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Instagram users are posting millions of posts every day. The data shows that almost 1.28 billion users were using Instagram last year. It will rise gradually in the future, and there is no doubt about that.

But if you are one of them, it's hard to be on the front page of the others. No matter how quality-full or meaningful your posts are, if you do not undertake search engine optimization (SEO) for your Instagram, you will not be visible to others as you want. 

Even poor content may rank at the top and get thousands of views if they know the instances of SEO in their content are enough to lead the market.

However, that does not mean that poor content might always help you to be on the discovery list. So, everything you think about the digital world is related to SEO in direct or indirect ways. 

This is a million-dollar question, and it has an adequate answer as well. SEO is the process of optimizing your website on the search engine. When people search for something on the web page, the search engine will provide them with various results, and if your website is SEO optimized, you will be placed at the top.

What Is Instagram SEO?

Simply when people search on Instagram with some keywords or hashtags, they find some results. When you are at the top of their search page, you have an SEO-optimized profile or content. 

This is a digital world, and you have to know the instances of digital marketing. Digital marketing without SEO is nothing but a loss of time and energy. 

When you are in the visual world, your visibility makes more sense than anything else. 

However, 1.22 billion use Instagram every month, and that is a big stat to look out for. When you are on Instagram, you will want your products or services to be exposed to the users. Well, to understand Instagram SEO, you will need to scout how the Instagram algorithm works.

Posting content daily is not enough; you have to understand the particular hashtags and keywords to optimize your content on Instagram.

Is Instagram SEO Any Different?

Though you have got a basic idea of what Instagram SEO can do, you need to understand the fact that SEO for Instagram will not work for other search engines. This is a different platform and thus works differently. 

For instance, you know that content on Google search engines depends mostly on keywords. But on Instagram, it depends mostly on the hashtags that you use. Well, it is not like keywords do not work on Instagram, but the percentage of importance may vary from other search engines.

At the same time, you also need to acknowledge that adding hashtags on your Instagram bio does not help to show up on the search page. On the other hand, using keywords to your Instagram profile name or handle can improve your discovery on the search page more than if you add them to your content. 

So, Instagram SEO works differently, and thus you have to pay attention and provide time to understand things better.

Importance Of Instagram Optimization

When you told me to provide your time and attention on understanding and optimizing Instagram search engines, did not any question arise in your mind? 

Well, there can be many questions. 

  • Why is it important to go for Instagram SEO in the first place?

  • Why is Instagram so important? 

  • Why should you consider time in getting found on a particular platform?

These questions are not doubtful to answer. If you look at the current data, you will find almost 1 billion active users on Instagram. Apart from that, two third of Instagram users are young, and thus their buying potential is high. 

Another interesting data is that people spend 53 valuable minutes of their day on Instagram every day. In addition, 83% of Instagram users are using this particular platform just to discover variable products or services. 

The above-mentioned data is enough to convince any person that Instagram is an entertainment-oriented advertising platform that is inextricably involved with the business. 

Well, this is not the end, but 79% of people search for the products directly on their websites for the purpose of purchasing the products. 

SEO Ranking Factors On Instagram

Before you dig into the ways to incense your discovery on Instagram, you need to focus on the key ranking factors that the Instagram algorithm inherits. Follow these key factors to enrich your knowledge in managing your content on the platform. 

Search Query Relevance

The search text of the users plays a crucial role on Instagram. The Instagram algorithm focuses on the keywords and phrases that users generally use on the search page, and according to the key texts, it shows the relevant results. 

So, if you can use those particular texts, it will be helpful for you to be found on the search page.

You can use tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite Insights to monitor what users search frequently. 

Popularity Signal

Sometimes, the search engine finds too many relevant results for one search. In such cases, it looks at the popularity level, including likes and shares of the content, followers of an account, and places or hashtags to rank the results. 

User Activity

Searching with one particular keyword or phrase will provide different results for different users. 


Well, Instagram scouts the user's activity to show them results. For instance, as a user, if you follow promotional models on Instagram and your friend follows the pages with information with the same form of search, Instagram may show you two different results with rank.

Ways To Increase Your Discovery On Instagram

After you have gone through the ranking factors that the Instagram algorithm uses, it is time to focus on the key ways to make the best decisions possible for Instagram visibility and discovery. 

You are one of the millions, and thus you have to acknowledge these ways to become the first one among the millions. Focus on your niche and practice the below-mentioned tactics. 

Optimize Your Profile Information

We have already mentioned that using keywords to help shape your Instagram profile information is an elegant way to be SEO optimized. 

The profile name is the first thing that you should look at and optimize. Try to focus on your niche and then decide on the name. For instance, if you are promoting travel-related products, make sure the profile name contains the work travel or discovery, or adventure. 

After that, use keywords to shape your bio and then directly focus on your profile icon. Choose an attractive picture that suits your business and then display your location for the users. 

Use Keyword-Rich Captions

Keywords were never a big deal on Instagram, like other search engines. But the practice has changed recently. Now Instagram is also leveraging keywords to use on the blogs and content. 

If you post a picture, you must consider keywords to use in captions. Well, previously, Instagram showed results only of the accounts, places, and hashtags. 

But now it shows the results pages for browning as well. It is good news for small and non-recognized businesses worldwide. 

So, it's time to understand what users search for so often, and depending on that, you can use the relevant keywords in your post captions.

Use The Right Hashtags

Before hiding, hashtags for Instagram posts were an insider trick, but nowadays, it is mandatory to show your hashtags and keywords directly. Instagram also has shared some tips on using hashtags to help improve your posts. 

  • Use only relevant hashtags.

  • Do not use overly generic hashtags.  

  • You can use 3-4 prominent hashtags to keep it simple but effective.

  • Use only well-known, niche-specific hashtags to make it brand based.

Leverage The Power Of Alt Text For Images

Alt text on Instagram works just like web alt texts. When you are using images, it does not always appear on the search engine due to some technical errors or visual impairments. In such situations, using Alt text can help search engines understand the content of the post. 

On the other hand, it also works as a description of the image, and thus, despite the poor imaging, your content does not get out of the rank box. 

So, it is a great aspect of Instagram SEO to ensure better visibility. 

Track And Optimize

Now it's time to focus on tracking your content and how they are performing so far on the platform. Waiting for the results on the digital platform won't get you anywhere, but if you take steps according to the current situation, you can get better SEO strategies. 

For instance, if you see that you cannot target multiple audiences and clients with your posts, try to use Instagram collabs. This is a significant process to deal with multiple audiences and clients with a single post.

It's Time For Instagram To Work For You

It's time to discover yourself on Instagram again. Follow the above-mentioned steps and tricks to give a new life to your Instagram account. 

If you are on Instagram, you are bound to be popular; otherwise, there is no meaning in spending time and money on this process. Find out the comment box and flame in it if you have further queries related to Instagram SEO.

Why invest in SEO? 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool for any business that wants to increase its visibility online. SEO services help ensure your website appears more prominently in search engine results, thus increasing the chance of potential customers and clients finding your website. With the right SEO services, you can ensure your website appears higher in the search engine rankings, giving it more visibility and increasing your chances of success.

At Codedesign - Digital Marketing Agency, we specialize in helping businesses improve their visibility online. Our experienced professionals will create a customized SEO plan to help you achieve your goals. We will perform keyword research and optimization, link building, and content optimization to ensure your website is optimized for search engine algorithms. Our comprehensive approach will help you increase the visibility for your website, generate more leads, and increase your business’s online presence. With our help, you can be sure that your website will be seen by more potential customers, clients, and users. 

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