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When it comes to writing content, at times it can be a challenging task. Creativity is not always around the corner, and you might struggle to find new ideas on subjects to write about.

What often happens when you are constantly writing about the same topics is you end up feeling that you won't find new ways of saying the same things. As a marketing activity, content writing is a time sensetive task. So keep in mind that you can't always wait for the ideas to come to you- you should be on lookout for new topics at all times. But how?

Inspiration can come from random sources. Keep your mind open and willing to find content in the most unexpected places.

  Here are 5 places where you should dig for fresh content ideas:

1) Your conversation starters:

Might sound weird, but topics that come out in conversation starters can be very interesting to develop! Everyone has topics that, no matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to avoid them. Regardless if it’s at work during coffee break, or if it's at a party talking to strangers you just met. Have you ever thought about which are yours? Normally we tend to discuss topics that are related to our work field, interest, hobbies. For instance, if I am into digital marketing I can easily discuss the best way to promote a brand online… or talk about how social media have a massive impact in today's business world. These thoughts might be ready for publication! Also, some of these subjects can also be universal in their appeal, for example social media, in one way or another, it is likely to provoke conversation.

2) Feedback – Listen to your audience

Take attention to what your readers say about your content! It doesn’t need to be good feedback, but the truth is that your audience shows their thoughts and concerns - take advantage of it! All questions, comments, or even criticisms can be amazing ways of inspiring you to write new content. Reflect on the different possible angles and possibilities of stories. For example, if you wrote about Snapchat as a way to promoting your brand, and someone stated that Instagram is much better, consider approaching topics around Instagram VS Snapchat.

3) Your mistakes

The idea of using mistakes to create content is actually pretty smart! All the things that you did wrong, or things that you believe that other people do wrong, they come out somehow as knowledge and therefore possibility of inspiring content. It all comes down to sharing your insights and advice to your audience through content. Remember this: when you already lost too much time staring at a blank page don’t keep waiting for creativity to show up – stop and go out! Most of the time, brilliant content comes out of real experiences, situations that you live, or seen, or talked about!

4) Repurpose your content

Who said you can't recycle content? When you feel that you are running out of topics, try to go deeper into your previous work. Preferably check the performance of previous content, and choose the one that had better results. Try using Google Analytics for that! After putting together some of the most successful old content, think of new ways of using it. Many articles, not to say the majority, have numerous possibilities to be re-edited and become even more interesting! How about transforming old content into more interactive forms, for example, into infographics, podcasts, or even videos? 2017 predicts video as one of the most effective ways to increase and engage with your audience! You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

5) Check out someone else’s previous work

The same way you use your previous content, you can also check out someone else’s! But be careful: try not going directly to your competitor’s pages, in fact make sure you avoid websites that relate to your field. The furthest you get from your comfort zone when it comes to topics, the most exciting and inspiring content you will create! A tip: if you normally write about clothes and fashion, try to research content from a totally different field, for example check the cars industry. You may find it irrelevant at a first view, but the car design and manufacturing can be enlightening and inspire you to rethink clothes and fashion design in a different angle. Good luck!

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