our team will keep the peace among all the workflow, and things can be quick and well done in all the departments.

To improve the customer journey, you could opt for these Top CRM tools to automate customer engagement.

We´ll keep offering good advice and teaching you about digital marketing!!!

Until the next article, takes care and keep learning!!!!!

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