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X: What's new with Twitter's rebranding?

X Twitter Logo

This giant "X" is Twitter now. 

Yep, the bird is gone. 

By the way, did you know that his name was Larry In honor of a Boston Celtic Basketball Player?

Since April, you could have freaked out when you saw an X among your mobile apps. At first glance, you could have thought it was an app you didn't install or something weird, but once you open it, you see that it's Twitter, but darker and without the "cute blue bird."

Behind all of this rebranding is Mr. Elon Musk, a multimillionaire on the news frequently, who bought Twitter last year. Since Musk's acquisition, there's been a lot of controversy around the microblogging social media platform, and with this change of style, what's new for ex-Twitter and what will happen with it?

A lot is happening around this topic, so take a seat comfortably and keep reading to find out.

What is X?

In short, X is Twitter with another name.

Nevertheless, with this reinvention, there are many changes that we'll expect to see with Musk's reign over the platform.

Since he bought the social media platform in 2022, Twitter is now part of XCorp, the technology company he owns. In its first statement, Elon said he bought to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X.

In previous years, Twitter banned users like Donald Trump or Kanye West from Twitter due to racist or inappropriate tweets. When Elon proposed buying the platform, he said he wanted to make it a free platform where users, regardless of their political parties or ideologies, could tweet whatever they wanted. These declarations made many brands step out from Twitter as they didn't want to be on a platform where hate speech would be allowed.

Nonetheless, Elon's plan for the platform goes beyond speech freedom. He wants to turn it into a "super app".

But what is a super app?

A good example of this is WeChat, a Chinese app that lets its users do "everything." The app performs social media features like messaging and sharing photos and videos but goes further, including gaming and location sharing. Still, the most interesting part is that it allows mobile payment, a game-changer for social media platforms.

This type of super app is famous in Asian territory. At the same time, America and Europe don't have one, and that's where Musk is trying to differentiate from its only true competitors, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta.

Now, explaining why he eliminated Twitter's name, Musk wrote in a tweet:


As we read "... conduct your entire financial world," it gives us goosebumps to wonder if this is the next step for world dominium.

Well, we bid adieu to "Larry The Bird." RIP buddy!

Why X?

Well, Elon Musk loves the letter X, like he really loves it. Here's some proof.

Back in 1999, he started his first company, X.com, an online bank that later merged with the digital payments service Paypal. Two years later, he rescued the X.com website from PayPal.

But let's go deeper into his other companies. X is always there, like his space-exploration venture SpaceX, his recently launched artificial-intelligence app xAI and the Model X, one of electric car company Tesla's earliest models.

His "obsession" with the letter goes to a point where he names his son "X Æ A-XII's," which "It's just X, the letter X," as he said in Joe Rogan's podcast.

Looking at this "TOC behavior" we can guess why, as soon he obtained Twitter, he decided to change its name to its first company, X.com.

What's new with X?

If you go to X.com, you'll see pretty much the same feed as Twitter, just that now it's black and white and "birdless."

Precisely, without the bird, there are no birdy references, and so the first changes begin with Twitter's old terminology.

In X, some users proposed new terms like "xeets" or "xcerpts" for the new terminology, but still, none of these were approved.

Instead, the new name for tweets is just posts, a plain terminology that almost every social platform uses. In the same regard, a retweet is now just a repost, which might be taking the originality that Twitter had over others.

Elon aims to differentiate entirely from the previous Twitter and create his own thing. 

Let's see what are those changes he wants to apply.

X Premium: A subscription plan. 

X premium is just the rebranding of what Twitter Blue was, a subscription service that unlocks various features. Among these, we have:

  • Editing posts within an hour of posting.
  • 50% less ads on the feed
  • Prioritized rankings in conversations and searches.
  • Longer posts that allow up to 25,000 characters instead of the standard 280 characters.
  • Formatting texts in posts.
  • Bookmark folders.
  • Custom app icons.
  • Custom navigation bar.
  • Spaces Tab.
  • Top Articles.
  • Option to undo posts.
  • Longer video uploads.
  • Custom app themes.
  • Two-factor authentication via SMS.

However, this service's cherry on the cake is that it grants the user the much-prized blue check, a milestone that only the big Twitterers achieved after much recognition. Now, they can claim immediately with only a monthly subscription of $8 and $84 annually.

Meanwhile, regular users will have to deal with a limited number of Tweets in their FYP, a feed full of ads, and having their ability to participate in polls revoked.

Longer Tweets.

For Elon, Twitter should no longer have a character limit; that was for the little bird Larry; in X, you can write up to a complete article if you want.

With the X premium subscription, users will be able to write posts of up to 25,000 characters, and the billionaire is thinking of adding a feature that allows long posts to be shared.

Possible video platform or streaming?

Elon must know how effective video is for social media platforms, and because of that, he wants to allow his users to upload videos that are even 2 hours long in the feed.

On the one hand, this may be a movement that seeks to compete with YouTube or TikTok. Meanwhile, if Twitter's censorship policies are less than other platforms, this subscription service could even be a great competitor to paid content platforms like Patreon.

An option to hire.

Although it is in its Beta phase, Xhiring is an option that will allow verified organizations to publish job offers. This option seeks to compete with LinkedIn, which is the social network that has always specialized in B2B and job offers.

X and Digital Marketing.

Elon Musk is not the biggest fan of digital marketing within his platform - it may be because the premium plan offers 50% fewer ads - However, this displeasure has caused some financial problems for the company.

To solve this issue, Musk announced in May that Linda Yaccarino, formerly chairman of global advertising and partnerships at NBCU, will take charge of X as a CEO to improve business operations. In a Twitter poll by Musk, users approved this decision.

Musk's is counting on Yaccarino's expertise in advertising business, as Twitter's US advertising revenue from the five weeks from April 1 to the first week of May was down 59% year-over-year, reports The New York Times.

In September, the month before Musk's takeover, CNN informed that 43% of Twitter's top 1,000 advertisers were still advertising until April.

However, the task for Yaccarino can be somewhat truncated since Mr. Musk has built a slightly dubious reputation around his management of the company, and if we add to that the massive layoffs and "free speech" that could become "hate speech," more and more companies decide to get off the advertising boat of this platform.

What do you think if Elon could add more fuel to these problems? He already did it. Referring to his controversial Tweets, Elon Musk said:

"I'll say what I want to say, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it."

It is good to clarify that although Yaccarino is the CEO, Musk still has the vast majority of power within the company, and for his part, he thinks that the most important thing is to dedicate time to the software, its products and that he plans to transition directly to the position of chairman.

In the Twitter Spaces livestream, an event Elon Musk hosted with Democratic presidential hopeful and anti-vaccine advocate Robert F, the multimillionaire commented how his poor relationship with advertisers damaged Twitter. In his words:

It's been extremely difficult. Basically, our revenue is cut in half because we didn't toe the line."

X vs. Threads.

We have to uncover the last big fight between Musk and Mr Zuckerberg.

If you don't know what happened, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of most social media platforms, launched a "new social media platform" called Threads. 

As soon as users opened it, they saw it as a microblogging platform, just like X.

Every Instagram user had an account available on the platform, and the policies said that if they dared to erase the account, they would lose their Instagram account.

Of course, this was a low blow for Musk as the platform reached 30 million users by July 6, and Musk got so mad that it put a demand for Meta. Also, it's rumoured that both millionaires will fight in a cage match.

Taking out gossip from the conversation, what has happened with Threads? Is it still a treat for X?

Well, as both platforms are so similar, it seems that the "Thread Fiver" among users didn't last that long as the platform isnt growing anymore.

Meanwhile, Musk is all in with its super app plan, while Zuckerberg says he plans to add more functions in the future.

Final thoughts.

In the world of digital marketing, we must always be aware of all the news and everything new that happens with the platforms since this allows us to prepare and be prepared for any substantial changes that may occur.

At the moment, Elon Musk is preparing to carry out a titanic goal of which we are not sure what the results will be. On the one hand, the billionaire may have all the money to pay professionals like Yaccarino to guide his company to a better place in terms of marketing and profits. However, the unpredictability of Mr. Musk may leave one in doubt as to whether the necessary decisions will be made so that the "super app" can be directed or if this will be a failed project.

Before any news, you can know everything that happens by reading our blog at Codedesign. If you need advice with your digital business, contact us!

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Twitter rebranded to X?

Twitter was rebranded to X to mark a significant transformation in the platform's vision and direction under Elon Musk's ownership. Musk envisions X as a comprehensive digital platform that extends beyond Twitter's original scope as a microblogging service. The rebranding to X signifies a strategic shift towards creating a multifunctional platform or "super app" that encompasses various services including social media, messaging, financial transactions, and more. The letter 'X' has a special significance in Musk's branding strategy, symbolizing innovation, the future, and the intersection of multiple services and technologies. This bold move aims to redefine the platform's identity and expand its capabilities to cater to a wider array of user needs and preferences.

What changes accompany the rebranding to X?

The rebranding of Twitter to X accompanies a series of changes and enhancements aimed at expanding the platform's functionalities and user experience. These changes include the introduction of new features, an overhaul of the user interface, and the integration of additional services such as payment processing, ecommerce, and potentially even decentralized finance (DeFi) capabilities. The rebranding also reflects a strategic shift towards creating a more integrated and versatile platform that can serve as a one-stop digital hub for users. By incorporating a broader range of services and features, X aims to transform the way users interact with social media, making it more interactive, versatile, and integrated with other aspects of digital life.

How does X differentiate from Twitter in terms of features?

X differentiates from Twitter primarily through the expansion and integration of new features that aim to transform it into a super app. While retaining Twitter's core functionalities of microblogging and social networking, X is expected to introduce a wider array of services such as advanced messaging features, financial transactions, ecommerce capabilities, and more personalized and interactive content. Additionally, X may offer enhanced customization options, improved content discovery algorithms, and a more sophisticated user interface designed to accommodate the platform's broader scope. These changes aim to create a more comprehensive and integrated user experience, setting X apart from the original Twitter and other social media platforms.

What is a super app, and how does X aim to become one?

A super app is a multi-purpose mobile application that offers a wide range of services and functionalities within a single platform. These services can include messaging, social media, financial transactions, ecommerce, and more. The concept is popular in parts of Asia, where apps like WeChat and Alipay have become essential parts of daily life, offering everything from communication to payment and shopping services. X aims to become a super app by integrating various services beyond traditional social media, including but not limited to digital payments, ecommerce, and content streaming. By centralizing these diverse functionalities, X intends to provide users with a seamless, all-in-one platform that meets a broad spectrum of their digital needs and preferences.

Why does Elon Musk emphasize the letter 'X' in his ventures?

Elon Musk emphasizes the letter 'X' in his ventures as a symbol of the future, exploration, and the crossing of boundaries. The letter 'X' resonates with themes of innovation, eXtreme technology, and the unknown, reflecting Musk's vision for creating groundbreaking and forward-thinking businesses. X.com, one of Musk's earliest ventures, was an online bank that eventually evolved into PayPal, showcasing his long-standing affinity for the letter. Additionally, SpaceX, his aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company, embodies the goal of exploring and colonizing space. The rebranding of Twitter to X further cements this motif, indicating Musk's ambition to revolutionize the platform and push the boundaries of what a social media and digital services platform can be.

How does the X Premium subscription differ from Twitter Blue?

The X Premium subscription is an evolution of Twitter Blue, designed to offer more advanced features and benefits to subscribers. While Twitter Blue provided users with additional customization options, such as undo tweets, and features like reader mode, X Premium is expected to expand on these offerings significantly. It might include enhanced content curation tools, more sophisticated analytics, exclusive access to premium content, and advanced interaction capabilities with high-profile accounts. Additionally, X Premium could integrate services related to the broader ambitions of X as a super app, such as unique ecommerce opportunities, digital payment options, and possibly even content creation tools. This evolution reflects the platform's shift towards a more integrated and feature-rich user experience.

What are the implications of longer posts on X?

The introduction of longer posts on X has significant implications for both users and the platform itself. For users, it means greater flexibility in expression, allowing for more detailed discussions, explanations, and content sharing without the constraints of Twitter's original character limit. This could enrich the quality of conversations, foster more comprehensive debates, and encourage the sharing of more elaborate content such as articles, research findings, and long-form creative writing. For the platform, longer posts could attract a broader audience, including professionals, academics, and content creators looking for a space to share and discuss in-depth content. It may also influence the platform's content discovery algorithms and user engagement strategies, as longer content could change how users interact with and consume content on X.

Is X planning to introduce video platform or streaming services?

While specific plans have not been detailed publicly, it is plausible that X might introduce video platform or streaming services as part of its evolution into a super app. Integrating video and streaming capabilities would align with the trend of social media platforms expanding into multimedia content, offering users a more diverse range of content types and engagement opportunities. This move could enable X to compete with existing video platforms and social media networks that offer live streaming and video sharing, enhancing its appeal as a comprehensive digital hub. Incorporating video and streaming services would also open new avenues for content creators on X, potentially attracting a wider user base interested in multimedia content.

How does X intend to compete with LinkedIn through Xhiring?

X intends to compete with LinkedIn through Xhiring by leveraging its vast user base and social networking capabilities to offer a more integrated and dynamic job search and recruitment platform. Xhiring could differentiate itself by facilitating more casual and direct interactions between job seekers and employers, capitalizing on the real-time communication strengths of the original Twitter platform. By incorporating advanced algorithms for matching candidates with job opportunities and enabling companies to showcase their culture and values through rich media content, Xhiring aims to create a more engaging and personalized job market experience. This approach could appeal to both younger professionals and industries that value social media savvy and direct communication, positioning X as a strong competitor in the professional networking and recruitment space.

How do Elon Musk's views on digital marketing and advertising impact X?

Elon Musk's views on digital marketing and advertising significantly impact X, as they influence the platform's policies, features, and the overall relationship with advertisers and businesses. Musk's emphasis on transparency, user experience, and innovation suggests a shift towards less intrusive and more value-driven advertising models on X. This could involve the introduction of new ad formats, more stringent content quality standards, and enhanced targeting capabilities that respect user privacy while delivering relevance and value. Musk's vision for X likely includes creating a platform where advertising feels organic and adds to the user experience, rather than detracting from it. This approach could attract advertisers looking to engage with audiences in more meaningful and effective ways, potentially setting new standards for digital advertising.

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