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The best AI tools for Digital Marketing and how to use them.AI Tools - Robot.

AI Tool.

For some time now, we've used AI marketing tools to make our job as marketers more manageable, but how will this new technology affect us in 2023?

It's incredible how we can do almost everything with Artificial Intelligence tools. Even creating art, like the one the robot did in the image above, is possible with AI tools nowadays.

But what are AI tools? 

By definition, Artificial Intelligence is using machines to create intelligent software that can replicate human behavior with abilities like problem-solving, answering users' questions and even creating content. 

In 2023 we see how every day, new AI gets viral for creating things that we thought only humans could in a blink of an eye, like making a full article with specific directions, generating beautiful images, and even creating a song that sounds identical to Drake and The Weeknd (And get crazy numbers for it too)

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to grow from $515.31 billion in 2023 to $2,025.12 billion by 2030.

It seems like we opened Pandora's Box with these AI tools. Many technology entrepreneurs like Elon Musk want to stop the fast development of this technology, but as marketers, we can ask how we could use it for digital marketing purposes.

This article discussed whether AI could replace our job as digital marketers. After a quick review, the conclusion is that we shouldn't perceive these Artificial Intelligence marketing tools as our enemies but more as an ally.

In this article, we want to show you the best AI digital marketing tools and how you can use them to upgrade different aspects of your online business.

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AI tools for Website.

Any online business must have a website, and if you don't have the ability to build one, AI can help you with this with no problem. 

Pineapple Builder

Simple AI Website Builder for busy Business Owners.

Introducing Pineapple, the NoCode website and app builder! With Pineapple, you can create websites and apps with ease, using their intuitive drag-and-drop editor. No coding skills required!


Sometimes choosing a name for your web domain can be difficult. It doesn't have to do with being an uncreative person, but more because all the options you create may sound a little bit cringey or not so catchy.

Your domain registration is the first step to building your website, but if you need help finding the correct name, DomainWheel can assist you in generating one.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, this tool generates name suggestions based on your keyword or phrases. The software analyzes this keyword combination to generate contextual domain name ideas, which could be more searchable for users interested in your specific services.

After one to two seconds, you'll get a list of available domains across extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .blog, .co, .store, .online, .tech, .site, .us, among others.


Problems building your website? You don't know how to do it? Well, don't worry anymore. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) can do it for you. 

If coding isn't one of your abilities, and you're trying to build a website without a course in code and design, this no-code AI tool for website creation is a suitable option.

This technology tool is a high-quality website builder with an all-inclusive platform with end-to-end website services. 

All you need to do is give the specific prompts to the software, and after a quick scan, Wix ADI will build a complete website based on these instructions and other branding aspects like your social media platforms, logo and colors. Then, you can modify other details after it's complete. 

Nevertheless, if you want a drag-and-drop option that gives you more control over the creative process, the Wix Editor X is the right option to choose.



If your idea is to build a WordPress-style web, 10Web.io comes with the best tools for doing this while managing your content.

With this AI website builder, you can convert any existing page into a WordPress template and customize or apply the same design to any other page. 

The process is pretty straightforward. First, check out website designs you like. Once you find the perfect one, copy its URL and put it in the 10Web AI builder. The AI tool will scan this page, extract its design style and generate an identical web layout. The tool even separates every arrangement into different sections, which you can edit later to customize this design.

For any new page, the software will apply the same initial design you choose, and in case you want to change it, you can recreate another one.

It's important to note that this web design tool is packaged into a zipped template, which you'll install into your WordPress system.

AI tools for Content Writing.

Copywriting is a crucial part of your persuasive marketing process. 

Sometimes you still need to develop some abilities, or you may have grammar or spelling errors during your writing. Whatever the case, since "Word" AI is helping us to make this creation process more manageable, and with the latest advances, you'll find many benefits for your content creation strategy. 


We want to start with one of the favorite tools for many copywriters who don't want AI to do their whole job. They just want this tool as an assistant.

Grammarly is a great tool that can optimize your blog posts, email, and social media copy by checking its readability and correcting clarity, conciseness, voice tone, and many more.

The same software helps you to proofread your written pieces as you go. You can use it via the Grammarly app or install the Chrome extension to assist you with WordPress sites, documents, emails and many more.

The writing assistant is entirely free, although if you opt for the premium version, you can get extra features like rewriting for "wordiness sentences" or even making a plagiarism check.

Source: YouTube.


The most popular one. According to analysts at Swiss bank UBS, the AI language model ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing consumer app in history. Launched in November 2022, the app reached 100 million active users by January 2023, and all over the internet, videos of conversations with this AI became hugely viral.

But its writing capability goes beyond just answering almost every question. If you give the correct prompts to this AI tool, it's an extremely useful tool for artificial intelligence content writing.

The company that created ChatGPT, OpenAI, offers the tool for free. Nevertheless, there's a payment option called ChatGPT Plus for $20 monthly. And if you want to laugh a lot, check out the ad ChatGPT wrote for Ryan Reynold's Mobile Service.


With Writesonic, you can find an outstanding balance between user friendliness and versatility.

This multi-faceted tool is pre-trained to generate 40 types of content and can help you write content like landing pages, social media ads, Google ads, or SEO-optimized blog posts.

All you need to do is put some lines of text, and the writing tool will paraphrase pre-existing content, generate ideas, summarize text, and expand your articles.

The basic AI costs $19 a month after a free trial. But if you opt for higher plans, you get a content quality increase arriving at 19,000 words of premium content, 47,500 words of good content, and 95,000 words.


While AI content writing tools can create all your copies in a second, we don't recommend you make full articles or posts with them.

Now, we aren't being incoherent with this article's purpose. Pay attention.

Copywriting plays a considerable part in SEO, and while this tool can help you with this aspect, the reality is that search engines don't like articles that are fully AI written.

In this case, search engines like Google penalize this type of practice, so you know it isn't the best strategy.

Rather than letting your complete copywriting job to machines, these can be more of an assistant for you to either correct mistakes and help you create better writing, like Grammarly, or to give you a starting point for writing like the other two.

Click here if you want to see if AI wrote this article.

AI Marketing Automation tools.

Now going with marketing duties itself, a wide range of AI tools can help you achieve your business goals with less effort and more accurately. These are some of them.


Digital Businesses should always have Customer Relationship Management to give them a full 360-degree view of how everything is performing. Hubspots brings you this type of service and automation solutions to make the process more manageable.

For the automation part, HubSpot can help you automate repetitive tasks and manage your customer service with features like live chat. The AI tool lets you create more targeted campaigns via data analysis to help you generate more leads. You can manage all your social media and email campaigns from a single dashboard using different templates.

Source: YouTube.


Maybe, this is the preferred automation tool for community managers all around.

Social media posting is crucial for businesses today, but posting on all social channels at the right time and managing all comments can be a nightmare if you do it manually.

Because of this, you need a tool like Hootsuite that lets you program posts for an entire month if you want, and the platform gives you the right insights on the best hours and other aspects.

On its dashboard, you can see all your social media channels' activity comfortably and respond to any comment quickly and effectively.

AI Email Marketing tools.

Email marketing is a digital strategy you should consider, as its results are significant for B2B and B2C businesses. Email is an excellent channel for building long-lasting relationships with customers while keeping your brand at the top of mind for customers. To learn more about this practice, check out why direct mail is still highly effective.


For e-commerce, Omnisend is a great email marketing, automation and sms platform that allows you to engage customers wherever they are through this channel. The software has customizable templates to give customers a customized and consistent experience. 

The AI email tool can be integrated into hundreds of e-commerce tools. With its automation library, you can deliver an email at the right time of the customer's journey. You can personalize emails to your products and services and add discounts or promotions.

With many tools in this list, with the help of data, you can segment your customers according to their preferences and then create different groups to send the right message to all of them.

Finally, drag-and-drop workflow editing lets you adjust and visualize any sequence.

Optimail - Optimove

The primary function of Optimove is to work as a relationship marketing platform across all your marketing channels and give you data-driven insights based on AI to improve your marketing performance.

The marketing tools come with Optimal, a personalization and delivery platform that incorporates eDataSource for analysis, inbox placement analytics, and capabilities escalation. With AI-powered machine learning, this technology can track over 90% of all your emails.

Similar to the previous one, with data analysis, Optimove can personal and hyper-target your customers based on all these insights.

Seventh Sense

This email marketing tool delivers the message at the right time. 

With artificial intelligence, this tool uses its "seventh sense" to choose the best time to send every email and even at what frequency it should do it.

This is invaluable for many businesses, as sometimes it doesn't matter how good your campaign is. It could get ignored if you deliver the message at the wrong moment.

AI Graphic Design tools.

At last, we leave the AI tools that can help you create the art for your logos and posts or even play around for a long time, watching how you can make any image you can imagine. During 2023 we've seen how Artificial Intelligence can create thousands of photos just by giving a command and how this could help us with digital marketing. 



This AI design tool aims to make it more approachable for those who aren't graphic designers and even help those who work in this area to utilize its job. With  Designs.ai, you can create a design portfolio in fewer seconds and get a set of branding pieces to put all over your social media and website. Its wizard tool and brilliant editor save you brainstorming time by giving manageable design ideas.

The AI tool lets you create graphics, videos, speeches, and logos and come with a library with 10,000 icons and 20,000 templates for you to choose from.

The logo creation process is so easy that you just need to put information about your business, and it will generate an original one for you. Among its features, we also find:

  • Assistive tools
  • Brand identity package
  • Color matcher
  • Font pairing
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Team collaboration
  • Unlimited downloads


Uizard is another AI design tool that looks for the same goals, making the design more approachable for non-designers while helping those who are to their jobs easier. This software started in 2017 as a machine learning research project and reached over 400,000 users and more than 8,000 user-created projects each week by 2023.

The program helps you create website designs, mobile apps, and desktop interfaces in seconds.

Also, a fun and helpful feature is its ability to convert hand-drawn sketches to a prototype so you can apply them for marketing purposes. Some of its features are:

  • Templates that are personalized or pre-made
  • An AI design assistant
  • Product prototyping and ideation
  • Pre-made and personalized templates
  • Real-time design collaboration

Source: YouTube.

Final thoughts.

Artificial Intelligence tools are an excellent addition for large or small companies since they aim to simplify our work.

We can see that these can help in all aspects of digital marketing, but before concluding with this, we must remember something.

There isn't yet a digital business that can be run 100% by artificial intelligence, since the idea of these machines is that humans activate them to carry out more specialized campaigns. That is to say, any AI tools presented in this article should not be a substitute for human workers and professionals who can give greater shape to all the recommendations and creations of this technology, taking it further through Human Intelligence.

Your business needs a team of professionals, 100% human, who can use the latest trends in AI tools to take your business on the right path, so take advantage of the opportunity and contact us to advise you on your professional path.

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