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Innovative marketing is vital in order to make the most out of any digital campaign. These 7 helpful tips are ideal for helping you to advance your Digital Marketing skills and make the most out of your Digital Marketing operation

  1. It’s Always Important to Stay Ahead of the Curve

With the rise of digital technology, the pace of development and change in all industries has increased dramatically and the need to stay ahead of competitors means that it is more vital than ever to be up to date with the latest skills in promotion. Perhaps the most notable recent change can be seen through the development of social media marketing. 

A few years ago, a social media profile could be maintained with just a Facebook account for your organization: successful marketing campaigns now centre around large scale social media operations, across a number of platforms. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube all work in tandem with one another to spread the reach of an organization as widely as possible. 

The ECT maintains accounts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and offers a diverse range of content for each, ranging from Webinar videos to News articles and adjusts its content to suit the audience for each platform. Remember; diversity is important, but don’t be afraid to spread good content across all of your platforms.

  1. Know your audience

If your organization is providing an “insight-driven,” marketing campaign, it is important to know your audiences character better than your competitors do. Vital details such as where your audience comes from, which webpages they like the most and how many access your website on mobile or tablet can make a huge difference to your marketing campaign and are accessible via tools like Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a great way to work out your audience and what they like, but can often seem intimidating to people with no prior experience of the program. 

To help simplify this process, the ECT offers a useful free guide to Google Analytics that helps cover the fundamentals of the program and helps make sure you know how to get the best out of the feature, as well as how to relate it to your personal context.

  1. Learn how to use your data

Increasingly, firms are aspiring towards being data driven, and data is a great way to work out how to specialize a marketing campaign to suit different demographics. Despite this, it is all too common for marketers to be unsure how to apply data practically to their Marketing campaigns and vast amounts of information go to waste as a result of this. The key to getting the most out of your data is to have a cohesive Marketing strategy that is designed around the data that is being collected. 

One example of this can be found in the ECT’s Essential Marketing Strategy course, which uses the example of knowing where your target audience is based geographically, and adjusting content and style to suit different areas. For international marketing strategies, this can mean changing language or currencies depending on the country, but on a more local level it can be as simple as referencing the advantages of a nearby service. 

The key is to know how you would like to use the data that you collect and organizing a clear strategy to do so.

  1. There’s no individual Marketing Tool that will help with every challenge.

No one website, app or newsletter will be able to give you all the insights, analytics and tools you need. The key is to spread your net as wide as possible to find the external features that suit you.

To help with this, the ECT runs an Online Resource Centre. The Resource Centre is open to all Distance Learning course participants and is designed as a hub for all sorts of useful external sites and tools. 

This includes everything from helpful marketing tips, to productivity tools and even a blog topic generator.

  1. Don’t be too rigid with your strategy

Planning ahead is important, but it is also important not to stick too rigidly to a format. If you find that one aspect of your campaign is proving successful, don’t feel constrained by pre-ordained “Start” and “End” dates. As long as any changes are well thought out and related to your strategy, flexibility is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Seeing which techniques work and which don’t helps work out your strengths and weaknesses and work out which areas require further analysis.

  1. Don’t Overlook Email Marketing

In a world of social media marketing, mass content provision and online video, email marketing can seem a little old fashioned. It may be a surprise, therefore, to know that in terms of overall content marketing effectiveness, email marketing is still the number one way to connect with audiences. 

Unlike social media marketing, email campaigns can cut out the middle-man to be direct and personal and there are no restrictions as to how your marketing content is displayed. It’s always good to have a varied marketing strategy, but it is important not to overlook email as a key component of any digital campaign.

  1. Make sure that your team is working efficiently

Digital tech has developed to automate a number of Marketing aspects over the last few years, but having good workers is still the heartbeat of any Marketing campaign. Learning how to get the best out of your team is a vital part of making sure that your Marketing Strategy is successful. Like E-Mail marketing, Project Management can be an overlooked aspect in Marketing, but mastering successful leadership, teamwork and project planning can be the difference between a successful campaign and an underachieving one. 

The ECT’s Project Management course covers these aspects as well as a number of others, and is highly recommended for anyone in charge of a team, small or large.  As well as covering more general topics, the course is designed to help participants apply the concepts practically to their own case and has proven popular with individuals from a range of backgrounds. You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

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