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Social networks have given users the power to be the creators of their own content. Image and video sharing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest allow members to curate and contribute to the content they want to see. This opens new doors for social media marketing, shifting the dynamic of campaigns from monologue to dialogue.

Olapic recently conducted a survey on the effects of user-generated visual content. The report was aimed at measuring the impact of this form of content on engagement, consumer trust, and purchasing power. 

We know that user-generated images are incredibly valuable for creating value for your brand. But how, exactly?

High Levels of Engagement

Social media marketers recognize engagement as one of the strongest KPI’s. User-generated content (UGC) is one of the greatest predictors of positive user engagement. When a user reaches out to your brand through their original images, it not only indicates that user’s engagement with your brand, but it increases visibility and interaction throughout their social network. 

45% of consumers reported viewing user-generated images at least once a day for inspiration. A large portion of consumers interact with brands on social through UGC, so take advantage of it. Make your audience feel included in your brand's conversation. Encourage your audience to engage through #Hashtags and @Mentions.

Your Audiences Become Your Evangelists

Your customers have the potential to be your best sales people. User generated images that support your product are like a free advertising campaign, and can be even more powerful than a paid one. Users have the ability to increase brand awareness to their followers and audiences you may have a hard time reaching. 

Achieve this through a branded hashtag campaign. Encourage your audience to produce relevant content featuring your hashtag for a chance to be featured on your brand's social or web page. Your followers will deliver your brand's message and inspire others to do the same. Take a tip from Calvin Klein’s wildly successful  #MyCalvins campaign. 

#MyCalvins User-Generated Content Campaign

Create Consumer Trust

Trust is key in any brand-consumer relationship. User-generated content amplifies that trust by advocating for your product in a way that appears authentic, honest, and unbiased. Respondents reported to trust user-generated images 7x more than paid advertising. 

Foster this trust by reposting UGC on your page's feed. Respond to users when they include your brand in their content to show your connection with real people in everyday situations. Promote honesty and authenticity as your brand ethos and consumers will be much more likely to buy.

Increase Conversions

An effective social media marketing strategy does more than create brand awareness or persona. While these are important goals as well, the main objectives of marketing are to drive sales and grow revenue. Olapic's Report confirms that:

  • 56% of consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing the product in a positive or relatable user-generated image. 
  • 25% of consumers have purchased a product after seeing it featured in a user-generated image.

When user-generated content manages to engage, inspire, and build trust, followers convert into consumers. Your customers will then become your advocates and perpetuate the cycle of the consumer journey through UGC.

Where to Start

Begin by measuring your current social performance. 

Then develop a strategy.

Contact Codedesign for a social media audit and determine if UGC is important for your brand's social media marketing.

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