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The client 

Colunex is one of the top mattress retailers in Portugal. With several store along the country and exporting to more than 30 countries is one of European references in quality and luxury offer. Colunex is the union between high technology and traditional know-how that ensures the ideal sleep in a personalized bed.

The challenge

A year ago, the mattress company faced a new challenge: Consumers no longer wanted to visit the stores. As the market grew and other brands emerged, the average customer decided to check for prices through Facebook Messenger before purchasing.

The strategy

Whether the potential customer searches for a mattress on their smartphone during a lunch break or during a sleepless night, with their tablet, we designed a strategy to be optimized for every imaginable device and along a specific costumer journey. Our strategy determines the dimensions of the display accessing the website, the queries executed, time of day, and other information gathered from different articles and intelligently delivers the best user offer for each visitor.

Through a combination of organic search marketing, paid search marketing and affiliate campaigns, we’ve been able to increase Colunex organic traffic by over 370% in less than 6 months (Y/Y). The 300% increase in traffic resulted in an over 1500% increase in online sales revenue. Colunex has also been ranked on over 25 lists and guides.

Due to the nature of a mattress purchase, developing remarketing ads and marketing back to customers was extremely important. Based upon analytics and data we noticed many customers would research mattresses companies and come back for purchase at a later date. Staying in front of these potential customers and letting them know about new sales and promotions significantly increased ROI on initial paid search spend and drove a higher conversion rate.

We worked with Colunex to come up with promotions that would excite shoppers and also give customers a great mattress at an even better price. Developing the promotion ideas was step one, but engaging customers in the promotions and capturing potential customer traffic was a huge part of the promotions success.

The results

Understanding the online costumer journey from the Top of the funnel to the latest stages on conversion allowed us to (based on data) draw a strategy to increase Y/Y all the main revenue metrics. 

Overall the revenue increased 763% and the conversion rate 64% (based on advanced segmentation strategies and delivering different messages along the funnel. 

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