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The Challenge: Building a scalable and up-to-date online store 

MMI is Portuguese seller of accessories, jewellery, and bags.  Before the project began, they struggled with their eCommerce platform which was underperforming due to its outdated design and aging infrastructure.

The Solution: eCommerce Platform Optimized for Conversions

Codedesign was brought in to reinvigorate the brand’s online store and remove the friction of buying from MMI online to increase the number of conversions.

By updating the website’s UX and the technological framework, we were able to create an eCommerce platform optimized around the conversion funnel.

What We Did – Developing a new eCommerce platform

Codedesign took full control of the design and development workflow, from creating the responsive web design, to implementing and customizing the eCommerce framework.

As with many eCommerce solutions, the most challenging aspect of the project was building the connection between the online store and MMI’s accounting software, but Codedesign thrives on such challenges and all was resolved in time for the launch of the new eCommerce site.

The site was launched following technical SEO and Analytics best practices. 

Technology Used

This project utilized the following frameworks and technologies:

  • PrestaShop
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery library

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