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How AI can help B2B companies optimize their marketing efforts and deliver a more personalized and relevant customer experience. 

AI in B2B.

Artificial intelligence. Some people can be scared of it and think that these machines will control us, but the truth is that this technology came to make our lives much more manageable.

In an era full of algorithms and technological advances, it's a tragic mistake not to take advantage of all these new items to use for our businesses. Believe us, if you don't jump as soon as possible on this trend, your competitors will, and your company will be left behind. According to The Pipeline, 60% of B2B marketers aren't using AI in their tech stack. Meanwhile, 53% expect it will improve effectiveness in driving revenue, and 60% think AI will help them identify prospective customers, informs LXA.  

With today's high demand and competitiveness, there is no chance to give one fit all strategy for your B2B customers, and 84% of B2B buyers could switch to your competitor if their supplier's digital channels keep up with their particular expectations.

But no need to fear as we'll illustrate how you can use Artificial Intelligence to deliver a more personal and relevant customer experience, so keep reading and discover its many benefits.

Advanced audience targeting and segmentation

AI's technology will help you answer one of the first questions for your business, that is: Who is your target audience?

As a B2B business owner, you may have a glimpse of what your audience looks like, but instead of just a mid-description of them, AI can help you identify all of them in their entirety with all the right attributes.

AI will use infographics like age, genre and salary to determine those customers better. Then it can add sociographic interests, hobbies or even political affiliations to help you build them more precisely.

In the end, you'll have a list of buyer personas to target, and you can divide them into as many groups as you like to help you personalize each strategy for all of them.

Artificial Intelligence.

Use customer data: Online and offline.

Thanks to analytics, you have a complete image of what people are doing on your website. You can look at what pages they visit more or what they download in it. This function gives you a 360-degree view to help you identify where your company is doing right or see what isn't working and either delete it or improve it.

But this doesn't stay online only, as you can use AI to capture offline activities that allow you to determine the meaning behind your customer's actions. When evaluating intent, you can decide better if your customer is ready to buy.

After analyzing all this online and offline data, you can better understand how you should approach your customers.

Enhance customer experience with AI

More than your products and services, customer experience is crucial for customers to hire your B2B services or keep using them. But how can you use AI to improve it?

Well, first, we have the personalization aspect, and it is something we'll exemplify with algorithms.

Algorithms are programs designed to understand customer behavior and give users an experience adapted to their specific preferences. It's the same we live when we use social media, and these platforms gather information about our interactions with it a keeps giving us recommendations that go along with that. 

With the implementation of this technology, you can offer users and possible leads more accurate recommendations for their needs and preferences.

But this isn't it. There's more!

So, you're a human being, aren't you? Well, as a human being, you shouldn't be tied up to a computer to answer every user question all day because that is bad for your overall health.

Nevertheless, technology involves a "futuristic way" where people don't need to answer questions. Instead, chatbots will do it for you.

The experience keeps improving. By today's standards, these programs can answer most frequently asked questions by users, but sometimes they can get out of answers, and that's when you need your human team.

Nevertheless, you have no idea how much you can help your customers with these as they won't get out of attention at any hour in your business. This is crucial because a client with no quick answers might abandon your business, missing many opportunities.


Use AI to identify and qualify leads.

Not all leads are worth pursuing, but with AI's help, we can determine which ones are worth it more accurately. We usually ask questions about their needs, timeframe, and budget to do this.

AI allows you to automate this process by studying their website visits, social media activity, or purchase history, so employees within your business can focus on taking your company forward, saving money and time.

For this process, AI makes a lead and behavior scoring to evaluate which customers are ready to buy. This predictive behavior scoring makes it easier for you to guide your leads to the proper accounts and identify new ones.

Use it to personalize emails.

Although email may seem outdated next to channels such as social networks, the truth is that it is a medium that allows you to take your brand message to your contacts. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can do it to the right people at the indicated moment.

We previously mentioned that within your target audience, there isn't a single type of customer; you can have several buyer personas.

For example, if you specialize in real estate, you may have clients looking for luxury homes, others looking for apartments, and some who want to rent. Each one has a specific need, so you need to address the indicated mail for each one.

With the help of this technology, you will be able to segment your entire audience into these different groups and thus direct the right message to what each type of customer is looking for. Platforms like MailChimp are effective for this and allow you to choose the time or days that the emails are sent to have data on the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Personalizing Customer Journeys

If you want to take things further, you can use AI's segmentation and channel-choosing capabilities to advance your personalization. What this does is help you personalize your customers' interactions, lifecycles, and, most importantly, their journey.

B2B marketers highly use this strategy to take their business experience to a superior level. To achieve this goal, Artificial Intelligence will help you personalize your ads, use the right content to call their attention, deliver better website experiences, and take accounts on particular journeys according to their preferences.

The main goal is to take advantage of all this data to create relevant and unique experiences.

Choose the following best offers.

As AI analyzes your campaign's performance, it can help you choose the most rewarding offer for your business. Now you don't need to guess whether you choose subscription renewals, upsells or cross-sells as your next move because this advanced technology will help you determine the best option based on factual data and not just wild guesses.

Depending on your customer's actions within your platforms, the intelligent software will start computing strategies to offer personalized content that could drive your customers to the next interaction with your business. This function can go from promotional discounts for loyal customers to special pricing or even free trials or samples for usability-focused customers.

The Role of AI in B2B.

Help you choose the proper channels.

Another part of digital marketing 101 is that it is more valuable to be on the proper channels than to use them all and spend budget where our audience is not.

Today even cell phones help us measure our consumption habits and give us a break from the hyperconnectivity in which we live. Still, in the same manner, the analytical capabilities of this intelligence will allow you to identify how users consume your content, in what channels it and even what type of posts they interact with the most.

This, hand in hand with automation, will allow you to schedule all the posts or content you offer to be shared at times of greatest traffic and thus generate greater engagement for your brand.

Similarly, suppose there's a channel where you see that you aren't receiving the interactions you want. In that case, the AI will allow you to evaluate if the reason for this lack is that your audience does not frequent these channels or, failing that, that you must re-adapt your content for these platforms.

Remember that not all networks have the same consumption habits. For example, people are more used to reading articles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, while other platforms like Instagram or TikTok benefit more from audiovisual content.

Having this clear, you can get more out of those channels to reach your audience, and in the same way, get out of those that do not make sense to spend effort on it.


Artificial intelligence is expected to continue advancing to do everything for us practically. If you are up to date with the advances, you'll see that nowadays, these machines can create images and songs and even write articles like the one you are reading. Beyond how overwhelming it may seem, the ideal is to know how to use progress in our favor to boost our B2B business and thus not be left behind in the growing competition.

If you need help marketing and getting your brand to the right people using the latest technologies, our professionals at Codedesign will design a personalized strategy for your needs. Contact us, and let's achieve your professional goals!

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