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How to increase eCommerce sales during the Holidays Season

eCommerce Holiday Sales.

We give a warm welcome to the holiday season! And although this last time of the year means having quality time with family, as an eCommerce owner, it has another whole meaning: End of year sales for everybody!

And whether you bought a lot of Christmas or New Year merchandise, or maybe you have all the items for gifts, you may be wondering how you can get your sales to boost during this time to close 2022 with a tremendous increase in sales.

In 2022, customers are looking for brands that provide convenient solutions and personalized sales to make their lives easier. Rather than looking for a specific product, customers nowadays look for the product experience, according to Forbes. The main reason behind this is that COVID has somehow affected the customer's consumption habits since we can't guess what's coming in the following years.

But, one problem is that with growing inflation, people will spend less, and a new report from Business Wire predicts that spending will drop by $30 billion. Almost 58% of consumers will diminish their spending on non-food items during these festive times. Among the most damaging industries could be the clothing niche, with 25% of customers cutting back from these items.

With these behaviours, experts recommend that brands stay away from flashy items and match customer needs with a great experience, turning everyday items into something special. For example, brands like Nike are creating immersive and technology-driving shopping experiences that serve well for customers' demands.

Even from October, many brands start to sell Christmas items, although October should be all based on Halloween; what can we do? Nevertheless, as December arrives and Christmas gets closer, brands start going crazy to eliminate these Santa Claus and Christmas Trees. For example, Amazon launched the second Prime Day, and other stores like Walmart tried the early fall holiday savings. In this situation, the best thing is not to overwhelm customers and make their lives easier during the rest of December.

Despite all of this, the good side is that online sales are expected to reach significant levels in 2022, as Adobe predicts a 2.5% growth in online sales from November 1 to December 31. So, having this in mind, let's find out how we can boost your eCommerce sales during this end of the year.

Let's begin!

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Add the Human Touch to your eCommerce.

In the introduction, we talked a lot about personalizing your eCommerce experience. Nothing can make it more empathetic and unique than a human who understands a customer's demands and preferences. 

As a digital marketing agency, we are 100% in agreement with the technological advancements necessary to keep you in an excellent competitive state in this age. But you'll always need the human touch, it is what we are, and we are the ones who can understand each other better. 

Chatbots are helpful, and we recommend having one since it complements your eCommerce experience. Even so, customers beg for a human being to attend to them since the communication is more immediate and accurate; thus, they can close the purchase faster. Chatbots have an issue, they get out of questions at some point, and it is here where customers get tired and abandon your page. The TCN consumer survey found that most customers chose to speak to a live agent, followed closely by online chatting with a live agent. So, ensure you have a 100% human customer service team that can meet the demands of your eCommerce.


Specify your products for each Client

We found this tip on a Neil Patel blog, and it's priceless for your eCommerce.

When we talk about making your customers' lives easier, we mean creating an eCommerce experience that makes the customer journey smooth and convenient.

At Christmas, customers tend to look for gifts for every family member, and if you create a specific segment for every one of them, customers will thank you a lot as they don't waste time looking at all your options. So, you can start creating a section like "Popular for Mom" or "Popular for children" so customers can find faster what they want.

You can go even more specific and create sections like "video games," "house items," "decoration," and any other range of products you have to offer.

Holiday Season.

Fix your page loading time.

On a more technical aspect, you must ensure you have a good loading time for your website since this is decisive in capturing the attention of your buyers. In a Yottaa study, we found that 52% of users find a site with a slow loading speed frustrating, and almost 90% abandon the website if it takes too long to load. Then, 57% could go to another similar retailer if this issue happens, and 41% to Amazon. In the worst-case scenario, 21% of customers won't revisit your site. So, make sure to fix any trouble as soon as possible. 

Gift Special Holiday Rewards to loyal customers

Since we are in festive times, offering gifts to your loyal customers is a good idea, making us feel in the fraternity as a community.

So, you can offer free gifts with purchase, complimentary gift wrapping, free shipping or even exclusive discounts for loyal customers that accompany you throughout the year.

Now, when we talk about shipping, an article from eCommerce Times tells us that up to 33% of customers say that the most reasonable delivery timeline for any holiday gift ordered should be around two to three days approximately. We see a 10% YoY increase in Radial's consumer insights, and delivery speed is crucial for customers.

Create your Festive Theme

If you go outside the streets - and people love and celebrate Christmas - there is a high chance that everything will be decorated according to this festivity.

In the same way, as all the holiday vibes go in the outside world, your eCommerce website should have a festive design that incentivizes people to take advantage of all the holiday sales and items, increasing your overall conversions. Look for unique webpage layouts to make your eCommerce store stand out from other simple and monotone pages. This strategy will give you a key differentiator, and believe it or not, and customers appreciate this type of effort in your business.

This redesign can go from adding a holiday-themed background image to your shop to creating a welcome video. In the end, you'll spread the festive cheer, but most importantly, convey to your audience that your business is the right place to buy all their holiday items. If you want to create your design, try to use Canva, a great platform for eCommerce owners that aren't design experts but have some clear keys on what they want their website to look like. 

Make sure to pick a suitable theme for your entire festive season campaign, as this is important to create the right holiday vibe, and then, you can add a top banner to remark holiday sale items in your inventory.

The Holiday Season.

Embrace Mobile Commerce

We love our smartphones, and we can't live without them; they are practically an extension of our bodies. 

Knowing this, it should be a good idea to take advantage of mobile apps or websites to drive more sales to our eCommerce, as nowadays, we practically do everything from these devices. 

In a retail mobile commerce study from Insider Intelligence, we found that sales from these devices reached $359 billion in 2021, representing an increase of 15.2% over the past year. To this augmentation, we can add that US mobile commerce will probably project its share of retail sales between 2020 to 2025.

Smartphones are now even more helpful than a computer, so it should not surprise us that as time goes by, the tendency to purchase your products through cell phones will become more and more common. Therefore, you must ensure that your website or platform has either its App or its mobile version that your users can access without any problem. This will make your customer journey much smoother and more comfortable on mobile and desktop platforms.

Final thoughts

The celebrations are one of the best times to take advantage of all our online sales since the fury and joy of these dates make our users want to buy and give away items like crazy. With a concise digital marketing strategy, we can take advantage of all these dates to take advantage of all that festive merchandise and any other item we are selling. If you want helpful advice for your digital marketing on hand and the help of professionals in the industry, contact us so that we can advise you with everything you need.

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