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Subject Line Mastery: Crafting Irresistible Email Subject Lines to Skyrocket Open Rates

Crafting compelling emails is easier said than done. You may think that a few lines of sales emails may take minutes to get done, but you are sorely mistaken. It can take anywhere between thirty minutes to three hours. You can read all about how long it takes to craft effective sales emails in this article

Do you know what's even more challenging and time-consuming than crafting a sales email? Coming up with a killer subject line that will skyrocket open rates. 

Writing subject lines is no child's play. Even someone who has been doing email marketing for over ten years finds it difficult. After all, everything is riding on that perfect email subject line. It is the difference between your email getting opened or being ignored by your potential audience. 

47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. So, what will get your emails clicked? Let's find out. 

Load the subject line with action-oriented words 

Increase your click-through rates by using action-oriented verbs in your subject line. This will help create attractive subject lines that engage the audience's attention. 

Typically, short instructions work in subject lines because there's limited space to convince the email recipients to open your email. 

Some examples are Shop now, Explore a new world, etc.  We´ve tried literally thousands, and this tip here would take you years: 

  Subject 1. Get [Benefit] Now and Save [X%] 

  Subject 2. [Time Sensitive] [Action] Before [Deadline] 

  Subject 3. [Urgent] [Problem]? We Can Help 

  Subject 4. [Introducing] [New Product/Service] 

  Subject 5. [New] [Feature] Now Available - Try it for Free!

Be direct, don't fluff around 

Direct and straightforward things work much more effectively than complex stuff. Therefore, create subject lines that directly tell the audience what the email comprises and what the audience will get once they open the email. 

You can avoid all the mysteries and directly tell the audience what to expect. Since people don't have a lot of time, being direct is one of the best ways to attract the attention of email recipients. 

For example, Best yoga tips for children and women, You need these five food items at your wedding, etc. 

Let me share the most successful ones we've used to promote Codedesign as a digital marketing agency in cold calling: 

  Subject 1. Get Your Brand Noticed with Our Digital Marketing Solutions 

  Subject 2. Unlock Your Brand's Digital Potential 

  Subject 3. Get Found Online with Our Digital Marketing Strategies 

  Subject 4. Get the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing Budget 

  Subject 5. Unlock Your Brand's Online Visibility 

  Subject 6. Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level 

  Subject 7. Harness the Power of Digital Marketing 

  Subject 8. Grow Your Business with Our Digital Marketing Expertise 

  Subject 9. Maximize Your Digital Marketing ROI 

Keep it short and sweet!

The ideal length for a subject line is fifty characters. If it is more than this, it will bore or scare people. 

All the details must be in the message, and the email subject line only needs to summarize the details in a short sentence. 

You must also avoid using sales language so that you can reflect your brand without coming on as too aggressive. 

If the subject line consists of too many details, it is considered spam. 

Also, most people open emails on their mobile devices. That's why the subject line must not be too large, or it won't fit the width of the average smartphone. 

Create a sense of scarcity and urgency 

The subject line must create a sense of urgency, so email recipients take the desired action. In the subject line, you must trigger your audience with CTA. 

You need to make your audience think the product or service won't be available if they don't act fast. 

The subject line can include words like important, urgent, time-sensitive, etc. This will increase the open email rate. 

You can offer a limited-time offer on your email subject line, and this might be a kind of special deal, discount, gift, or reward that the buyer might get if they purchase from your brand during the specified time. 

When consumers are offered a time-sensitive deal, they have this burning desire to avail of the exclusive deals before missing out. 

Personalize to make the email recipients feel special 

The open rate ratio can be improved by 50% if the subject lines are personalized. 

When the inbox is opened, everyone scans the subject lines and eliminates the promotional or spam ones. But if they get an email from a friend or a catchy subject line, they will immediately open it. 

You can improve the open rates of your emails by sharing something personal, using casual language, using personalized email subject lines, implying friendship or familiarity, etc. 

Here are a few tips:

Tip 1 - Use the recipient's name in the email greeting.
Tip 2 - Use language specific to the recipient and their interests.
Tip 3 - Offer something of value to the recipient that is tailored to their needs.
Tip 4 - Ask questions and invite the recipient to share their thoughts.
Tip 5 - Share a personal fact relevant to the discussion topic.
Tip 6 - Show appreciation for the recipient's time.
Tip 7 - Use a friendly and conversational tone.
Tip 8- Refer to previous emails or conversations with the recipient.
Tip 9- Include a call-to-action tailored to the recipient's interests.
Tip 10 -  Offer a reward or incentive for taking action.

Connect with them emotionally. 

Build an emotional connection with your subscribers by asking them about their intentions. For example, you may ask them how they see themselves in the future or how their life can improve. You might even ask them about their business goals and how they can reach them in the next three to six months. You can even conduct surveys through emails to gather high-quality data on your consumers. 

This will enhance subscriber engagement, and they will be more interested in your email campaign. Finally, this will boost the open rate. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some steps and practices to master to create attractively killer email subject lines to boost open rates. Experiment with different subject lines to find what works for your niche. For example, you can try being funny and humorous if your target audience demands it. 

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