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How we used software development to enable continuation and evolution of the business model in the digital world 

GoLocal is the digital brand from MiPlan, a Swiss company with a long history specialising in producing maps of international cities, and directing tourists to local amenities and attractions. Moving into an increasingly paperless era, MiPlan needed to adapt their product to fit the modern consumer. By transitioning into the digital environment, they were able to tap into the increased numbers of international travellers using smartphones. 

The Challenge: Custom Web and Mobile Platform for GoLocal 

Codedesign was tasked with building an online platform that was optimized for both Desktop and Mobile usage. It was crucial that the solution was capable of supporting multiple languages (English, Italian, French, and German), since GoLocal wanted to be present in multiple markets around the world. 

The Solution: Website and Hybrid App for Android and iOS !


The end product was a custom developed website and hybrid app for Android and iOS. The product leveraged an intuitive and clean design that facilitated a continuation of the business model into the internet era. The platform allows users to easily find services in the local area, and quickly obtain information about businesses such as opening hours and location. Customers can create a user profile in order to save their favourite shops, food outlets, or services. The app has fully integrated location services, so the user can always get the most geographically accurate results, and can open any location in Google Maps. 

Methodology: Custom Website and Hybrid App Development 

Due to the custom nature of this project, both the frontend and backend of the website were developed entirely from scratch. For the mobile version, Hybrid App technology was leveraged, using a container to read the desktop page and translate the information into app form. Additionally, the project needed to be fully scalable, meaning that the solutions can easily be expanded and replicated for different locations and countries. This means different management for the different locations, and therefore, separate backends to allow for scalable, individual access. The project was originally estimated for a duration of 18 months. However, the project was successfully completed over the course of only one year. 

Technology Used 

Since this project was developed largely from scratch, no out-of-the-box frameworks or CMS’s were used. This project demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of **Angular.js** and **Bootstrap** on the frontend, as well as **.NET Core**, and **Microsoft SQL Server** for database management. 

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