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Think Ahead — top 5 trends for Online mattress companies [UPDATED TO 2023].

"Sleep is the elixir of life."

Better sleeping gives us a more productive day, but while sleeping 8 hours is crucial for a good rest, matters play another critical component for sleep quality.

According to BusinessWire, from 2021 to 2026  mattress market will grow CAGR of 7%, and most parts of this augmentation have their causes on the COVIF-19 lockdown since people are spending more time in their beds during the lockdown.

At present, customers are demanding more furnishing products like pillowcases, bed linens, pillowcases, and mattresses. The increase of back pain due to uncomfortable surfaces has all mattress companies focusing on better products to solve this problem.  Consumers even have access to mattress in a box companies that ship products that help with this increasing back pain issue right to your front door. 

Nowadays, mattresses are taking a new way of comforting customers, and in this article, we'll talk about five trends you shouldn't miss in this comfort industry. 

Get comfortable and keep reading!

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Smart Mattresses

That's right, mattresses are intelligent now, but what are they able to do? Call Siri? Play music? Not quite, but it's much better.

Technology is reaching places that we did not expect it to colonize, and the functions of these mattresses will make the sleeping experience more comfortable and automated.

To begin with, these "comfort machines" allow customers to track their sleep hours and movement, which goes to the hand with functions like remote operability, automatic angle adjustments, and alarm setting features. 

But the absolute novelty of these mattresses comes in their ability to customize the rest of their users. Thanks to its SleepIQ, these devices can store data such as the average breathing rate, average heart rate, the presence of the user in bed, and other aspects.

Do not be surprised that in the future, Apple will come with its new I.Sleep, we will be waiting for its launch...

“The incorporation of smart features in mattresses helps in improving convenience, comfort, and the overall sleeping experience of consumers. The launch of smart mattresses will increase the overall demand for mattresses. Another trend contributing to the growth of the global mattress market is the growing demand for eco-friendly mattresses which are free from volatile organic compounds, hypoallergenic materials, non-toxic fire barrier methods, and pesticide residues,” says a senior analyst at Technavio.

Eco-Friendly Mattresses

The planet is heating, and we have to provide products that help stabilize this climate situation. Customers are aware of this issue, which is why the demands for environmentally friendly products have increased. Mattress companies around the world have noticed this trend, and that is why they have decided to invest more in these products, which turn out to be more affordable.

Previously, synthetic and chemical products were used to make these products. Still, these techniques have been replaced by novel methods like cooling gels and breathable fabrics, which eliminate the heat produced from mattresses. More and more users want to be able to sleep on surfaces that, in addition to being comfortable, collaborate with the well-being of planet earth. Read this guide on PPC campaign strategy.

Customized Mattresses

The global matters market is a growing demand for customized mattresses. Big companies offer beds that are made to the specifications provided by customers. These customizations can go from size, shape, and design aspects and modifications like suit bolster, yachts, windows, V-berths, or even products like T-cushions, L-cushions and chairs cushions.

There is the "replace every eight years rule" in the mattress world, but this could be forgotten with the addition of these customizable mattresses. According to the newest AudienceSCAN survey, ad campaigns could tout the benefits of customizing beds at the very least to sway the 22% of Americans already planning to buy new mattresses this year anyway.

Poonam Saini, the lead analyst at Technavio for furniture and home furnishing research, said:

“Retailers also offer a range of firmness and layering options. Serta, one of the key vendors in the mattress market, offers custom-made mattresses exclusively for its retail partners. Vendors also offer couples the option to customize each side of a single mattress depending on their individual needs. All these factors are increasing the demand for customized mattresses, which will have a positive impact on the growth of the market during the forecast period".

On the other side, today, companies adapt mattresses to the sleeper type. You may be asking, how many kinds of sleepers are there?

Well, it all lies in the position you adopt when sleeping: on your side, on your back, on your stomach. With this, the companies produce mattresses whose elastics adapt to your position when sleeping, being a bed tailored to your comfort.

Source: YouTube.

Multifunctional Beds

The most recent AudienceSCAN research found that 37% of Bed/Mattress shoppers live in urban settings, and these consumers start to see the beautiful idea of having a multifunctional bed. The customer can adjust these beds and come with the added utility of turning them into sofas or recliner chairs. 

HiCan multimedia beds are designed with retractable HD projection screens, LED reading lights, built-in PCs, and full multimedia with game and entertainment consoles at the users' disposal. All this comes with a home theatre screen sliding down at the foot of the bed. The growing need for these multifunctional beds will increase during the forecast period. To get your e-commerce magneto website, contact us:

About this, Poonam Saini said:

“The percentage of people living in urban spaces is increasing, and this increase is seeing an evolution in the way residential buildings are designed. Modern urban living spaces try and make maximum utility with every little space available, and most spaces have more than one function. One of the most common adaptations observed is the addition of some much-needed storage space to living-room and bedroom furniture,”.

Source: YouTube.

The New Luxury

Luxury mattresses have never had a large market of buyers in the market. However, an ironically positive aspect of the pandemic is that users have begun to worry more about their state of comfort and well-being within their homes by spending more time in their homes; this makes investing in a luxurious quality mattress the best option for calm comfortable in your home.

With the growing popularity of the wellness industry, many experts have commented that much of our well-being and good energies are the results of a sound sleep routine, which is why luxurious beds are a perfect solution for optimal sleep hours.

But when we talk about luxury beds, we are not referring to a king-size with gold outlines and pillows with eagle feathers, which is not so much in that sense. Consumers are worried about the quality of the product, and as we mentioned before, they do not have an environmental impact. The idea is to be able to communicate what makes your bed special.

“The pandemic motivated people to invest in their homes, with the demand for home furnishings, including mattresses, the highest we've seen in recent years. It also raised awareness about the importance of sleep and investing in good sleeping products.  We’re still seeing extremely high demand for quality bedding products – including high-end mattresses – and we expect this to continue at least through Labor Day, and possibly through the end of the year. At some point, demand may slow down but we think the overall interest in health and wellness, and how a good night’s sleep plays into that, is here to stay. And consumers will keep these health benefits in mind when they are considering future purchases.”

—Magali Castillo, vice president of marketing for E.S. Kluft & Company

Source: YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping is one of life's great pleasures, but rest is not the same as sleeping well.

COVID has benefited the mattress industry in a certain way since as we spend more time locked up at home, we begin to value more the comfort of an excellent quality mattress.
Technology and comfort are coming together. That is why it is essential to be aware of all the trends in intelligent beds and multifunctional beds since they are the next step in this industry.

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