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How a digital agency can use data and analytics to inform and optimize your marketing efforts.

 Data-Driven Marketing.

As a business, you can be blindfolded in two ways:

  1. By not knowing the digital marketing strategies and tools that could help you.
  2. By not having access to the data to make better decisions about your business.

In this second one, we are going to stop; since being the topic of discussion in this article, we are interested in informing you about the importance of data-driven marketing and, above all, how a digital agency like Codedesign could help you manage all these aspects.

With data-driven marketing, we are no longer moving on quicksands, just trying to throw a strategy that could work, maybe because it'sit's what is working for other companies or because it's a trend. Instead, this tactic focuses on collecting customer information to acknowledge the trends and the best marketing decisions for new campaigns.

Among the data, we study, we can evaluate several metrics like views, click-through rates, and conversions, or even look at what consumers are buying more, how they are reacting to ads and their behavior. Ultimately, our goal with this study is to transform this data into actionable answers about your audience so we can better address what, how and when they want things from your company. In a few words, we're forecasting what customers will want in the future, and we don't need a crystal ball for that, just data and science.

As a digital agency, we are up to date with all the technology to serve our customer's needs, and data is vital for you to receive the best ROI for your campaigns, as businesses who used this strategy received five to eight times as much ROI as those who didn't.

In this article, you'll find out why it is necessary to use a data-driven marketing strategy and how we can help you optimize your marketing efforts.

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What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Data-Driven?

To accurately describe the difference between these two, we must go back to basics and explain what Marketing looks like at its core.

In a few words, marketing itself accomplishes three goals:

  • Understand the target audience deeply.
  • Identify their pain points and needs
  • Create strategies to take your brand to them.

Traditional and Data-driven Marketing.

While traditional marketing uses all the information based on studies and "entrepreneurial knowledge," the low point is that it's a lot of guesswork. While talented business owners have done wonders with their intuition, there is no need to run this risk if you can base more of your business decisions on accurate data.

In Codedesign, we like to take the proper steps for your brand based on data-driven marketing, as we're more able to connect with your customers at the right time and with the right offering.

In this article, we'll give you all the benefits of this marketing strategy, but before that, we'll explain...

What kind of data do we collect? 

The idea of data is more than just gathering it compulsively. To be successful with this process, we need to understand how to interpret that data and then give it a good use for the subsequent decisions. But what type of data do we use? From where do we get them? We can use several categories of data for your campaigns, so let's look at some of them.

Website Analytics

Using analytic tools like Google Analytics, we can get data from your website and check out essential metrics like audience demographics, popular pages, session data, click paths, from what channels or sources you are getting more traffic and many more. An essential aspect of managing this data is tracking and reporting, so we can use it to predict your customer's behavior.

Search Analytics

With search analytics, we can identify what customers are searching for related to your niche or business and create a relevant marketing campaign to meet their needs. We look to optimize your website for relevant keywords or high-intent terms so we can increase your brand visibility and help you find new leads while maintaining those you already have so they can convert as soon as possible.

This data type gives us a clearer view of what channels we should focus on when engaging with audiences or launching new campaigns.

Behavioral Data

With behavioral data, we can create profiles for your audiences and then design predictive analytics models to manage new leads. When we understand your user's behavior, we can plan better tactics and timing to reach them. For example, when we look at their purchase story, the analytic tool can draw a pretty accurate pattern of how they usually buy from you. Using this data-driven marketing strategy can bring value to your customers and increase your conversion rates.

Google Attribution

With Attribution from Google Analytics, we can provide free, cross-channel data-driven attribution utility. This toolset allows us to report your total conversions and see your digital performance. With attribution, our agency can better understand how your customer journey works, so try to build the most optimal for your brand.

Big Data Analytics

With big data, we analyze large data sets to identify patterns and make better decisions. This information can help us identify trends or customer preferences within your niche.


How can a Digital Agency help you with Data and Analytics?

In our article "The benefits of a full-service digital agency," we talked about how you, as a business owner, shouldn't waste too much energy focusing on your digital marketing. Instead, we can help you with this job with the help of our team of professionals and our knowledge of managing data and analytics.

As professionals in digital marketing, our job is always to guide customers to the best decisions so they can shine and get their full potential. Let us throw some more light into your doubts and show you how we can help you with data-driven marketing.

Data help us to understand your audience better.

As we gather and evaluate data about your customers, we can better understand them and create campaigns more adapted to their needs. This means getting the right message at the right time for your customers.

We can choose the proper channels for your brand.

When we analyze data, we can choose the best channels for your brand by studying where your customers surf more frequently within the world wide web. By analyzing your target audience's demographics or your business niche, we can recognize which social media platforms or other channels are better for reaching your audience, so you save time and resources on pointless channels.

We can Personalize your Customer Experience.

Nowadays, most customers think it's unacceptable for brands to send the same generic message to all of them. You have to know that while you can provide services or sell products, not all customers are looking for the same things, and you should adapt your plan to fix their preferences. Statistics back up the importance of marketing personalization as we can see that 79% of them will only consider an offer if a brand personalizes it to their previous interactions, and 74% of customers are irritated and dislike that brands send them content irrelevant to their preferences. 

Luckily, personalizing it's not a complicated process with data on our side as it helps us identify the pain points of different audiences within your niche and then deliver the right message to the right people with automation. With the help of this information, we can personalize things like:

  • Recommendations of relevant products: we can recommend products at the right time and based on their specific needs. With personalized product placement, you can get higher sales as they'll find what they want quicker.
  • Recommendations of personalized content: Content is another aspect where we can help you with data-driven marketing, as this is a crucial part of every customer's journey. We can offer tailored content to your customers based on their interactions and guide them through the next steps in their journey so they can finally convert. When we give them the right and exciting content, they'll stay more engaged with your brand, so it helps them ultimately decide to buy, and also, once they become a client, they remain interested in all the content you offer.
  • Customized landing pages and emails: When we combine your customer's data with strategies for your landing pages, we can help them navigate more freely through the marketing funnel.
  • Tailored emails: Email marketing tools allow us to group your audience in specific groups and send them customized emails based on their preferences so they stay connected to your brand. Email is still one of the best channels to build long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Targeted social media advertising: data help us understand what type of content your audience likes more on every platform. It also lets us retarget it for campaigns that get better results for your brand.

Optimize your content.

As promised, we come to the subject of content, an essential part of your digital strategy since it attracts your audience's attention and keeps them anchored to it. The idea is to create content for them, but as we know, we offer them without data about what they like.

The data gives us the context of what they want, and thus, based on all this data, we have greater precision to provide them with pieces with which we are sure that they will stop scrolling to give attention to your content or, in another case, create ads attractive enough for them to take the next step.

All this research process can start from studying keywords or phrases to begin giving answers to all the information they want to know about your business.

Retarget your advertising.

Previously we mentioned retargeting as a strategy we can apply with the help of data; this one consists of re-sending ads to clients across channels depending on the interactions they had on your page. For example, suppose a user browses for a specific service on your website but doesn't complete the transaction. In that case, we can re-send recommendations on these products through social media ads or abandoned cart email marketing. With this tactic, we can keep your brand at the clients' top of mind.

Provide an Omnichannel experience.

Customers tend to shop or look for services through multiple devices or platforms, expecting the same treatment. This is what we call an Omnichannel experience.

With data-driven marketing, we can accurately identify all your customers across all these devices and platforms and provide the same quality experience. Ultimately, this can save you a lot of time and resources while you get used to your unique and extraordinary experience, creating loyalty for your brand.

Showing your Return on Investment (ROI)

When you work with an agency, you want to know your investment it's giving its fruits, and we can show you all these gains accurately with our data, so you know exactly how your money is being spent and how much the profit is. 

The data allows us to evaluate how your marketing campaigns are performing and, in this way, evaluate whether to continue with that strategy or change to another that can yield better results in the long term. In this way, you can be sure that your money is being made worth working with us.

Codedesign is a Data-Driven Marketing Agency.

As experts in digital marketing, we know that we must be up to date with all the information and tactics to provide the best service to our clients. Technology has come to make our lives easier. In the same way, we, as an agency, seek to make your job easier by taking care of all digital marketing duties so your business can reach its most significant potential.

Data and analytics are our compasses to make wiser decisions within your niche, which we combine with our knowledge and expertise in digital marketing management to boost your results. If you want to know more about data or more advice on the direction of your business online, contact us at this time.

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