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The success story of CodeDesign and Control is one of the most impressive examples of how two companies can team up to create an effective e-commerce platform. In just three months, CodeDesign and Control launched a complete platform to support e-commerce, which included development, customer experience (CX), and logistics. This case study will briefly discuss this successful project's challenge, strategy, and results.

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The Challenge

CodeDesign and Control's challenge was creating an e-commerce platform that could rapidly and effectively support their clients’ needs rapidly and effectively. The project had to include development, CX, and logistics in three months, a tight deadline. The platform also needed to meet the specific needs of their client, while also being secure, reliable, and efficient.

The Strategy

To meet their deadline, CodeDesign and Control adopted an agile development methodology allowing them to build and deploy the platform quickly. This approach allowed them to quickly develop the necessary features while also allowing for flexibility and experimentation.

CodeDesign was responsible for developing the platform, while Control handled the logistics and customer experience. To ensure the customer experience was of the highest quality, Control also deployed its customer insights platform,


The project was a great success, launching the platform within three months. The platform was secure, reliable, and efficient, meeting its client's needs. The customer experience was also of the highest quality, with the customer insights platform helping to provide valuable insights into customer behavior.


The success of this project shows how two companies can come together to create a successful e-commerce platform in just three months. By adopting an agile development methodology, CodeDesign and Control were able to quickly build and deploy the platform while meeting their client's needs.

Main Questions

  • What was the main challenge faced by CodeDesign and Control in this project? The primary challenge was to create an e-commerce platform that could effectively support our client's needs, encompassing development, customer experience (CX), and logistics, all within a tight three-month deadline.

  • What strategy did CodeDesign and Control adopt to meet this tight deadline? They implemented an agile development methodology, which allowed for the quick development of necessary features while maintaining flexibility for adjustments and experimentation.

  • What were the specific roles of CodeDesign and Control in this project? CodeDesign was responsible for developing the e-commerce platform, while Control ensured the highest quality of customer experience.

  • How did CodeDesign and Control ensure the quality of the customer experience? Control deployed its customer insights platform to provide valuable insights into customer behavior, which played a significant role in enhancing the customer experience.

  • What were the results of this project? The project was a notable success, with the platform launching within the three-month deadline. The platform was secure, reliable, efficient, and met the client's specific needs. Its today a top reference in ecommerce for the vertical. 

  • How did the agile development methodology benefit this project? Agile development provided the flexibility to quickly adapt and modify the platform during its development, ensuring that it accurately met the client's requirements and could be launched within the stringent timeline.

  • What does this case study demonstrate about CodeDesign's capabilities? This case study showcases CodeDesign's expertise in rapidly developing and deploying an efficient and effective e-commerce platform, highlighting their proficiency in handling complex projects with tight deadlines.

  • Can this agile methodology be applied to other types of digital projects? Yes, the agile methodology is versatile and can be adapted to various digital projects, allowing for flexibility, quick adjustments, and iterative development, which are beneficial in fast-paced digital environments.

  • What makes this case study significant for businesses looking to develop e-commerce solutions? This case study is a testament to the ability to swiftly and effectively launch a comprehensive e-commerce platform, making it a valuable reference for businesses seeking to establish or enhance their online presence efficiently.

  • How can interested clients reach out to CodeDesign for similar projects? Clients interested in similar services can contact CodeDesign through their website, where they can request quotes or further information about their digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.

About CodeDesign

The crucial role of CodeDesign, known as one of the best e-commerce agency in Lisbon, in the successful execution of the project "Launched a successful e-commerce platform and logistics in just three months" cannot be overstated. Their expertise, a result of being at the forefront in Lisbon's e-commerce sector, was fundamental in addressing the intricate needs of developing an efficient and responsive ecommerce platform.

CodeDesign's profound understanding of market dynamics and consumer behaviors, particularly within the Lisbon area, was invaluable. This insight, combined with their access to top-tier resources and innovative strategies, allowed them to tailor a solution that resonated well with the target audience, thereby enhancing engagement and customer retention.

Moreover, the confidence and trust placed in them by the client, stemming from their recognition as the best e-commerce agency in Lisbon, were essential for the smooth progression and timely completion of the project. This trust facilitated an efficient workflow, crucial for meeting the ambitious three-month deadline.

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