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Codedesign is a digital marketing agency in lisbon

codedesign is a digital marketing agency located in lisbon, portugal. With over ten years of experience in the digital space, the company offers a range of services designed to help businesses reach their goals in the digital arena. From website design to online marketing and social media campaigns, codedesign has the expertise to handle all aspects of digital marketing. As an e-commerce agency in lisbon, codedesign has developed and implemented successful campaigns for various industries, from travel and hospitality to health care and retail.

About the digital agency landscape

With the audience of consumers online increasing exponentially over the last twenty years, via the internet, you can directly contact them without paying for the expensive timeslots on television. A digital marketing agency will have the expertise in seo best practice, social media, website, and web advertising. Our digital marketing efforts aim to promote your business and brand by building customer loyalty and increasing conversion rates. This is accomplished by using digital technologies and targets which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. The digital agency team will use multiple digital channels to locate your companys customer persona and market it to them in a way that best suits their characteristics.

How is the digital ecosystem in lisbon?

The tech industry is a rapidly growing scene that has seen international and national investments tripled to 7 billion in 2018. Not only that, technology conferences have started to see lisbon as a permanent home. Web summit have signed a long-term 10-year contract to remain in the portuguese capital. This will see 80,000 technology professionals descending onto the city, drawing in 3.5 billion worth of revenue in the contracted time period. Aside from the huge investment of capital into the area, the talent pool for this particular industry is well established. The above average success rate in lisbon for first generation start-ups is a key indicator of the fluidity of knowledge, capital and customers flowing through the region. Furthermore, the availability of a start-up visa for tech entrepreneurs, really attempts to diversify the background of experiences and expertise available in lisbon.

What makes codedesign stand out as a digital marketing agency in lisbon?

Codedesign stands out as a digital marketing agency in lisbon for several reasons. First of all, the team at codedesign is highly experienced in the digital space and deeply understands the latest trends and technologies. This allows them to create campaigns tailored to each client's specific needs. Codedesign offers a comprehensive suite of services, from website design to online marketing and social media campaigns. This allows them to develop customized solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Why is lisbon a good place to work from?

The citys ability to accelerate new businesses into stable organizations continues to expand, making it faster and easier to open a start-up in lisbon compared with many other european tech hubs. Since, the economic crisis in 2008 the portuguese government has taken huge strides in improving the infrastructure of the country. Besides becoming european entrepreneurial region of the year in 2015, it has undergone a major facelift: city centre properties have been rejuvenated and new shops and cafes have opened, as workers return to the city. These jobs are not just exclusively available to portuguese speaking applicants as there are many full english-speaking companies that are based in lisbon.

Why lisbon has so many available talents for digital marketing?

We mentioned earlier that the array of talent that can be found in this area is of extremely high quality. This is not by coincidence and is seemingly the consequence of excellent decision making. The education system in portugal is feeding the countrys tech scene with young highly qualified talent. The universities in the area have been given the mandate to focus on nurturing students with high skill sets in the field of technology. A recent boom in the economic abundance in lisbon, has resulted in portuguese youths choosing to stay in portugal as recent graduates, rather than looking for work abroad. This has reduced the negative impact of brain-drain and kept the pool of talent healthily large.

Is there a geographic advantage for digital marketing agencies in lisbon?

The location of the country and more specifically lisbon is situated close to large continents that heavily impact the western world. These continents are europe, africa, south america, and north america. The time difference between lisbon and the united kingdom is zero, lisbon and new york are 5 hours, lisbon and dubai are 3 hours apart and lisbon and ghana are only 1 hour. This means that scheduling meetings remotely and also travelling there by aeroplane will not be too much of a hindrance. The similarities of culture between a large portion of countries lisbon do business with allows for smoother business agreements and transitions.

How can a digital agency in lisbon work in several languages?

Our digital marketing expert team, and the use of linguistic and translational services based in lisbon can also be used to allow co-workers who do not share the same mother language to communicate effectively. The different languages used inside the agency can also be an advantage when marketing in behalf of clients in other countries around the globe. There will be key insights into dominate cultural and colloquial aspects that would benefit the quality of the marketing campaign.

What digital marketing events are there in lisbon?

The assortment of digital marketing events in lisbon are another one of this citys stand out attributes. To name a few events: expo forum digitalks, measurecamp lisbon, web summit growth, pixels camp and international conference on digital business and technology. These are excellent ways to remain up to date with all the advancements that are occurring in the industry and ensure that your agency remains competitive in the market segment. The capacity to network at these events and meeting potential clients is another reason, other than the accumulation of knowledge that make these gathers priceless.

How to choose a digital agency in lisbon?

The choice you make in work digital marketing agency will be running your campaign is one of the factors that will determine its success. Doing your due diligence before handing over the assignment to a consultancy would be extremely wise. The steps that you should go through on your way to deciding should be: determining the digital marketing needs of your company, shortlisting a range of agencies that meet your needs, complete thorough background research into these companies, ask them any questions you find relevant, request a proposal on how they will solve your problem, send the selected agency a full brief and review, finally hold meetings with the agency till task completion.

How to identify the digital marketing services a business requires?

To identify the digital marketing services a business requires involves a full business analysis of the clients firm and also the industry that they operate in. The type of information that will be required is the company's current position in the market. The market analysis must cover the rivalry among existing competitors, threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, suppliers and threat of substitute products. The customer persona of the potential consumers will be the next piece of data to make an informed decision. This will be the demographic, habits and buying behaviour of the consumer. The most suitable social media channels to reach produced the desired results. The most useful metrics when tracking the performance of the marketing campaign.

What is the difference between a digital agency and a digital marketing agency?

A digital agency provides strategic advice, creative design a technical development for internet-based products and services to engage with a specific target audience. A digital marketing agency evaluates your website analytics, determines the best online platforms to invest in, and continually tracks the relationship between your marketing activities and the campaign results. A digital marketing agency aims to convert leads to customers. The digital agency aim is to create leads for customers. The main concern for digital agencies to produce quality designs and for the digital marketing agency is how best to deploy them.

Should a company hire a digital marketing agency or handle the work internally?

The ability to hire or produce your own digital marketing content is all dependent on the available capital and expertise required to create your own department at your company. The proportion of online sales has reason post-covid to 46% of all transactions. In the future, it may be wise to invest in having your own digital marketing team if your company makes the majority of sales on the internet. But while you lack this knowledge, hiring a company to help reach the objectives you have set will be wiser.

How to do a scan check list for a digital marketing agency?

A scan checklist looks over all the components of a digital marketing campaign. The main four areas of interest are website design, content, seo, and social media. These all have protocols for best practice, and it is advisable for you to adhere to them. For website design position of logos, images, white spacing, colours, size of font and padding are all relating to the visuals of the website. Other important things to keep in mind are usability, mobile friendly images, and content. To ensure high conversion rates page performance will benefit you immensely. For content keeping in mind your target audience headings, tone of voice, calls-to-action, and updating the information. It is important to litter key words across your title tags and url body. Relevant meta data will increase the chances of the correct consumer persona landing on your webpage. Lastly, social media have been different styles depending on the platform and its best to fully understand how to increase impressions on your post to benefit.

Should i get in touch with the agency's clients before choosing?

By getting in touch with an agencies client list before deciding on one, may be advantageous when attempting to get a deeper insight into their reputation. These reviews given by their clients will help set your expectations of the agencys ability to run your digital marketing campaign. You will also gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that the firm has. It may also give you an idea of how the relationship between you and the agency will develop. Good communication throughout are a necessity when trying to finish a project on time while meeting a high-quality standard. The culture of the agency will most likely be reflected in how talented and dedicated the agency is when it comes to their work.

What questions should i ask a digital marketing agency in lisbon before choosing one?

  • Before choosing a digital marketing agency, you should ask a series of questions listed below:
  • how will you improve your search engine rankings?
  • What do you need to do to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign?
  • What qualities does your company providing that cannot be found anywhere else?
  • How will you research our companys industry and market?
  • Do you have any previous experience working with a company in our industry?
  • What metrics will you report on?
  • Do you have a google partner badge?
  • How will you ensure our social media presence reflects our brands core beliefs?
  • Do you have ecommerce specialities?
  • How will we keep in contact
  • these are just a few questions that might be important in determining a digital marketing campaign's success.

Should i go for a large spectrum digital agency or a niche oriented one?

The option of choosing a large spectrum agency over a niche oriented one is all predicated on the objectives and task that your company needs to fulfil. This should be done by producing your own digital marketing investment template, which analysis the performance of your current campaign and how it can be done better. The top performing channels for clicks and sales conversions, should be an important metric when deciding on a type of agency. The strengths and weakness of the shortlisted agencies should be used to decide which one is best suited for the job.

Are digital marketing agencies better than traditional marketing agencies?

If your aim is to contact your customer profile online, then yes, digital marketing agencies are better than traditional marketing agencies. The acute expertise that is available at digital marketing agencies will provide you with a service that will surely meet your online objectives. It is also a more cost-effective solution when deciding on how to market your goods. The reasonably low investment budget needed compared to traditional marketing funds, allows for a greater roi. Furthermore, the ability to remain in constant communication with your customer to ensure that your company presence is consistent to achieve repeat customers or brand loyalty. If you use amazon to sell products, you would love these amazon listing optimization tricks.

What services does codedesign offer as a digital marketing agency in lisbon?

Codedesign offers a wide range of services as a digital marketing agency in lisbon. These include website design and development, online marketing and advertising, search engine optimization (seo), social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. Additionally, codedesign can help with e-commerce solutions, digital strategy and branding, video production, and more. The team at codedesign is highly experienced in the digital space and is well-equipped to handle any digital marketing project.

How does codedesign measure success as a digital agency in lisbon?

At codedesign, success is measured by the results that are achieved for each client. The team at codedesign strives to ensure that each project is completed on time and within budget. Additionally, the team is focused on ensuring that the campaigns are effective and that the clients goals are met. To ensure that clients are satisfied with the results, codedesign provides detailed reports and analytics that show the progress of each project.

Why choose codedesign as your digital agency in lisbon?

Codedesign is one of the best digital marketing agencies in lisbon. With over 10 years of experience in the digital space, the team at codedesign has the expertise and the resources to handle any digital project. Additionally, codedesign offers a comprehensive suite of services, from website design to online marketing and social media campaigns. With a focus on results and customer satisfaction, codedesign is the best online agency in lisbon for any digital project.

Key takeaways

the key takeaways are the top-class expertise found in lisbon regarding digital marketing agencies with an array of talent. The hub for tech events to broaden your network and knowledge to deliver to your clients an exceptional service fully. The understand of the market enables companies lisbon to know exactly what it takes to plan and execute a tailor-made marketing campaign for your company. I hope this was full of useful information when looking for an agency in lisbon.

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