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About VELUX  

VELUX is the market leader in roof windows and roof window blinds. They are considered pioneers in window design and manufacturing as they engineer windows specifically for pitched ceilingsWhile based in Denmark, they have a presence that spans throughout Europe and the Americas  

The Challenge: Engaging an International Audience Base 

As a brand with such a wide-reaching audience base, VELUX’s eCommerce strategy has a heavy emphasis on localization. This means having custom website and digital marketing strategy to serve each market. 


However, creating a localized marketing strategy at scale is highly resource intensive when done in-houseThat’s why the VELUX marketing team challenged Codedesign with the task. The following markets were selected for localization and optimization: 


  • United Kingdom  

  • Poland 

  • Netherlands 

  • France 

  • Italy 

  • Germany 

  • Austria 

  • Belgium 

  • Czech Republic 

  • Denmark 

  • Hungary 

  • Slovakia 

The Solution: Multi-Lingual SEO Strategy 

Our digital marketing strategy was focused on On-Page Search Engine Optimization for each of the target languages.  

Unlike investing in Paid Media, which incurs costs each time an ad is clicked, SEO is singular investment that brings continuous, long-term results. Additionally, organic traffic is highly qualified, making SEO a lucrative marketing channel for eCommerce businesses.   

Our Methodology: Creating a Localized Customer Experience

Our mission was to make our SEO strategy as hyperlocal and customer centric as possible.  

While there is language overlap between some markets (ex. Germany and Austria), there are subtle differences between the languages that effect search patterns and user behaviors. To make sure that each text was as relevant as possible for the local market, all copywriting was performed by a native speaker of each country.  

For certain markets, we also incorporated a content marketing strategy. Our objective for using content marketing was two-fold.  

First, written content is a powerful catalyst for SEO, as it helps us to increase keyword density, introduce latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords and engage website audiences.   

Second, content is an important part of brand building and storytelling. As a brand, VELUX is more than a window manufacturer; they are thought leaders in home renovation and design, with a core mission of bringing more natural light and fresh air into the home. We wanted to use our content marketing strategy to position them as such. 

The blog articles we produced focused on adding value for users in the various stages of their customer journey. By layering article themes that were inspirational (ex: attic design ideas), educational (ex: how to save money with energy saving blinds)or practical (ex: how to care for your blinds), we could appeal to these different audience segments based on their unique motivations. We designed these articles to be Evergreen, so that they can continue to bring high quality website traffic for years to come.

Looking to enter new markets, or need help localizing your digital marketing strategy? We can help!  


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