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Benefits of paid advertising for solar panel companies

As the push towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources gains momentum, solar panel companies are experiencing a surge in demand. Not only has solar panels gained use-cases in providing electricity to households or factories, but also in a number of other ways. With the advancement of solar energy technology, its application in various products is becoming increasingly accessible and widespread. For instance, the use of solar-powered LED streetlights not only ensures public safety and promotes energy efficiency, but it also reduces energy costs and carbon emissions in urban areas. In addition, PV noise barriers situated along highways generate renewable energy while improving the quality of life for nearby communities. Furthermore, electric vehicle (EV) chargers are now often powered by solar panels. As new uses for solar power continue to emerge, we can expect to witness a growing number of photovoltaic solar applications. 

solar panel companies

In this article, we will explore the various benefits paid advertising can provide for solar panel companies, such as the ability to reach specific demographics, greater visibility, trackable results, stronger brand recognition, and cost-efficiency. Solar panel companies can leverage the benefits of paid advertising to expand their business and maintain a competitive edge.

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What are the types of paid advertising that solar panel companies can use?

solar panel companies advertising

While social media can be an effective marketing channel, generating organic leads can be challenging and time-consuming. Paid social advertising is a viable alternative if you prefer to invest more money than time. However, it's crucial to ensure that your ads are personalized and stand out to capture the viewer's attention. Nowadays, people are bombarded with numerous ads, leading to "ad blindness," which means that they may not even register ads unless they are intriguing or unique.

As per a study by Adobe, 67% of consumers believe it's crucial for brands to tailor content based on the current context. Paid ads are prominently displayed on the sidebars and news feeds of social media channels, putting your brand at the forefront and above others competing for prime social media real estate. Most social media platforms offer established ad services that can cost between $1 to $10 per day.

Use search engine marketing to test which keywords bring you the leads

SEM allows solar panel companies to place ads at the top of search engine results for relevant keywords. Let us take a hypothetical example of a solar panel company, "XYZ", that makes solar panels for residential properties. XYZ can use Google Ads to promote its residential solar panel systems. They can target keywords such as "solar panel systems" and "residential solar" and place ads at the top of search engine results for people searching for solar panel systems in their area. This will increase visibility for them and generate more leads for their business.

Let me explain how the ad auction works in Google Ads. This is important to understand if you're considering investing in SEM (search engine marketing) for your business.

Identify Your Keywords and Bids

To enter into an ad auction, you first need to choose which keywords you want to bid on and decide how much you're willing to spend per click on each of those keywords. If you see, there is a subtle difference between advertising on Google and any social media platform. On Google, when somebody types in certain search terms, they get to see the results, as opposed to the news feeds on the social media platforms. 

So, when you start your campaign you need data about the keywords, meaning which ones have the intent that matches your end goal and do they even have the right traffic. So, the first step is conducting a thorough keyword research and then putting them in the campaign. This way, you let Google know which keywords you want to target and how much you're willing to pay for them.

Entering the Ad Auction

Once Google determines that a user's search query contains the keywords you bid on, you'll be entered into the ad auction. However, not every search query will trigger an ad, and not every ad will appear on every search query. What do I mean by this? See, a lot of search terms may end up having the search terms that you want to rank for, but there is a great possibility that these keywords don’t have the right intent or Google’s algorithm feel they won’t bring you conversions.

Search engine marketing is a major part of Google’s business, and if advertisers get more results, they’ll put in more money. So, things are optimized in your favour and platforms like Google want you to succeed as it ultimately means their success.

Winning the Ad Auction

The ad auction considers two factors when determining which ads to display on the search engine results page (SERP): your maximum bid and your ad's Quality Score. Your Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ad, keyword, and landing page. A higher score means that your ad is relevant and likely to provide a good experience for the user. Google rewards ads with higher Quality Scores by giving them better ad positions even with lower costs less per click.

It's essential to keep in mind that simply bidding the highest amount doesn't guarantee that your ad will be displayed. A combination of factors, such as the relevance of your ad and its quality, play a crucial role in determining the ad's placement on the SERP. You can check your Quality Score, which is reported on a 1-10 scale, in your Google Ads account's keywords' "Status" column.

Social Media Advertising could be a great way to stop in top of your prospect's minds

If you're planning to launch a social media campaign to promote your solar panel company, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure success.

Firstly, make sure you have the right tools in place to track your metrics. There are several free social media marketing apps that can help you monitor shares, likes, retweets, and keywords associated with your brand. HootSuite, Social Mention, and Addictomatic are just a few examples of apps that integrate with social media accounts to help you better understand how your audience is responding to your solar panel posts. Next, it's important to define your campaign goals and set a specific timeline. This will help you keep costs under control, avoid unwanted traffic, and compare performance before and after the campaign.

See, your goals would differ from generating awareness to getting leads. You might think of promoting your use cases or your survey report on how certain things work and then promote it with your prospects to establish yourself as an authority. On the other hand, if you are looking to generate leads, it would be a good idea to use video testimonials as your marketing material.

To encourage user interaction with your solar panel social media posts, you could invite your followers to ask questions, take polls, provide reviews, enter contests, and join your mailing list. You can also provide incentives like prizes, discounts, and exclusive content in exchange for their attention and information. This process is called action gate.

Throughout the campaign, engage proactively with your followers. Respond to critiques quickly and reinforce positive interactions with personal attention. And make sure to promote your campaign across all your social media accounts, even if it's focused on one platform like Facebook. To reinforce your campaign's messaging, adapt the look and language of your entire online presence. This means including campaign branding on headers, landing pages, and home pages.

Lastly, carefully monitor your campaign's performance and adjust your strategy if needed. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a successful solar panel social media campaign.

Use retargeting in the display advertising to maximize touchpoints with your customers

As a solar panel company, it's important to take advantage of the power of retargeting ads to personalize your messaging and increase sales. In fact, according to Accenture Interactive, 91% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that remember their interests and provide offers based on their needs. By placing a small section of code onto your website, you can collect information about visitors' browsing behavior and use that data to develop lists of customer types and what kinds of advertising messages would most likely appeal to them.

Once you have this information, you can create and place display ads based on the different categories of interest you have observed, effectively keeping your brand present in the minds of shoppers who have already shown interest in what you have to offer. This type of dynamic remarketing campaign is easy to implement and can provide a big boost to your marketing efforts. So, make sure to take advantage of retargeting ads to keep your solar panel company top of mind for potential customers.

Display advertising, such as banner ads, allows solar panel companies to place ads on websites that are visited by their target audience. 

For example, as a solar panel company, you can advertise your services on a home improvement website, to reach homeowners interested in renewable energy solutions. 

You can place banner ads on such related pages to promote your product and direct the traffic who are interested in renewable energy to your website. This will help you to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

4. Video Advertising: 

Video advertising is a great way to showcase the features and benefits of solar panel systems and educate potential customers. 

For example, as a solar panel company owner, you can create an explainer video explaining how solar panel systems work and their benefits. This video can be promoted on YouTube and other video platforms. You can also use this video on your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns to educate potential customers about your products and services. By creating a visually appealing and informative video, You can capture the attention of potential customers and increase the chances of converting leads into clients.

5. Influencer Marketing: 

Influencer marketing is a form of advertising that involves partnering with social media influencers to promote your products or services.

For example, you can partner with an influencer passionate about sustainable energy who has a large following in their area.
This influencer can create content featuring your products and services and share it with followers. This can help your business to reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness. Additionally, influencer marketing can also help to establish trust and credibility with potential customers.

What are the benefits of paid advertising for solar panel companies?

solar panel companies reach prospects

There are several benefits for solar panel companies if they include paid advertising in their marketing strategy:

Reach your target audience with paid advertising

Paid advertising allows solar panel companies to specifically target their desired audience, thereby increasing the chances of converting leads into customers. By utilizing tools such as targeting homeowners in a particular geographic location or individuals interested in renewable energy, the company can hone in on potential customers who are more likely to invest in their products or services. 

This not only saves resources in the long run but also increases the effectiveness of their advertising by making the ads more relatable and likely to engage the target audience.

Become more visible with paid advertising

Paid advertising offers solar panel companies a chance to boost their visibility and expand their reach to potential customers. Solar panel companies can increase the likelihood that interested individuals will see their products and services by advertising on various platforms such as search engines, social media, and websites. This increased visibility can lead to more leads ultimately increasing sales. 

Additionally, the more customers see a brand, the more likely they will remember it. This increased visibility can also help establish trust and credibility with potential customers.

Measure and track your performance

Paid advertising allows solar panel companies to track and evaluate the performance of their campaigns. This includes monitoring metrics such as website visits, lead generation, and conversion rates, which can aid in fine-tuning advertising strategies and maximizing return on investment. 

By regularly monitoring results, solar panel companies can identify which ads are effective and which need improvement, allowing them to adapt their approach accordingly. Additionally, having concrete data on the success of advertising campaigns can aid in convincing company decision-makers to invest more resources in advertising efforts.

Establish your company as a "Brand."  

Paid advertising can be a powerful tool for solar panel companies looking to increase brand awareness and establish trust and credibility with potential customers, particularly in a crowded and competitive market. Through advertising, these companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and position their brand as the premier choice for renewable energy solutions. 

Additionally, consistent advertising helps ensure that potential customers will remember the company's brand when they are ready to purchase.

A cost-effective way to reach your audience

Paid advertising offers solar panel companies an efficient way to reach new customers. By setting a budget and targeting specific groups of people, companies can ensure that they are not over-investing in advertising. 

Measurable results allow for campaign optimization, ensuring the company gets the most out of its advertising budget. Additionally, paid advertising is often more affordable and adaptable than traditional advertising methods, allowing changes and adjustments to campaigns as needed.

How can Codedesign help your solar panel company?

Codedesign has the expertise and experience of managing various paid advertising platforms and can help your solar panel company to navigate the complexities of different platforms and make the most out of the advertising budget.

We can help your solar panel company to develop engaging and effective ad creatives that will stand out among the competition and grab the attention of potential customers by using a combination of visuals and persuasive copy to communicate your company's offerings and benefits compellingly.

As a digital agency, We at Codedesign can offer cost-effective solutions to help your solar panel company reach your target audience at an affordable price. By providing a comprehensive service that includes strategy, creative development, execution, and analytics, we can help your solar panel company to achieve its business goals.

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