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Is it impossible to be surrounded by greenery, have the dreamy atmosphere of a river close by, and have wide streets and extensive bike paths? It isn't!   No dreams are too big for O' Living. 

O' Living represents the ideal life in the EAST, high in the sky in impressive architectural masterpieces.  It's knowing that the river is always on our side, between wide streets and extensive bike paths, large green spaces meticulously organized, interspersed with  contemporary high volumes that touch the sky, in a showcase of the most sophisticated practice in city architecture.

85% of all listings sold in just under one year


 O' living was seeking to partner with an agency that could offer a turnkey solution from understanding  the customer from  generating qualified leads, to completing successful sales.  The agency should offer a turnkey solution from generating new Leads to completing successful sales. O'living required growth campaigns and customer success initiatives as a main focus.


  • Leverage CRM to build an Integrated Paid and Owned Strategy
  • Design a Service Blueprint in order to optimize touchpoints, and create a seemless User Experience and data strategy.
  • Hyper-targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising to capture new category buyers.
  • Host Virtual Tours to add value to our customer's phygital journey.
  • Create landings and a Content Strategy to connect our audience with the Real Estate Topic.
  • Optimize Search Engine Presence by balancing Paid and Organic


  • 85% of all listings sold in just under one year
  • Generated database with CRM data scalable to other projects 
  • Decrease the cost of sale from 5% to 1,5%.  


"They were, for sure, a one-stop-shop for all digital affairs and with a great capacity to solve problems.. -

Augusto Homem de Mello, Marketing & Sales  Director

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