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Amazon brand registry to-do list


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 Taking your brand to Amazon can be one of the best ideas to increase your sales. However, you must do it the right way, through the Amazon Brand Registry. 

Customers love that well-known brands start selling their products on this platform, but they are not the only ones who applaud these actions, but the sellers themselves enjoy a lot of benefits from doing so.

According to Amazon, most brands that sign up for Brand Registry report 99% of suspected infringements.  When you sign the selling platform, ask questions that use to remove content that it thinks is wrong or violates your intellectual property. 

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This register allows you to access monitor and building tools like Amazon A+ Content to make your listings stand out by showing images while other sellers can only use text. Not only this, but it allows you to access sponsored brand ads that can help you grow awareness of your brand

According to an article from Amazon, over 10,000 brands have signed, and you may want to register your own too. Let us help you accomplish this marketing by giving a to-do list to be a newly registered brand on this platform.

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Get your company's Trademark.

First, if you want Amazon to accept your brand, it must have an active registered trademark in every country you wish to enroll. 

Your brand's Trademark must be in the form of a text-based mark with a logo, words, letters or numbers.  Depending on where your Trademark is registered, you will have different classifications based on their trademark office.

Here you can check out the requirements for countries that belong to the European Union. If you want to check out conditions for other countries like The United States, Australia or Japan, you can find all the information on Amazon's Brand Registry page.

Suppose you register your Trademark with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In that case, you have to submit the corresponding trademark number assigned by the national trademark office, which may be different from the number assigned by WIPO. This process usually takes up to 6 to 3 months.

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Once you have your brand trademarked, here is a list of requirements you should have ready for the rest of the process.

  1. Your Name – Full Name as it appears on legal documents or trademark applications
  2. Address – must match the business address in your Amazon Seller or Vendor account settings.
  3. Admin email address on your Amazon Seller or Vendor account
  4. Phone Number and immediate access to your phone
  5. Brand Name (must match your Trademark)
  6. Registered Trademark
  7. Trademark Serial Number
  8. Country of the trademark office
  9. Images of your Brand logo
  10. Images of products or packaging with your brand logo on them
  11. Product categories you sell this brand in
  12. Countries where you manufacture your products
  13. Countries that distribute your products

Sign In to Amazon Brand Registry

Once you have all the eligibility requirements, your next step is to sign into Amazon Seller Brand Registry. Use your Vendor or seller Account with the same password, and you will have access to all the benefits and features of the Amazon Brand Registry, all this for free. If you don't have an Amazon account yet, click this link to create yours.

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Complete your Basic Company Information

In the next step, Amazon will ask you to fill out all the basic information about your business. You have to make sure that all of this information matches your Vendor or Seller account. When you finish this process, the platform will ask you to verify your phone number by either call or text, confirm and then click on "Create Account."

Enroll your brand

The next step is to click on Enroll a new brand, the section where you will have to fill in various aspects of your brand's identity.

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Confirm your brand identity

Your products and packaging must have a permanently affixed brand name and logo to qualify for Amazon Brand Registry. For this, all your products must get your Name or logo printed, either on your product or packaging. For this, you must have quality photos to show that your items comply with the platform's guidelines.

When Amazon asks your brand name, make sure to write it exactly as it appears on your Trademark, this means including capital letters or special characters if you have them. 

Complete your trademark information

Your trademark information includes:

  1. Trademark Type.
  2. Mark Name
  3. Trademark Serial Number
  4. Country of your Trademark Office

For users in Europe can find their Trademark number in EUIPO. At the same time, American companies can use the US Government's online TESS tool to search for your Trademark information. 

Add additional business information.

Amazon will ask if your products use a unique identifier like UPC or GTINs in the additional information segment. If you don't manipulate these identifiers, your brand registration will be complete, but we must recommend using GTIN since they can help you list your products as a seller. Check out more about GTINs in this Optimize your Google Shopping Feed Article.

Now Amazon will ask you, "Where do you sell your products?. While this is optional, the best option is to leave this blank or provide the URL of your e-Commerce website. While Amazon doesn't need to know if you sell your products on other platforms, you have to remember that they could become a competitor, so it may not be suitable to give them extra details that aren't obligatory.

In this part, you have to identify if you are a seller or vendor. Sellers are users that sell products directly to customers using Amazon, while vendors are in charge of selling products to Amazon. If you are a seller, you have to utilize Amazon Seller Central and provide your email information for the account.

Wait for your application's approval.

Now that you submitted your brand registration, the only thing left is to wait for Amazon's approval. Usually, it takes two weeks to activate your application thoroughly. When you log into the Amazon Brand Registry, you will see that your status is "under review."

Although Amazon doesn't need images of your products to complete the registration process, it is helpful to have pictures of your products with the logo since the platform could send messages from the Brand Registry to send them over.


As we have mentioned, the Amazon Brand Registry is an excellent option to achieve better performance on the platform. However, we are pleased to remind you that at CodeDesign, we are an agency specialized in Amazon that can help you succeed on this platform and top all the lists in the same. Please take the opportunity to contact us for any of your queries.

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